Canva AdTech Integrations including Google Ads, Meta Design Check and Amazon Ad apps
  1. Work smarter not harder with Canva’s AdTech integrations

Work smarter not harder with Canva’s AdTech integrations

As more advertising and marketing professionals turn to Canva for content creation, new apps offer a seamless way to produce high-performing ads for leading platforms.

In a world of app sprawl(opens in a new tab or window), managing countless tools and platforms when creating content can be overwhelming. A constantly evolving advertising landscape paired with a critical need to communicate visually(opens in a new tab or window) leaves small business owners, e-commerce sellers, marketers, and creative teams more stretched than ever before when meeting the needs of modern consumers. The consistent need to produce, manage, and scale content to meaningfully engage audiences can consume resources, exhaust budgets, and take up valuable time.

Maximizing content output and streamlining workflows are critical ingredients for success, which is why we’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with three of the world’s leading advertising platforms to integrate seamlessly with Canva: Google, Meta, and Amazon. We’re making it easier than ever for you to reach your audience with ads without compromising on eye-catching creative – say hello to easy content creation, optimization, and publication.

Design ads that wow

We’ve long been on a mission to speed up the design process, from the launch of features like Brand Kit(opens in a new tab or window) and Brand templates(opens in a new tab or window) to scale your brand with ease, to our suite of AI design tools(opens in a new tab or window), including one-click resizes(opens in a new tab or window) to switch up dimensions and accelerate content creation.

In a visual era(opens in a new tab or window), creating scroll-stopping ads is critical for capturing attention and cutting through the noise of your competitors. Now, you can ensure your ads hit the mark with bespoke Google Ads, Meta, and Amazon Ads templates, available via apps inside Canva. Say goodbye to starting designs from scratch and work smarter, not harder, with hundreds of platform-specific templates ready for customization.

Optimize your ads with expert advice

From changing algorithms to an influx of new channels, staying current on creative best practices can be tricky. Take the guesswork out of creating platform-ready ads with built-in moderators in each app to help you adhere to creative guidelines. With instant feedback, you can easily make tweaks and get your optimized ad live on Google, Meta, or Amazon sooner.

Whether you’re a seller updating a product listing or a marketer uploading creative assets for a client, enjoy built-in asset checkers to ensure your creative meets specific guidelines.

  • Google Ads app: Import image and text assets from your Google Ads account and create or amend designs to meet Google guidelines and best practices before exporting them directly back to Google’s AI-powered Performance Max platform.
  • Meta Design Check app: Designed specifically for the Meta Ads platform, this app verifies whether creative assets marked for export (Reel, Story, or Feed) meet Meta’s best practices for Instagram and Facebook.
  • Amazon Ads app (coming soon): With a direct connection to your Amazon creative assets library, you can access advertiser content on demand and edit using the Canva functionality you know and love. And when your design is complete, leverage real-time policy checks before publishing your content, to get to market sooner, with fewer revisions.
Quote from Anwar Haneef of Canva about Canva's new AdTech integrations

Launch your ads faster

Our seamless new AdTech integrations mean your ads can be live in record time. Forget manual downloads and re-uploads across multiple platforms, and connect your accounts to publish your beautifully designed ads directly from Canva. Whether you’re launching something new or refreshing an ad with new creative, quick and easy publishing from Canva can save you hours of time.

Hear from industry experts

The rise of digital content consumption and the modern advertising landscape mean brands need to produce assets in a multitude of formats, lengths, and styles to reach their audience and perform effectively. We’re focused on enabling businesses of all sizes by giving them an end-to-end platform to create high-fidelity designs that help them meet their goals faster – which was a huge driver behind the development of our new AdTech integrations.

Quote from Cecilia LV from Meta about the success of launching the Meta Design Check app for ads with Canva

To dive deeper into how our community can drive efficiency and creative performance through these new AdTech integrations, we sat down with Cecilia LV (Strategic Partnerships Lead, Meta), Amanda Silvernale (Global Products Lead, Google), and Jeff Cohen (Tech Evangelist, Amazon) to discuss challenges, opportunities and best practices.

A few of the top insights shared:

  • Studies have shown that creative assets are the number one lever in driving advertising performance – even more important than the number of people you're reaching or campaign duration.
  • These new integrations check ads against known moderation issues inside Canva, eliminating the guesswork of creating high-performing ad assets. They don’t just make it easier to design ad creative, but also help make those ads better right out of the gate so your teams can focus on execution and growth.
  • Asset variety is critical for success, but creating and scaling assets can be one of the hardest parts of building and optimizing for a cross-channel campaign. These integrations can help streamline the workflows between teams and curate and generate text and image assets with AI so businesses can meet the asset requirements instantly.

You can watch the full webinar below.

Get started

The Google Ads(opens in a new tab or window) and Meta Design Check(opens in a new tab or window) apps are live now, and the Amazon Ads app will be available soon. These apps are part of the growing Canva Apps Marketplace(opens in a new tab or window), which also houses hundreds of productivity, creativity, and AI tools from Canva’s developer and platform partners.

Ready to make ads faster? Get started with our AdTech integrations today(opens in a new tab or window).

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