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10 things you didn’t know you could do in Canva Docs

From playbooks and ebooks to newsletters and reports, documents don't have to be boring. We’ve got hundreds of Canva Docs templates ready to be transformed into engaging, visual documents – and so many incredible features to take your documents to the next level.

As the saying goes, ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ – and as champions for visual communication, we couldn’t agree more. However, we also understand and believe in the important role that written documents play in communicating information. That doesn’t mean documents need to be boring though. In fact, Canva Docs allow you to bring the same colors, movement, and eye-catching visuals you use in presentations or video directly to your documents, supercharging your content’s engagement.

With hundreds of document templates ready to use to make beautiful, visual documents, get ready to weave in some of our most incredible features (that you might not have even known about!) and take your documents to the next level.

1. Collaborate in real-time

Working collaboratively has always been a key element in a team’s success, but as remote work continues to rise, having access to shared documents to edit anywhere in real-time is particularly important. Whether you’re looking to leave comments, emojis, or stickers, or assign tasks to teammates, Canva Docs makes collaboration seamless.

2. Let visuals tell the story

Get ready to say farewell to static charts and add some interactivity to your documents! Just like you would in a presentation, you can easily embed Flourish charts and graphs into your documents to visually communicate your findings and results in engaging ways. Data storytelling is a critical way to build engagement and achieve better understanding – and you’ll have no shortage of options with a variety of different interactive charts and infographics.

3. Add your favorite videos (yes - videos in a Doc! 🤯)

Forget linking out to external files and say hello to seamlessly adding your videos directly into your document. From short snippets and long-form video, simply drag and drop your video file straight into your doc (or even embed a YouTube link!) – perfect for anything from social media strategies to exercise programs, company onboarding videos, or classroom lesson plans.

4. Visual formatting made easy

When it comes to large documents, there’s nothing worse than spending hours reformatting content or endless copy and pasting, only to lose track of a specific section along the way. Our drag-and-drop editor makes adding and editing visual content easy. Need to rearrange some sections? No problem: simply drag and drop to move elements around. Looking to add some visuals or charts? We’ve got you covered – drag them in and our intuitive formatting will do the rest.

5. Editable content at your fingertips

The Canva library is full of different tables, videos, images, and graphics, but with editable design blocks, you can easily add and edit any Canva design within your Doc. Whether you’re using design blocks to make banners and section dividers pop, or add custom visuals like timelines or roadmaps, transforming your document to take it to the next level is easy with the click of a button.

6. Make the most of in-built AI

AI is a hot topic – and we’ve got some incredible AI-powered tools to take your docs from good to great. Looking for some words of inspiration to get you started? Our AI-powered copywriting assistant Magic Write has you covered, easily producing copy, content ideas, and outlines within seconds – and with our new built-in brand voice feature, you’ll hit the right tone every time. Want to add some eye-catching graphics? Turn imagination into reality with Magic Media, quickly adding unique images and artistic videos straight to your Canva Docs.

7. Access your favorite apps within a Canva Doc

We know our community loves using apps – so much so that we have hundreds Apps integrated into the Canva library – and they’re readily available to use in Canva Docs. From adding your favorite Emojis (or Bitmojis!) to Characters and GIFs, we’ve got plenty of engaging assets to get your designs moving and capture your reader's attention.

8. Easily transform your Canva Doc into a presentation

We’re all about making things smarter, not harder – and one way to do this is by saving hours of time spent doubling up on content across various documents (to then have to spend even more time formatting!). Our Docs to Decks feature magically transforms your documents into beautifully designed Canva Presentations with a press of a button.

9. Add or edit any Canva design – within your Doc

We’re all about interconnectability – and Canva Docs is no different! Compatible with all Canva designs, you can easily add and edit any Canva design within your Canva Doc. Use design blocks to make banners and section dividers pop, or even add custom visuals like timelines or roadmaps. From playbooks and e-books, to newsletters or reports, easily house your latest designs together in one document

10. Gain better understanding with built-in Insights

With so many documents often flying around the workplace, it’s easy to wonder if your content got lost in the mix, or whether people are actually reading your monthly reports. Canva Docs offers built-in analytics to show you how your audience interacts with your Doc, tracking engagement, views, and collaborators. See who's viewed your Docs and when, and other beneficial insights to gain a better understanding of what’s working, and what’s not.

Ready to take your documents to new heights and add some creative flair? Get started with Canva Docs today.

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