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Canva report findings: AI is transforming the roles of marketers and creatives

Our latest Marketing & AI Report shows AI is revolutionizing the way marketers and creatives work like never before. From unlocking significant productivity gains to supercharging creativity and streamlining workflows, generative AI is taking workplaces to new heights.

There’s no doubt about it: 2023 has truly been the year of AI(opens in a new tab or window), and it has taken the world by storm. The rapid adoption represents the biggest shift since the arrival of the internet – but a fragmented marketplace, coupled with the complexity of AI tools available, means it’s increasingly challenging to know where to start.

While we’ve invested in AI(opens in a new tab or window) at Canva for many years, we’ve been especially curious about how marketers and creatives are experiencing its seemingly sudden rise and its impact on their workflows.

To better understand this, we commissioned research from Morning Consult and recently released our Marketing & AI Report(opens in a new tab or window): a deep dive into how AI transforms the roles of more than 4,000 global marketing and creative leaders.

Comfort doesn’t necessarily equal confidence

Firstly, we found that almost all (97%) are comfortable with the rise of Generative AI because it allows them to do more with less while leaving the busywork behind. While many are quickly embracing this technology, many also feel overwhelmed by the plethora of tools available or aren’t sure how to get the most out of the technology. And it seems, some markets have higher comfort levels than others, with India leading the way.

Are you comfortable with the rise of AI?

AI supercharges creativity

No doubt, creativity is a uniquely human skill; there’s something special about the magic of lived experiences fueling our ideas. However, AI tools are coming into play more and more to support that process by turning creative ideas into reality. Approximately 70% agree that Gen AI tools enhance their team's creativity. While this may come with perceptions of technology replacing human ingenuity, the reality is that human intent and creativity are at the center of the design process. Without human inputs to generate great outputs, AI would have limited impact.

Our findings show that AI-powered tools are making the lives of marketers and creatives easier by simplifying workflows and elevating creativity(opens in a new tab or window); whether it’s experimenting with style transfers or saving endless hours of design time.

Global AI-powered image and video editing adoption

Eighty-two percent have used Gen AI tools to create unique images, and the same number have used AI to edit images and videos. What’s particularly interesting is how much the technology is evolving the ‘traditional’ creative process: 75% now consider Gen AI an essential part of their creative toolkit. As a visual communication platform, we’re also seeing rapid adoption of our suite of AI-powered design tools(opens in a new tab or window), which have collectively been used more than 4 billion times.

Interestingly, 49% believe AI will be better than humans at creating visual images in five years’ time – and marketers are embracing this. AI is accelerating the content creation process, allowing creatives to fast-track storyboards, vision decks, and creative assets at a rapid pace. The tools can take creative concepts to places that were once reserved for those with specialized skills while also reducing the number of mundane tasks.

We’re doing more, in less time

It’s no secret that in today’s visual world, practitioners are struggling to meet the demand(opens in a new tab or window) that comes with creating astronomical amounts of content, including large volumes of social media posts, blog content, emails, digital ads, and more.

AI has emerged as a powerful way to win back time by streamlining everyday tasks and supercharging productivity. Eighty percent say they’re using the time saved from automating tedious tasks and redirecting it towards more creative endeavors that require a human touch. Sixty-nine percent say Gen AI tools are saving them 2-3 hours of time per week, and 36% say they’re saving 4-5 hours of time per week.

Findings show that 69% of those surveyed saved 2-3 hours a week using gen AI tools, and 46% save 4-5 hours per week.

How gen AI tools are saving teams time. Source: Canva's Marketing & AI Report.

Whether it’s generating visual mock-ups, or brainstorming headlines, AI is equipping marketers with a creative starting point when short on time and demand is high.

Investing in education is critical

As AI increasingly becomes a part of daily workflows, organizations must invest in training to help their teams get the most out of the technology. More than half of the leaders (54%) surveyed have already rolled out formal training programs – and we predict this number will continue to grow.

Are you training your team on the use of AI in the workplace?

At Canva, we run our own AI/ML Workshops to equip our team of 4,000 with an understanding of AI and machine learning technology and to educate them on best practices in our day-to-day work. Whether it’s learning how to start from scratch with Gen AI or keeping up with the latest innovations, education is key to organizations maximizing the value of their investments in AI-powered solutions.

Photo of a girl using a laptop to view the Canva Marketing & AI Report

Our findings have shown that the appetite for Gen AI strong and is only increasing. It’s taking workplaces to new heights, and this is just the beginning.

Interested in learning more? Dive into the full Marketing & AI Report(opens in a new tab or window). Ready to maximize your time with our AI tools? Explore Magic Studio(opens in a new tab or window) today.

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