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  • Bring the Power of Visual Communication to Your Workplace with These New Canva Features

Bring the Power of Visual Communication to Your Workplace with These New Canva Features

Today, everyone needs to communicate visually at work, whether you’re creating a presentation, a chart, or an email banner. This is particularly relevant for those in hybrid and remote teams, where visuals are one of the most important ways to communicate and inspire your team.

As one recent study from Slack reveals, 78% of remote workers say that GIFs and emojis have made work feel more flexible, friendly, and inclusive(opens in a new tab or window), demonstrating the important role that visual communication has. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, and Canva’s intuitive design tools mean everyone can create a vast array of visual formats. Whether you want to create an engaging hype reel to update your team on a company milestone, create an impressive sales presentation to wow your clients, or bring financial data to life.

Teams at HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoom, and Marriott International are already using Canva to boost their visual content, and we’re introducing even more new features to make the whole journey simpler than ever. Find out how our newest features can help make your work-life simpler, and dare we say it, fun!

Bring the Canva Magic to Your Microsoft Office, Libre Office and Open Office Docs

Design Import

Every document can benefit from strong visuals. Thanks to our new feature, you can easily import Microsoft, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice files into Canva — whether that’s a PowerPoint deck, Word Doc or Excel. Just click ‘New Design’ on the Canva homepage then ‘Import File’. Once uploaded, you're free to customize the elements, add engaging animations or graphics, change the text, and apply brand colors. Find out more here(opens in a new tab or window).

Stay on Top of Comments and Approvals with our New Slack Integration

Thanks to our new integration, you can now get instant Slack notifications every time someone tags you in a Canva design or responds to your comment. Simply search for the Slack App in Canva’s object panel, pair your accounts, and make sure you never miss a request! See here(opens in a new tab or window)for more details.

Bring Your Numbers to Life with the New Flourish App

Flourish, which helps over 800,000 people create amazing data visualizations, became part of the Canva family earlier this year(opens in a new tab or window). To help integrate our incredible tools, we recently launched the Flourish App in Canva, which makes it easy to add dynamic heat maps, charts, interactive hierarchies and more to your Canva design.

Simply search for the Flourish app(opens in a new tab or window) in your object panel, link with your Flourish account, and start impressing your teammates with your dazzling data sets.

Keep Things in Order with Customizable Tables

One of Canva’s guiding principles is to make complex things simple, and sometimes a table is the best way to make this happen! Canva’s newly launched feature allows you to add and re-size rows or columns, change border thickness & color, and add text. You can choose a table template style that matches your design, so you’re never under pressure to start from a blank page.

Use tables to show off some numbers, make a to-do list, compare pros and cons, or make your strategy clear. To find Tables, use the ‘/’ shortcut from within the editor then search for the feature. Alternatively, you can access Tables from the Elements tab, by scrolling down to the relevant category.

Make Workplace Videos Stand Out with Filters

In a recent study, Canva(opens in a new tab or window) found that 68% of U.S. knowledge workers believe that video is becoming increasingly important for workplaces(opens in a new tab or window). To help make your workplace videos stand out, you can now add filters in the Canva Video Recorder.

Remix your recordings with disco colors, tweak your balance, or give your face a touchup (not that you need it). Try out filters on your next video recording to boost your video messages, product demos, sales pitches, team celebrations, and more. You'll find them on the left side panel when you're in the recording studio.

Make Design Creation Easy on the Eye with Dark Mode

If you’re a night owl, or just burning the midnight oil, our new dark mode is perfect for giving your eyes rest in low light settings, available on web, desktop and mobile. The setting can be toggled on or off as needed in the Canva app settings.