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  • Canva your classroom for your best school year yet

Canva your classroom for your best school year yet

With our back-to-school Teachers’ Print Day, we’re supporting teachers to design their best school year yet with Canva: from organizing their ideas and engaging their students to decorating their classrooms with posters.

Creativity is core to Canva’s mission; making it accessible to everyone is a priority. With a new school year starting in the U.S., we want to not only inspire teachers but actively support them by providing classroom solutions that help them the most.

That’s why we offer teachers a way to offset any out-of-pocket costs for their classrooms by providing them with free access to Canva for Education(opens in a new tab or window), our dedicated offering for K-12 teachers, students, schools, and districts. And, this back-to-school season, teachers can level up their Canva classrooms even more through Teachers’ Print Day: a voucher to print posters that will bring their classrooms to life.

From 12 am PDT on August 26 to 12 am PDT on August 27, the first 300 eligible K-12 Canva for Education teachers in each school district in the U.S. can access a US$25 poster print voucher to print classroom posters, while supplies last. At a time when costs for seemingly everything are high, it’s our way of supporting teachers and schools to start the year off with creative visuals that will make every class fun and impactful.

Canva Teachers' Print Day instructions

Need more details? Find Teachers' Print Day Terms & Conditions here.(opens in a new tab or window)

Investing in creativity in the classroom has become a huge global focus — it’s one we care deeply about. Making Canva for Education free for teachers means that in addition to designing posters, teachers can also get prepared for the year with other free customizable templates. This includes things like weekly plans, worksheets and presentations to create new, inclusive ways of learning with access to Canva’s extensive library of images, videos, fonts, and music.

There are thousands of curated templates to help teachers enhance every class and engage every student with creative homework assignments, exciting lesson plans, interactive tools, and stunning classroom visuals, with absolutely no design expertise needed.

Setting up a classroom has never been easier. There are plenty of simple tips and tricks within Canva, and being part of the Canva for Education community makes it easy to have a positive impact on students and fellow teachers through a shared learning experience together. Check out even more top tips from a few of our Canva for Education community members who are embracing the power of visual communication to inspire learning:

  • Add Games to Your Lesson Plans: This doesn't mean replacing your lessons with games, but rather adding new elements to them to make the content more engaging. Use fun templates(opens in a new tab or window) like a BINGO Board to create lesson plans that help students stay focused and have fun.
  • Have Students Make a Vision Board(opens in a new tab or window): Vision boards are a great way to get students excited about what they want to accomplish academically or personally in the school year ahead.
Canva back to school tips
  • Design Comic Strip Activities(opens in a new tab or window): Comic strips encourage students to become storytellers and embrace their creativity with words and images. Use Canva's coming strip templates(opens in a new tab or window) to guide student learning through storytelling.
  • Engage Students with Presentations(opens in a new tab or window): Ready-made templates can kick-start your lessons, make them exciting, and save you time, freeing your schedule up to focus more on time with your students and less time planning. Don’t forget, your students can use the presentation templates to demonstrate their learning as well!
  • Use Videos(opens in a new tab or window) to Uplevel Lesson Plans: Whether you’re teaching in person, hybrid or remote this upcoming semester, videos are a great way to keep students engaged. The video recording feature in Canva allows teachers to present content on each individual slide of the presentation, making it easier than ever to communicate ideas and concepts by using a mix of moving images, sound, and text – guaranteed to keep students focused!
Canva back to school tips

Communicating visually to keep students engaged has never been more important for teachers. Today, Canva for Education is embraced by more than 130,000 schools across the globe where teachers and students are creating, collaborating, and communicating visually in the classroom and beyond.

Sign up for a free Canva for Education(opens in a new tab or window) account by August 24 2022 using your school or education email to get started. Then, it’s time to start planning your posters! Find out more about all our Back-to-School resources here(opens in a new tab or window).

Teachers' Print Day Terms and Conditions