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  • Canva invites the community to help design our next billboard

Canva invites the community to help design our next billboard

We’re celebrating creativity and togetherness with a competition to collaborate on our next billboard design in San Francisco.

At Canva, our mission is to empower the whole world to design — because we know whatever we’re doing, it’s better when we do it together. To celebrate our What Will You Design Today campaign, we created an exciting opportunity to team up with our community in the United States to design half of our next billboard with us. With two locations in San Francisco and one in NYC, the billboards will showcase our Canva community's creativity by featuring some of its biggest and brightest designs for everyone to see.

The theme was ‘Together’, so we asked our community to submit designs that show us what ‘Together’ means to them.

Some of the incredible entries we received

We’ve selected three designs and will be refreshing the billboard throughout the campaign — giving commuters and our community an opportunity to enjoy a range of visual creations.

We chatted to the first billboard's creator, Kari Livingston, about her inspiration and what she loves about Canva.

The first community billboard design by Kari Livingston

What do you do?

Since 2020, I've been a Canva Creator and I also sell Canva templates on marketplaces and teach others how to use Canva for their business. Before that, I worked as a brand and web designer and ran a blog.

How do you use Canva in your business?

Canva is the most important tool in my business. I make templates for the Creators program, but I also use it to make all other graphics for my blog, newsletters, videos, courses, and for many other things like editing PDFs. It saves me so much time to have my brand kit and templates that I can just tweak and use for different purposes.

How did you discover Canva?

I discovered Canva several years ago from other designers who were selling templates on design marketplaces. I slowly started using their templates to make social media posts and ebooks for myself, and I liked how simple and fast it was to design things. Also, I loved how I could find everything online and not waste time searching through versions on my computer.

After a year or so, I found a need for a certain kind of template in my market, so I designed a single template in that line, which did really well for several years. I slowly created more Canva templates alongside my client work, until in 2020, I became a Creator, and now I focus most of my efforts there.

How would you describe your personal design aesthetic or style?

I would say “bright and colorful” describe my work, and I like to experiment with a lot of different styles and current design themes. Working as a Canva Creator is great in this sense because I can play all day in the Canva library and use other people’s amazing art, photos, and videos in my compositions.

What inspired your design for the billboard? How did you bring in the theme of ‘togetherness’?

My idea was to design a happy, fun, and bright composition. Since Canva’s mission is to inspire others to create, I wanted to make something focused on people and celebration. That’s why it features people dancing and enjoying the outdoors. I also mixed modern geometric people and vibrant colors with a few organic shapes to bring in nature (and because I love modern, organic, abstract shapes).

What’s different about creating a design for a medium like a billboard? What do you need to think about?

This was a challenging project because I’ve been creating templates with a purpose – to inform, to sell, to be updated by others. I enjoyed this chance to design a free-form spot graphic that didn’t have to look perfect, and could just be a fun, abstract picture.

What’s your favorite thing about Canva overall?

I love Canva’s mission of empowering the world to design, and after working with the Creators Program for two years now, I’ve seen how enthusiastic everyone is to make that possible. I have never seen a team that listens to user feedback and comes up with great solutions so quickly. It is apparent that people love what they’re doing and that enthusiasm carries into everything they create.

Do you have a favorite feature, tool, or hack in Canva you love to use?

There are too many things to count! But I find the Resize feature SO useful, and I love the Elements Library because there are so many amazing photos, videos, and graphics to inspire new designs.

What’s something people might not know about Canva?

If there’s a feature you wish it had but it doesn’t, just wait – soon, they will make it possible for you!

Find the details and full T&Cs below — and watch this space to see more of our community's designs!

Canva Billboard Competition Terms & Conditions