1. Canva for Education announces exclusive Care Bears™ collection

Canva for Education announces exclusive Care Bears™ collection

AUSTIN, Texas, SEPTEMBER 9, 2020 – Global online design platform Canva, in partnership with The Care Bears brand owner Cloudco Entertainment, announces the immediate release of a collection of Care Bears™ templates exclusively for its Canva for Education community. Intended to further encourage and inspire creativity and connection in the classroom – in both a virtual and physical environment – this release coincides with September 9th’s “Share Your Care Day,” a Care Bears-inspired nationally recognized holiday that encourages fans to proactively reach out to others and engage in messages of love, friendship and acceptance.

The new school year is in a state of flux, with some districts returning to in-person schooling, others remaining remote or a hybrid of the two. Not only has this meant adapting to new ways of teaching and learning, it has also forced educators to rethink how to provide students with meaningful social-emotional learning tools, as well as ways to keep students engaged and continuing to develop the soft skills needed for their future endeavors.

Carly Daff, Canva for Education’s Director of Product, said collaborating with such a global and nostalgic brand was a great goal to accomplish because the Care Bear characters and what they stand for perfectly aligns with Canva’s values.

“So far, 2020 is fast becoming one of the most unsettling years for humanity. Now more than ever, we need to take a proactive stance to ensure our kids are being taught how to recognize and express their emotions, manage stress, as well as learn how to care for themselves and have compassion for others,” explained Daff.

“The loveable Care Bears characters empower teachers to help students address their social and emotional development with characters we all know and love. This all-new collection contains vital resources that can be used in a physical or virtual setting, perfect for encouraging connection and creativity in the classroom,” she further stated.

Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, a registered psychologist with a focus in working with children and families, as well as an ambassador for the Care Bears and Canva for Education partnership, explains the importance of social-emotional learning in schools today.

“Social-emotional learning provides educators with an “open portal” to the heart and mind of a child,” said Dr. Lapointe. “This in turn, gives us the ability to shape the growing brain from within in a more meaningful and effective way; it’s an approach that goes a long way towards helping kids become more available to learning. The Care Bears templates are a fun and engaging way to kick off a meaningful conversation with students – it helps break the ice and can be used again and again to check in with them and gain a better understanding of their current state of mind,” furthered Dr. Lapointe.

Kristeen Tibbits, Care Bears’ Head of Marketing, added, “Our desire for positivity fuels today’s focus on personal growth and evolution. We’re craving sunshine and rainbows – even when we’re feeling blue. That’s what the The Care Bears offer. We couldn’t be more excited to bring these messages to children and their education just when they need it most,” concluded Tibbits.

The Care Bears collection, exclusive to the Canva for Education community, includes:

  • Educational worksheets to enhance engagement in the classroom and reach key learning goals;
  • Creative and fun ice-breaker activities;
  • Wellness activities focusing on social-emotional development; plus
  • Care Bears Classroom kits, providing teachers with a touch of magic to bring any classroom to life.

All of these are available for free for the Canva for Education community – https://canva.me/carebear. Register for your free account at: www.canva.com/education.


About Care Bears™

Introduced in 1982 through consumer products, greeting cards, and later a series of animated television shows and feature films, Care Bears is one of the most popular and endearing children’s properties in the world. Fans of all ages love these huggable bears from Care-a-Lot who inspire all to have fun, share and care. The Care Bears first appeared in their own television specials in 1983 and 1984, followed up with a long-running animated TV series and then made the leap to the big screen in 1985-87 with The Care Bears Movie trilogy. More recently the Care Bears could be seen in Care Bears & Cousins, a Netflix original CGI-animated series launched in fall 2015 and the brand-new Care Bears: Unlock the Magic, a 2D animated series featuring an all-new look and mission for the bears, launched in 2019 on Tiny Pop in the UK and Boomerang and Cartoon Network in the US. www.carebears.com