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Make Work Flow More Effectively with these 5 New Features

Online collaboration tools have taken remote teamwork to new heights during the shift to hybrid work, but with a growing number of single-purpose apps, how can you avoid digital overload?

Many of us have struggled at one point or another to find the right version of a document, a piece of feedback, or an email attachment, and things become even more complex when collaborating on visuals like graphics and videos. Given these challenges, it’s no surprise that 84% of knowledge workers are seeking new technology designed to support seamless collaboration(opens in a new tab or window).

Canva brings intuitive design features, real-time collaboration, and easy sharing options that support the entire visual communications workflow in one place. Whether you’re designing a presentation, editing a photo, creating a video, or giving feedback, this can all be done seamlessly, without needing to jump between several complex tools.

Our products are already helping major brands like Fast Company(opens in a new tab or window), and other marketing, design, and sales teams around the world, but we’re constantly bringing new ways to streamline things further. Find out how you can make the most of our newest updates below.

Share with Comment Only Mode to Get Feedback while Keeping Your Designs Safe

Sharing your Canva projects just got easier. In addition to sharing with either ‘View’ or ‘Edit’ access, you can now use ‘Comment Mode’ for times when you need feedback but want to keep your design protected. Simply click on the share menu above the editor and select from the dropdown menu.

Hide Your Canva Presentation Slides

Canva Presentations are perfect for wowing your audience, but not all slides are destined for the limelight. You can now hide slides so that they don’t appear in Presentation mode, making it easy to tailor content in your sales, onboarding, or other repeatable presentations. Simply right-click on your slide in the editor, then click ‘hide’.

Find What You Need with the Your Projects Folder

If your team loves Canva as much as you, shared folders can quickly fill up with new designs, making it challenging to find your own work. To help, Canva has introduced the ‘Your Projects’ folder to automatically store all of your designs in one place. You can also use the search bar in this folder to spend even less time looking for a design.

Reactions on Comments 👍

It’s often difficult to convey tone across text, particularly in brief comments. Show appreciation or encouragement to your team by using our new emoji reactions feature. To access the feature, click the reactions button under a comment within the editor.

Make Your Live Presentations More Engaging with New Live Reactions

We’ve already seen lots of teams embracing Canva’s Magic Shortcuts to add some excitement to their live presentations, with keyboard commands that include a D for Drumroll, C for Confetti, and more(opens in a new tab or window). To take reactions one step further, we’ve now released two additional effects including Curtain Call (U) and Mic Drop (M). Use curtain call to add suspense and offer a big reveal, or use Mic Drop to end End your presentation with a bang.