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Supercharge your job search with Canva’s AI tools

Job seekers can use AI as a collaborative partner to kickstart their creativity thanks to our powerful suite of Magic tools.

In a time of rapid technological change where it feels like new AI-powered tools are being launched every single week, it has been amazing to see all of the different ways candidates are using or asking about our magic tools during their job-seeking journey. From headshots made with Magic Edit to talking presentations, and video cover letters crafted with Beat Sync, the opportunities are endless.

As technology accelerates alongside the growing need for visual communication, new design superpowers are being unlocked, and we like to think of AI as a collaborative partner in the creative process. We’ve always strived to make complex things simple, so we’re incredibly excited to have developed a Visual Suite of tools supercharged with magic to empower our global community to save time, simplify their job search, and kickstart their creativity.

The importance of remaining authentic

Canva is a valuable tool in any job-seeker’s belt. From resume templates, LinkedIn banners, presentations, and easy videos to educational resources and blog articles, we’re always looking to equip our community with the creative tools you need to put your best foot forward. In an era of AI-powered tools, it’s important to remember that the true magic of what makes you stand out is YOU.

New technologies are now more accessible than ever before, and can act as a great starting point for your application, but don’t forget to let your personality, values and interests shine through. Authenticity and open conversation remain some of the most important parts of an interview process, so it’s important your application reflects who you are and how you think.

Think of Magic as a career coach

When it comes to the role of Magic in job-seeking, we encourage job-seekers to interact with the technology like a career coach. We know job-seekers often find having a sounding board to bounce ideas off and practice interview questions incredibly beneficial, and our Magic tools are a great way to help you learn and refine your skills throughout your job search.

Magic Write can be utilized to evaluate your work by asking the technology to review your cover letter and provide feedback on how it could be improved to make a recruiter more likely to respond, and you can even anticipate interview questions by providing Magic Write with some of the criteria of the roles you’re applying for and asking for suggestions.

The power is in your hands

Research shows us that recruiters spend about 7.4 seconds looking at a resume before deciding whether you’re potentially the right fit for a certain role, so getting the right message across impactfully is key to a candidate's success. Gone are the days of needing specialized equipment to achieve your creative goals, and we’ve got plenty of ideas to get you started. Here are five tips from our Canva Team for getting started.

1. Update your headshot

For instantly removing crowded backgrounds from headshot images or updating your shirt to a more professional look, our AI-powered photo editor Magic Edit can update any image in an instant based on your prompts.

2. Nail your key message

For nailing your elevator pitch or cover letter, you can enlist the help of Magic Write, a magic copywriting assistant that saves you writer's block by drafting or amplifying your copy within seconds. The golden rule of Magic Write is that you get out what you put in – so the more detailed the prompts, the better the results.

3. Finetune your search

Magic Writecan also help you save time when searching for the right role too. Scrolling through various careers websites can often be overwhelming, so optimizing your search criteria for targeted results can really help. Simply input some relevant criteria into Magic asking for a Boolean string, and it will appear ready for you to enter into your favorite search engine.

4. Get creative with your design

When it comes to designing your CV, Magic Design can assist with different layouts and styles to bring your creative visions to life. For those looking to stand out and present their CV as a presentation, they can use Canva’s Docs to Decks, a tool that magically transforms Canva documents into presentation decks with the press of a button.

5. Dream up new ways to tell your story

The magic doesn’t stop there – Text to Image can be used to develop a bespoke image or illustration, unique to your application; or you could use our Video Editor and features such as Beat Sync as a creative solution for telling your story in a visual way.

Unleash your magic

Our Magic tools offer tremendous potential to elevate your CV – so take a look at our recent webinar to hear about how you can best maximize our tools in your job-seeking journey.

We’re recruiting for hundreds of open roles, so unlock your potential and share your story.

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