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20 Crazy Big Goals We Achieved This Year

One of the core values we hold at Canva is to set crazy big goals and make them happen.

To help us get in the spirit, Canva holds a Season Opener celebration every three months to celebrate our team’s achievements, share community stories and set crazy big goals for the next season ahead.

To help ring in the new year, we opened up our December Season Opener to the public so our amazing Canva design community can celebrate with us, and learn all about our cool new features launches and what to expect in 2020.

Here’s what we announced….

1. Canva Apps

We launched Canva Apps to the world. Canva Apps allow you to enhance your images and streamline your workflows with a carefully curated collection of 3rd party apps.

2. #CanvaPasko

The incredible #CanvaPasko campaign was unveiled, a very heart-warming story and special reunion.

3. Canva Presentations

Our team unveiled a world-first with responsive presentations. In addition, we also launched some handy magic shortcuts to inject more life to presentations when needed. This means you’ll be able to add special effects like drumroll emoji, confetti and even a shhh! emoji when you need your audience to quiet down.

4. Pledge 1%

We officially announced that we are undertaking the 1% Pledge, where we’ll commit 1% of our Equity, Profit, Time and Product to helping non profits across the world.

5. Shared our latest ad

We introduced the world to Canva with our newest ad – and yes, it includes kangaroos.

6. Canva Video

Video has arrived. Think templates, stickers, music and a partnership with Epidemic Soundsand animations will be coming very soon!

7. Canva Print

More than 500k prints have now been ordered through Canva. To help achieve our goal of taking print global, we launched print in South Korea, Japan and Russia, and stickers in the US!

8. Canva for Education

Canva for Education, with all our pro features, is now available to teachers and students for free. Teachers now have access to more than 2 million stunning photos, videos, illustrations and icons, more than 700K templates across 900 design categories, plus 700 fonts fully licensed for kids to have fun and express themselves.

9. Two special guests

We had two very special guests, Grace Reik and her dad Bill joined us all the way from Kansas, after writing a letter asking for simultaneous collaboration, as reported in this article. Our CTO Dave Hearnden invited them on stage to help give a world-first preview of simultaneous collaboration.

10. Canva Pro

We now have over 1 million subscribers on Canva Pro, and celebrated with the launch of Version History and background remover.

11. Canva Desktop

Canva Desktop brings the design experience you know and love to a Mac and Windows app. You can pre-register here.

12. Canva Button

The Canva Button enables you to bring the Canva experience right inside your own platform, so your customers and users can design beautiful ads, banners, headers, and more, to publish back to your site, without leaving. We have early integrations with Wattpad, HubSpot and Humanitix – any companies who want to use the button can now apply.

13. Canva Print Partnerships

We’ve launched print partnerships, which allows people to design and print directly from their website!

14. Canva Community Space

In 2020, we’ll be launching our Community Space in Sydney. We hope to get to know our local community more and share the Canva experience with food, fun, and great design.

15. New platforms to Discover

A new platform has arrived to allow you to discover our incredible templates,photos and iconswith ease.

16. The world from above

We showcased the spectacular footage from the ‘World from above campaign’ in partnership with drone startup BIRDI – check out all the amazing drone footage in the videos tab in the editor.

17. LEAP Africa

We announced our first 1% project with LEAP Africa – a social impact organization in Nigeria who’re on a mission to inspire, empower and equip a new cadre of leaders with skills and tools for personal, organization and community transformation.

18. Canva Design School

A one stop shop for your classroom needs – articles, resources and our very first professional development course for teachers.

19. Honeymoon Dessert

We shared the incredible Honeymoon Dessert company case study, who is using Canva to help keep their 500 stores on brand.

20. Community Stories

There were lots of inspirational stories showcasing amazing things our community achieved…

Kids off Nauru

Nicolás Villamil – Forensics: Professionals in Road Security