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A big year comes to a close: Canva by the numbers in 2019

It’s been a big year for us, and we hope it’s been an even bigger year for you. 2019 has seen Canva grow from the most accessible professional design platform on the market to a collaborative workspace for the most innovative organizations in the world.

Let’s recap some of the highlights for Canva as we enter 2020. Here’s how 2019 finished up, by the numbers:

Better by the billions

How does 2 billion sound? That’s right, our amazing design community have created over 2 billion designs. Here’s to the next 2 billion from 2020…

This October eclipsed a previous year’s worth of designs

From one year to one month. More designs were created in one month alone (October this year) than in the entire year of 2016.

Our active community got really busy

Speed up your design! We wanted to create a space that elevates your content, a place that’s super easy to navigate and find exactly what you need right when you need it. Now Canva creates more than 3000 designs per minute, which is more than 130 million per month—or more than 1.5 billion every year.

The top 100 is the place to be

We’re in the top 100! Our global internet engagement is now in the top 100 as ranked by Amazon Alexa. Of course, we’re not stopping there and will continue to build engagement through all our channels.

Speak up! (In your tongue)

We speak your language—more than 100 actually. And the world is taking note, with more than 55% of our users using Canva in a language other than English.

The world loves us

And it shows with our massive growth in Asia and other non-English speaking regions around the globe. We even have users in Antarctica and North Korea!!

Smashing out the designs, all 45,000 of them

Talking about productivity, one busy Canva user has created a whopping 45,000 designs! Talk about getting those creative juices flowing…

And that design zest reaches the top

Our fearless leader won’t be outdone. CEO Melanie Perkins passed 6K designs on her own Canva account this year!

Media, media and more media!

Our community speaks (and designs) for itself. We’ve had more than 3.5 billion images uploaded to our platform and 133 pieces of content are uploaded every second.

Emoji joy for all

You’ve gotta love emoji and we do too. That’s probably why 150,000 little emotions are used on Canva every day. Smile, shake or something 🙂

Want to work with us? So did nearly 40,000 other people (and we hired more than 400)

Why wouldn’t you want to work with us? In 2019 we received nearly 40 thousand job applications and ended up hiring more than 400 people. Love what you do? Then come work for Canva.

32 new people in a day? Now that’s an extending family

To give it some context, 32 people started at Canva on December 9, 2019 alone. We welcome them and look forward to more people joining the Canva family.

Cutting code, Canva style

Did we mention tech? We are a technology company and our engineers love what they do. In 2019 we made more than 12 million code insertions and removed more than 7 million. We’re going great guns with Git!

Munch, munch, munch. More than 200,000 times to be exact

At Canva we get quite hungry. That’s why we’ve served more than 200K meals in our Sydney headquarters this year alone. Oh and we also have an appetite for success. 😉

And what’s a workplace without chocolate biscuits? We eat about one every minute

Need a biscuit break? That’s why we have Tim Tams aplenty. We chomped on nearly 100,000 this year.

Don’t forget the healthy avocados and our own fruit and veggie farm

We love our healthy avocados too. So much so, we eat 64kg of them every week and a huge 300kg of raw produce every day. To make sure we’re sustainable, 80% of our fruit and veggies are grown on our own farm.

Time to meet the 21 darling doggies… and our solitary feline

We love our pooches and, we must say, they are a little spoiled. Dogs make people happy and so does our single cat, Emi!

All the best for 2020

What are your plans for 2020? We hope you pursue your creative passion and bring us along the journey.

At Canva we will be as busy in 2020 as ever. And you can look forward to more innovative ways to help you design and get work done, beautifully.

Keep in touch with all our new features and developments on the “What’s New” page: about.canva.com/whats-new