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  • Black Lives Matter: Canva’s Commitment to Lasting Change

Black Lives Matter: Canva’s Commitment to Lasting Change

Racism goes against the values that Canva holds dear. This systemic, global issue has impacted Black communities for far too long, and we are committed to support change.

At Canva, we have a huge responsibility to champion diversity everywhere: across our product, our organization and our community. As we continue to improve and build on our design tool, we promise to continue holding ourselves accountable for introducing new measures to ensure a more diverse and inclusive platform in the hope of creating lasting change.

Some of these initiatives are listed below, and will be updated regularly. If you have any suggestions on how we can do more, please get in touch with us at comms@canva.com.

Increasing Black Representation in Our Content Libraries

We are reviewing our image, illustration and template collections to offer better representation of our BIPOC community. We know there is a lot to be done – and we appreciate your support as we continue to improve on this daily.

Search functions are also being reviewed to ensure our design community are discovering more diverse results.

We’ve created freeBlack Lives Matter and Juneteenth collections featuring diverse and inclusive stock photography and illustrations — empowering people to share information and inspire change through social media and beyond.

Collaboration with BIPOC Content Creators

We are expanding partnerships with BIPOC designers and content creators to incorporate a greater spread of talent and ideas. By working with contributors and photographers from all walks of life, we’ll be able to offer a more diverse and inclusive representation of cultures and backgrounds, and from over the world.

Want to get involved? Please get in touch on comms@canva.com.

Anti-Discrimination Clause

We have an anti-discrimination clause in Canva’s Terms of Use, which can be found here. This prohibits anyone from using our tools or content to incite discrimination or violence. We encourage any organization to adopt these terms for their own use.

Extension of Canva’s Nonprofits Program

Canva’s Nonprofits Program, which currently empowers over 50,000 organizations to use Canva Pro for free, has been extended to charitable organizations that fight racism or discrimination of any kind. For more information, visit https://www.canva.com/canva-for-nonprofits/

Building Diverse Teams at Canva

Canva’s People team, together with our co-founders, will continue to take an in-depth look at all our internal and hiring practices to ensure inclusivity and fairness across the board.

We’ve rolled-out unconscious bias training to all employees, and have measures in place for the team to report discrimination of any kind. We have zero tolerance for any kind of discriminatory behaviour.

Other than building a more diverse and inclusive product, we’re also encouraging team members who have a keen interest to support the Black Lives Matter movement to take advantage of their volunteer days (paid time off) to rally together for change.

More information on Canva’s Diversity and Inclusion Practices can be found here.