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  • Celebrating more than 25 million teachers and students using Canva for Education

Celebrating more than 25 million teachers and students using Canva for Education

We’re proud to be inspiring over 25 million students and teachers to collaborate and communicate visually in the classroom and beyond.

Teaching is not as simple as just imparting knowledge to future generations. At its core, teaching requires educators to find visually engaging ways for students to interact with and retain knowledge while building essential life skills. At Canva, investing in the future of creativity in the classroom has become a huge global focus – it’s one we care deeply about. It’s why we make Canva for Education(opens in a new tab or window) free for all K-12 teachers, students, schools, districts, ministries, and school systems around the world. With it, our community gets access to all the benefits of premium features such as millions of images, fonts, graphics, videos, animations, templates, and more.

Today, we're excited to share that more than 25 million students and teachers each month are using Canva for Education to serve all their visual communication(opens in a new tab or window) needs.

We’ve been overwhelmed by how receptive the global education community has been and how they're embracing Canva. Educators and school administrators are creating innovative, supportive, and immersive learning environments by designing classroom posters, educational presentations, group projects, newsletters, class schedules, and other educational resources. Students are creating, communicating, and demonstrating their learning visually through presentations, videos, whiteboarding, posters, comic strips, and more.

We want to celebrate this milestone, and reflect on how we’re inspiring teachers and empowering students around the globe to collaborate and communicate visually in the classroom and beyond.

Inspiring creativity in Indonesia

True to our mission to empower the world to design, students and teachers are using Canva for Education in every corner of the globe, including Indonesia. Indonesia is one of Canva’s most popular markets, and we’re thrilled to announce an agreement with Indonesia’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology that will enable students and teachers with Indonesia’s education email domain belajar.id to easily access Canva for Education. It's an enormous opportunity for teachers and students across Indonesia to embrace Canva for Education to enhance teaching, facilitate learning and transform any educational environment for the better.

We also recently hit 50,000 Canva Teachers Community(opens in a new tab or window) members in Indonesia – all in less than a year. Canva Teachers Community is an exclusive Facebook group for teachers where we share the latest classroom ideas and product updates – a community where collaboration and sharing are highly encouraged - and it’s proving a valuable resource for educators in Indonesia.

Empowering teachers and students in Australia

We’re also inspiring learning with visual communication in Australia where Canva was founded. Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) Department of Education has made Canva for Education available to all NSW public schools – from Wagga Wagga Christian College to the MLC School and Barker College, schools across the state are using Canva for Education to spark creativity and improve learning outcomes. Our library of high-quality educational templates and easy-to-use design editor ensures teachers can focus on keeping students engaged and helping them develop critical life and future skills.

Shaping the future of learning in the United States

Millions of American students, their parents, and millions of teachers and administrators are embracing technology to transform learning environments. Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is the second-largest school district in the United States, with more than 640,000 students and around 80,000 teachers and staff members – all of whom now have Canva for Education accounts. Using Canva’s new school feature, every teacher, student, and staff member in the district not only has all the premium benefits of Canva for Education but is automatically provisioned into the school-based team for their school, making it easy to collaborate with the right people and access the right resources.

Unlocking classroom collaboration with Canva Whiteboards

With remote learning services surging throughout the pandemic we learned that education can happen anywhere; in the classroom or the kitchen table. It’s become clearer than ever that where you learn matters less than how you learn.

We’re continuing to innovate on the ways that teachers and students can interact with each other in physical and virtual classrooms. We recently launched Canva Whiteboards(opens in a new tab or window), a new and collaborative way to seamlessly organize ideas and bring them to life. Whether you’re drawing a diagram to illustrate a complex idea, or encouraging students to collaborate on group projects, Canva Whiteboards are empowering teachers and students to communicate visually, together. Access to Canva’s library of over 100 million images, videos, audio tracks, and graphics means there’s no need to search elsewhere for content – everything you need is within Canva.

We’re incredibly humbled to empower millions of students and teachers to embrace visual communication to inspire creativity in the classroom. By providing students and educators with free access to the premium features of Canva, we hope to transform how teachers create and deliver educational content, and equip students with the visual communication skills to thrive in today’s increasingly visual world.

Don’t forget, Canva for Education is 100% free for all K-12 teachers, students, schools, districts, ministries and school systems. Sign up today!