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  • Canva cements position as a collaboration platform amidst rapid MAU growth

Canva cements position as a collaboration platform amidst rapid MAU growth

  • Over 40 million people have been logging onto Canva each month — an increase of over 25% in just 4 months alone
  • Number of people collaborating on designs has almost doubled since June
  • New features include Real-Time Collaboration and Online Whiteboards for team brainstorms, Notifications Center, Talking Presentations, Printed Photo Books and more
  • Pay for 1 Canva Pro account and get 4 for free for a limited time only – between November 2 2020 and 31 January 2021

As remote working quickly becomes the norm, people are finding new ways to collaborate online and get things done, resulting in a tremendous growth spurt for Canva, where today, over 40 million people bring their visual creations to life each month. Not only are people choosing Canva for all their design needs — the number of those teaming-up on designs has almost doubled June alone.

From small business owners teaming-up on social media graphics, large enterprises keeping their assets on-brand across global offices, classrooms and nonprofits sharing their vision through design, and families creating greeting cards for loved ones, designing together is here to stay.

Great things happen when people come together to bring visuals to life, and Canva’s host of new collaboration features offer something for everyone — no matter how big or small your team may be. Today, we’re launching a number of new features to help every team work better, together, in Canva.

Design and Comment In Real-Time

Real-time collaboration is now available for everyone in Canva — bringing collaborative design to everything from social media posts to videos — so you can co-create, brainstorm and see each other’s contributions as they happen. Try out Canva’s new Online Whiteboards, featuring a collection ofBrainstorm templates to help bring the magic of in-person ideation online, or our Mind Maps, to help organize complex ideas.

Canva avatars show which team members are in the same document. Collaborators can see which elements are selected by who, thanks to color-coding, and names on-display within designs.

Comments and replies show-up right away, and are optimized for web and mobile. Mobile comments are accessed through the app menu, and appear as threads, making it easy to respond to, and action requests on small screens.

Classrooms are one environment where real-time collaboration is having an impact. George Lee, Coordinator of the CAST academy at Balboa High School in San Francisco — who enjoys using the real-time collaboration functionality with his students — said “Canva is the only collaborative tool that utilizes visual language. Simultaneous collaboration is enabling a creative community which is actually better than a physical classroom.”

Streamline Collaboration with Notifications

Communications can become more complex as your team grows. Our new Notifications Center helps teams stay informed by making it easy to review and respond to team members, and move design projects faster than ever before.

Once enabled, team members have the ability to receive alerts when tagged in comments, granted permissions to designs, folders and teams, or when approval or access requests are received. All requests can be seen and responded to in one place easily, leaving less time searching through emails, and more time being creative.

This feature is being rolled out to Enterprise customers in November, and will be available to everyone on Canva over the next few months.

Add a Personal Touch with Talking Presentations

Online presentations have become the go-to format for addressing large audiences. Canva’s new Talking Presentations gives an alternative to live, or fully pre-recorded formats, letting presenters integrate short videos of themselves as playable elements within slides.

Talking Presentations are perfect for teams located in different time zones, where finding times for group sessions can be a challenge. With distance learning now the norm, teachers can embed video explanations in their presentations for students, so they can be watched from anywhere.

Check out a talking presentation(opens in a new tab or window) in action.

Easily Join and Manage Teams — all from within Canva

Canva’s Suggested Teams makes it easy for colleagues to find and request access to the teams they work with, by simply using their work email address. Once given access, they can use the pre-approved brand assets and designs in their Team storage, and start collaborating immediately.

Canva helps you bring all your assets into shared folders, whether that’s your logos, graphics, fonts, and now videos too.

Personalized messages can be added when a design is shared from within Canva. Just click the share button, tag the right person, then write your text in the dialogue box. Your team members will soon be able to share, or manage and revoke access, with one master link.

Received a link to a Canva design, but don’t have the permission to view? You can simply open the design and click the ‘Request Access’ button to let your teammate know.

Keep Distributed Teams On-Brand with Multiple Brand Kits

Canva’s Brand Kit lets teams select and define colors that match their brand, so everyone can make the best design choices. Due to overwhelming demand, this Enterprise-level only feature is coming very soon to all Pro plans.

Use Canva Print for Business Cards, T-Shirts, Photo Books and More

Canva Print is now available in over 100 markets, and orders are growing by more than 70% year on year. From entrepreneurs designing business cards, or families creating invitations, teams of all shapes and sizes are printing with Canva, and our new formats give even more ways to inspire creativity.

We’re expanding what you can print with Canva. Seeing your photos on social media is fun, but there’s no substitute to flicking through a photo book with your team, friends or family. Canva’s Photo Books are now available in the US and Canada (with more regions to come), offering a great way to see your best photos in print.

Team-up to unearth your photographic gems, and create a personalized gift for someone special. Photo Books support comments and real-time collaboration too, so everyone can make sure only their best shots are featured.

Canva Print’s new Canvases are another great way to display your Canva designs, making a great addition to any home. Our printable Kids Clothing and Mugs will be available in the US just in time for the gifting season.

No Better Time to Grow Your Team on Canva

Purchase 1 Canva Pro account and get 4 for free from 2 November, until 31 January 2021 to unlock Canva Pro’s full library of over 70 million images, 2.5 million videos, and 25,000 audio tracks — plus time-saving tools like Background Remover, Content Planner, and Magic Resize — for your whole team.

Join millions of others around the world, from savvy entrepreneurs, design enthusiasts and household names like WWF and Bloomingdales, who are using Canva for their design needs.

Georgia Vidler, Head of Product at Canva said, “Canva is combining the simple and intuitive design experience that our active community of millions know and love, with the communication and teamwork functions they need to get work done — all within the same platform.

“We find design works best as a team effort, where we can collaborate effortlessly, to execute ideas harmoniously. So if there are any new features we can ship that will make it easier for people to design together, we’re going to build them.”


* Canva Print is currently available for limited products in the following regions: Australia (AU), Brazil (BR), Canada (CA), Europe (EU)*, India (IN), Japan (JP), Mexico (MX), New Zealand (NZ), Russia (RU), South East Asia (SEA)✝, South Korea (KR), United States (US). We currently only offer to ship within each region, international shipping options are coming soon. See here for more info.