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How Canva uses Canva to bring world-class creative campaigns to life

We’re incredibly proud of our award-winning in-house creative team for using Canva technology to fuel conceptualization, development and production in our latest global marketing campaigns.

When it comes to marketing, the importance of visual communication isn’t anything new. Marketing relies on visuals to tell a story, tap into consumer mindsets, and capture attention – and it’s no different for Canva. As our brand continues to grow, so does the importance of offering an all-in-one visual communications platform suitable for producing world-class campaigns at scale. Following a defining year for Canva, where we unveiled our game-changing Visual Suite, we’re incredibly proud to have empowered our creative team with the technology they need to supercharge the creative process.

Check out the latest iteration of our latest global marketing campaign, What Will You Design Today? , here.

Looking internally for inspiration

We’re continuously looking for ways to improve our product even further to solve problems for our community. We know that 80% of marketers worry they’re wasting time on boring, repetitive tasks, and only 25% of creatives say they’re ‘very satisfied’ with how other teams in their organization adhere to brand guidelines. Our Brand tools were built with these needs in mind – because we’re marketers ourselves, too.

Our in-house creative team became our very own case study for the fourth iteration of our global marketing campaign, What Will You Design Today?, where we brought our “Home for every brand” creative to life. We were inspired by universal pain points the industry faces in daily workflows, and wanted to highlight how our collection of Brand tools and features make it easy to create content at speed and at scale.

To do this, the campaign takes a more pointed approach in our new creative. We’ve showcased game-changing tools like Magic Resize, where you can update designs to suit every platform in a single click, and our Brand Templates and Brand Kit to show creatives that they can easily empower their teams with specific brand fonts, colors, imagery, and customizable on-brand templates in Canva. We use Brand Templates to keep ourselves organized throughout the campaign planning process, from kickoff meetings to asset review decks.

Utilizing our Visual Suite

Our team uses the Canva Visual Suite throughout the creative process too, from ideation and conceptualization through to production. From initial whiteboards for planning and storyboarding, through to mapping our end-to-end processes, production run sheets, and briefing decks in Canva Presentations, we’re thrilled to incorporate our own tools throughout the campaign. Some of our most popular features, like the ability to give real-time feedback, or replace logos and colors across a range of assets at once, have meant our team has worked more collaboratively and efficiently as we’ve grown.

Empowering our talented team

We’re always striving to achieve big goals – and push the limits of what we can do in-house. We’re incredibly proud of our recent Visual Suite campaign (which highlights our Whiteboards, Docs and Presentations tools), which was shot in-house at our Sydney office in collaboration with our Manila-based team. From utilizing the same talent as What Will You Design Today? for audience familiarity, to producing shoot timelines and run sheets in Docs, resizing social media posts and other media assets within Canva, we’re thrilled with how this campaign turned out.

An exciting time for Canva

One of our goals is to have the best in-house creative team, and we’re incredibly humbled to have been recently awarded ‘In House Agency of the Year’ by IHAC. This accolade recognizes the incredibly talented team of Canvanauts who work relentlessly towards building a better brand for Canva, from within the brand itself. It’s campaigns like What Will You Design Today? and Visual Suite, and our team’s ongoing dedication to growing our product that have led to Canva being recognized as the world-class creative platform it is today.

Canva is an all-in-one visual communications tool where anyone can easily design assets at scale. Learn more about Canva’s tools for creating world-class brand campaigns here.

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