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Sharing the value of Canva at VidCon Mexico

We attended VidCon Mexico to share tips on how creators and businesses can make the most of Canva to create polished, impactful content quickly and easily.

VidCon is an annual convention where the world's leading digital creators, platform innovators, and their fans converge to revel in the magic of digital media. Fans make new friends, creators access new audiences, and groundbreaking industry exchanges are everywhere.

We were excited to be asked to speak about Canva at VidCon Mexico, which was the first time the event had been brought to Latin America. On 23-25 September, Nico Kedzierski (Design Education Lead for Canva Creators in Latin America), Gonzalo Rosado (Community Lead for Canva Creators in Latin America), and Alina Pineda Lemus (Community Lead for Canva Creators in Mexico and Colombia) headed to Centro Citibanamex exhibition center in Mexico City.

We joined over 200 leads from the industry, plus over 14,000 creators and fans who were all gathered to share their knowledge and celebrate creativity.

The atmosphere was electric, with an incredible opening party, creators having meet-and-greets with their fans and being interviewed by local radio, and brands like Pinterest, TikTok, MTV, Spotify and Youtube there with stands and installations. There was a Youtube kids’ basketball challenge, Playground created a live mural, and Sharpie had a ‘paint the wall’ pop-up.

Canva at VidCon Mexico

Installations, pop-ups, meet-and-greets and interviews were happening all around us.

Canva on stage

Our first talk was for the industry and workplaces, with Alina and Nico taking to the stage to let organizations like media and newsrooms know all about Canva for Teams(opens in a new tab or window) and how to create impactful, on-brand content with the latest updates to the Canva Video suite.(opens in a new tab or window)

Canva at VidCon Mexico

Sharing how Canva for teams and Canva Video can help businesses such as newsrooms create and share content.

We shared the story of Ausbiz(opens in a new tab or window), a digital news provider that uses Canva to build its livestreaming audience though impactful news graphics, video thumbnails and social media assets. Canva’s extensive range of templates gave Ausbiz access to the correct dimensions for mobile video, desktop video, short-form Instagram video and more. They can also use the Magic Resize button to instantly repurpose and optimize video across multiple devices, without sacrificing any image quality.

AusBiz uses Canva

AusBiz uses Canva to help grow its livestream audience.

We love hearing about how our community is using Canva to drive their businesses forward, so we were delighted to discover that one of the talk’s attendees, Mexican newspaper Vanguardia, is currently undergoing a complete digital transformation using Canva.

Some of the top tips we shared for workplaces about the value of Canva:

  • From corporate presentations to internal training forms and social posts, you can transform anything into an engaging on-brand video using Canva Video. And you don't have to be a pro to edit your clips, add videos or cut audio. Create flawless transitions, excite with animations, and make it unique with animation variations.
  • Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can collaborate online, create, edit or publish videos in seconds, and teams can collaborate simultaneously on a video, without sending clunky files back and forth.

In Latin America, we have hundreds of Canva Creators developing truly local templates and elements for hundreds of types of businesses.

Our second presentation, by Alina and Gonza, was aimed at showing all kinds of creators how Canva’s Video suite can help them wow their audiences with engaging, exciting content quickly and easily. From drag-and-drop to resizing with just one click, we demonstrated just how simple and easy it is for anyone to do.

Canva for Creators

Presenting our top Canva tips to content creators.

Some of the top tips we shared for creators about the value of Canva:

  • Create any type of video for any social platform. You don’t have to start from scratch, with templates for any idea.
  • Use it anywhere – create videos on desktop or mobile.
  • It’s easy to make your stories move! Preview videos or change scene duration quickly and easily.
  • Stand out and be unique with a library of templates, fonts, videos, and motion, or upload your own media (or both!).
  • Add animations to any text or page, and animated stickers to bring designs to life and catch attention. Replacing photos with short videos creates more dynamic designs that people will engage with for longer.
  • Combine all the elements available – animated text, animated stickers and moving images for truly impactful designs that look like they’re done by a pro.
  • Engage with audio and add multiple audio tracks. There are over 25k licensed audio tracks and over 89k sound effects to choose from.
  • Now you can remove the background of any video!
  • Record yourself within the editor for a personal touch.
  • One-click Magic Resize works for any platform.
  • Keep a consistent and recognizable brand, with typography and brand kit. Stay true to your brand with brand logos, fonts, colors, typography, filters, and branded captions.

And our final tip? We let creators know they can unleash their creativity and earn money at the same time with Canva!

Our newly announced Canva Creators(opens in a new tab or window) program empowers creatives everywhere to design and publish templates to Canva. More than 3,000 Beta Canva Creators are already helping to diversify our library while making an income from their work.

When you join Canva Creators, you'll meet like-minded creative people who design all kinds of templates for our content library. We also have an exclusive community group for Creators where you can exchange ideas and inspire each other.

Feeling inspired? So were we, and we can’t wait to see what next year’s VidCon has in store. In the meantime, start exploring Canva for Teams(opens in a new tab or window) and the Canva Video(opens in a new tab or window) suite today.