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Introducing our new flagship Austin campus

We’re thrilled to have opened our brand-new flagship Austin campus for our growing team of US Canvanauts.

At Canva, we’ve long been on a mission to empower the world to design and as our community continues to grow(opens in a new tab or window), we’re fortunate that our teams do too. After outgrowing our original campus(opens in a new tab or window) in less than two years, we're thrilled to have opened a brand-new flagship campus in Austin, Texas.

Photo showing Canvanauts chatting by one of the lounge areas at the Canva Austin campus

Creating a uniquely Austin vibe

Located inside a brand new space on the eastern side of Austin, our 2,333 sqm (25,000 sqf) campus started as a blank canvas, giving us the flexibility to design a space that was authentically Canva. Creativity is at the heart of Canva, so a key addition is our Canvanaut Creations corner, a dedicated area for our team to post their designs to celebrate together, and spark new ideas and inspirations.

The Canvanaut Creations corner, a dedicated area for the Canva team to post their designs to celebrate together, and spark new ideas and inspirations.

We strive to follow a philosophy of creating unique spaces that embody their surroundings, so our internal Vibe team and in-house architect collaborated with local architect Sixth River(opens in a new tab or window) to bring together authentic Austin attributes with a magical Canva twist. With antiques and decor sourced from local thrift shops and second-hand stores, every seemingly minor detail has been added thoughtfully, to encapsulate the Canva vibe.

Quote card from Canva's internal architect Emily Sandstrom saying we always strive to be uniquely local and magically Canva. We focus on sourcing from sustainable makers and found some incredible unique pieces, including murals by local artists, handmade texan terracotta tiles, and plant based leather, made from pineapple skins diverted from waste.

We’re so excited to have joined a community of artisans, art galleries, creators, gourmands, and craft breweries, and to be part of the evolution of this growing creative precinct. We're proud to have filled our walls with murals and artworks from three local galleries: the renowned woman-owned Vaughn Gallery; Sage Studio, a studio made up of artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities; and Art from the Streets, a group of artists experiencing homelessness.

We also increased the ratio of booths and meeting rooms to create open floor space, added a podcast studio to record or film a video, utilized a meeting space as a wellness area for meditation and yoga, and introduced a child-friendly zone complete with books and games. We’re in good company, too, with a Work & Mother(opens in a new tab or window) suite housed in the building (providing bookable suites with hospital-grade pumping equipment, refrigeration, lockers, and extra supplies), a large gym, and fantastic end-of-trip facilities.

 Quote card from Chris Low, Head of Vibe at Canva, saying there are strong parallels between curating a restaurant experience and a workplace experience. We always think about how it looks, tastes, and feels like to be at a Canva campus. The Vibe team plant seeds to inspire the team and create new ideas.

Serving up Texan flavors

Central to our campus designs are always our communal tables serving up daily breakfast and lunch, offering a dedicated time for our teams to come together. We cultivate local flavors and fare in our menus, and design our kitchen facilities with this in mind, as a reflection of Canva’s values back to the team.

In Austin, we’ve added an on-site smoker to serve up Texan BBQ goodness, a patio complete with a herb garden, and a bar with local beers on tap and for group events and celebrations. We’ve even welcomed an Airstream to our outdoor lawn for hosting Friday night drinks, meals and team celebrations, as well as community events with local nonprofits, creators, and designers.

Photo of Canvanauts serving up lunch from the communal kitchen table at the Canva Austin campus.

Designed with growth in mind

We’ve empowered our teams to choose how they work best(opens in a new tab or window), and as the home for our growing team of 100+ Canvanauts, our new Austin campus has plenty of space for folks who prefer in-person collaboration and connection. With 108 work desks, 21 meeting rooms, eight solo pods, and a Canva University training room, we’ve set out to equip Canvanauts with the spaces they need to create their best work, build community and inspire new ideas.

Photo of Canva Austin team sitting together in the communal dining area, hearing about the new campus and what's on.

Making an impact in the local community

One of our values is ‘Be a force for good’(opens in a new tab or window)and as part of our two-step plan, we empower our teams to participate in ‘Force for Good Fridays’ to volunteer and give back to their local communities. Since first launching this initiative in May 2022, our Austin team has spent more than 800 hours supporting nonprofits, working alongside Central Texas Foodbank, Habitat for Humanity, and The Trail Conservancy to help make a difference and we look forward to seeing that number continue to grow.

Quote card from Pooja Lala, Partnerships Manager at Canva, saying Volunteering together is a powerful and rewarding way to improve the lives of people that live in our community. We’re very fortunate to get three days of paid volunteering leave, which is why I’m passionate about driving engagement and encouraging others to join in. I love hearing about Canvanauts meeting new people and acquiring new skills at these events.

Investing in the generations of the future and creativity in the classroom remains a key focus for Canva, and we’re proud to have recently hosted our first community event at our new campus to support and upskill local educators. Many of our Austin-based sales team are experts in Education, so we were particularly excited to recently welcome 30 teachers into our Austin home for a full day of collaboration and creativity. From immersive design experiences, hands-on learning activities, and a fireside chat with two of our founders, Melanie and Cliff, it was great to showcase the powerful impact Canva can have on the classroom when unlocking creativity and achieving education goals.

Photo of two teachers brainstorming during recent Canva for Education event at Canva's Austin campus

Interested in joining Canva?

Our Austin-based Canvanauts are loving the new space – and we can’t wait to see this community grow! We’ve welcomed more than 50 new US-based team members in the past year and we’re excited to continue building our team in 2023. Take a look at our open roles(opens in a new tab or window) to join us.

Chris is the Head of Vibe at Canva. The Vibe team’s goal is to ensure everyone at Canva is empowered to do the best work of their lives, by providing an incredible workplace and environment for the team to thrive.


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