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Supercharge your lessons with Canva’s education apps

Apps represent an incredible opportunity to bring excitement and creativity to the modern classroom. We’re thrilled to empower teachers and students with the world’s most game-changing education apps for free with Canva for Education.

The modern classroom has rapidly evolved in recent years, thanks to a surge in game-changing technologies that empower teachers and educators to engage students in new and creative ways. We truly believe all classrooms should be equipped with the latest technology for free, and we’re proud to share that more than 60 million students and teachers are using Canva for Education(opens in a new tab or window) – including the latest and greatest education apps.

Apps(opens in a new tab or window) are a powerful way to elevate your Canva designs to speed up learning, streamline planning and workflows, and add excitement to lessons – and with hundreds of education apps now available through the Canva Apps Marketplace(opens in a new tab or window), bringing creativity to life to engage every learner has never been easier.

Canva Apps Marketplace Education Apps available in Canva

Save hours of time

Apps are powerful tools for streamlining workflows and saving hours of planning time. When it comes to maths, we’ve got teachers covered for simple equation creation with the Equations(opens in a new tab or window) app. Say goodbye to manual layouts with images and lines, and hello to amazing-looking designs by easily inserting formulas, ready for students to edit and solve.

Image of a laptop screen with the Equations app open inside Canva

Need to share a design with students, or provide a link for classroom activities completed on a tablet? Easily turn a URL into a QR Code in seconds with our QR Code(opens in a new tab or window) app.

Spend less time planning and more time teaching with the help of some of Canva’s most popular productivity apps. Forget navigating in and out of different browsers, and instead bring learning experiences to life without ever leaving Canva. You can also easily import images and documents straight into Canva with the Google Drive(opens in a new tab or window) app. Need to create certificates for the whole classroom, or perhaps a range of different game templates? Easily save time with Bulk Create(opens in a new tab or window), producing large quantities of designs in seconds.

Keep students engaged

78% of teachers(opens in a new tab or window) have a keen interest in incorporating AI into their classrooms – and utilizing powerful AI apps is a great way to drive student engagement. AI avatars are a fun way to bring another voice to the classroom in presentations and bring learning to life. Have Albert Einstein share his famous formula, or Charles Darwin share tales on survival of the fittest by instantly adding a talking avatar with D-ID(opens in a new tab or window). Let children’s drawings and artworks run wild before turning any scribble into a realistic image with Sketch to Life(opens in a new tab or window) or transform any image into a speed drawing video with SpeedPaint(opens in a new tab or window).

Image of Canva's Sketch to life App where you can draw an image and watch it turn into a photographic image

Add some creative spin to your storytelling with a cartoon video(opens in a new tab or window) using Character Builder(opens in a new tab or window), where you can create your own unique character to embed into any design, or choose from more than 100,000 animations with LottieFiles(opens in a new tab or window). Then, add some background music to designs by creating a song in Soundraw(opens in a new tab or window) or turn text prompts into the perfect tune with MelodyMuse(opens in a new tab or window).

Sometimes the greatest impact comes from the smallest details. Bring your designs to new horizons with text customization in your documents using tools such as TypeCraft(opens in a new tab or window), where you can bend, warp, or twist your text to grab attention in fun and unique ways or use TypeGradient(opens in a new tab or window)to make your text pop. Bring artistic, organic shapes to your designs effortlessly with CanBlob(opens in a new tab or window), easily make squircles with CanSquircle(opens in a new tab or window), or craft random waves as curves, lines or bars with Wave Generator(opens in a new tab or window). Need to add a grid or a border? Look no further than CanGrid(opens in a new tab or window) and CanBorder(opens in a new tab or window) for the right elements to enhance your designs. With the Canva Apps Marketplace(opens in a new tab or window) you can easily access hundreds of fun and exciting tools for you and students to interact with in creative and memorable ways.

Image of a volcanoes exercise being made in the classroom in Canva using the Typecraft app

Build an inclusive classroom

Not only are Bitmojis(opens in a new tab or window) a fun way to express yourself and show your personality – they’re also a great way to create and teach inclusive lessons that engage and resonate with every learner. From introduction presentations at the start of the school year to personal bios and learn about me sessions, students can easily choose from a wide range of diverse Bitmoji(opens in a new tab or window) avatars to express themselves authentically.

Image of the Bitmoji app being used in Canva in the classroom

Our education community’s favorite apps

We love hearing about our education community’s favorite ways to use Canva in the classroom – and it turns out, teachers are loving AI(opens in a new tab or window)! Our Canva Global Teachers Community(opens in a new tab or window) recently shared their favorite AI image-generating apps with us, along with the creative ways they’re using the tools with students – and our very own Magic Media(opens in a new tab or window) was a crowd pleaser:

  • “Magic Media! Students are custom designing their own stickers in my Canva Club and loving generating their own AI pictures.” - Jo Sephine
  • “Magic Media for creating idioms, similes, and metaphors.” - Lisa Addison, Holy Redeemer School.
  • “Magic Media to teach about generative AI and use for classroom projects, and SpeedPaint to use in video making.” - Jason David

AI image generation means the perfect image is always at your fingertips – even if it doesn’t exist yet. Turn your imagination into reality(opens in a new tab or window) by watching your words turn into stunning, one-of-a-kind images and videos with Magic Media, or transform practical descriptions into whimsical concepts with DALL·E(opens in a new tab or window) and Imagen(opens in a new tab or window) by Google Cloud with just the click of a button.

Adopting education apps in Canva is an incredible way to bring heightened organization, engagement, and creativity to the classroom – and easily customizable too, with all Districts able to disable certain apps to ensure our product meets their needs.

Ready to take your lessons to the next level? Explore the treasure trove of education apps in the Canva Apps Marketplace(opens in a new tab or window) today.

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