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  1. Closing the loop with our community

Closing the loop with our community

It’s part of our culture at Canva to ensure we always “close the loop”. That’s why we created FixFest, an internal 6-week event dedicated to making improvements to existing Canva features our community has been asking for.

Today, more than 135 million people around the world use Canva every month to bring their ideas to life. Our community is an incredibly important part of what we do at Canva, and we love how you never shy away from telling us what you need to take your work to new heights.

Our mission is simple: empower the world to design – which is why we’re continuously on a journey to make our product experience the best it can be. This means not only launching new products(opens in a new tab or window), but also making sure our existing ones are working seamlessly, are clear and easy to use, and include features that let anyone design anything effortlessly. We also want to prioritize the improvements that will have the most impact for the most people.

A big part of our culture at Canva is ensuring we always “close the loop” on feedback – ensuring people are seen, heard, and responded to – and that includes our community as well. Our community have played an enormously important role in shaping some of our most popular features over the last decade, and the feedback we receive from people across the globe is incredibly helpful.

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To help fulfill our promise of closing the loop on these requests, we recently held an internal event we called Canva’s 'FixFest'. We created FixFest as an important opportunity for us to spend dedicated time addressing our community's biggest requests and closing as many loops as possible. While we’re continuously working on enhancements, fixes, and requests, FixFest was a focussed time for all of our teams across Canva to make significant inroads into key areas.

Over the course of six weeks, we undertook a huge list of significant fixes to address your feedback. While we set out with an ambitious goal of closing 150 loops, we’re incredibly proud to have closed 186 loops, tallying an impressive 369 fixes in total!

Today, we want to highlight five highly anticipated fixes our community has been eagerly waiting for – specifically requested by you.

Animations on websites

Websites(opens in a new tab or window) have quickly become one of the community’s favorite products in our Visual Suite(opens in a new tab or window). From small business landing pages to fanatical fan pages, you’ve created thousands of beautiful websites. However, there was a missing piece, as animations weren’t always available on published websites.

A purple background showing a tweet requesting animations on Canva websites

Our team took this feedback and worked to bring the magic of animations to websites. To access the animations(opens in a new tab or window) on your device, look for the “Animate” button when you click on an element or page in your Canva website design.

Leaving a team

There are a few reasons why you might want to leave a team within Canva. Previously, this was something that could only be actioned by an admin, which created bottlenecks and made it tricky to leave a team.

Purple background with 3 tweets requesting the ability to leave a team in Canva

We heard you, and we’ve built a solution. You no longer need to wait for an admin now – if you’re ready to depart a team you no longer need to be in, it’s a simple click away in your settings. We’ve also built additional settings to control who can join or leave a team.

But what about your designs? Great question. We’ve thought about that too, and you can use our other new feature to copy content across brands(opens in a new tab or window).

Missing shadow effect in the new photo editor

Purple background with tweets requesting a shadow effect in Canva

We whipped up an array of brilliant new photo editing features(opens in a new tab or window) during Canva Create(opens in a new tab or window), though a few of you noticed it was missing something. It didn’t take long for our community to let us know a shadow effect was something they really wanted, and we’re so glad you did.

The shadow effect is now available to everyone in our new photo editor. Next time you want to add some emphasis to a photo, just select the image, then click “edit photo” if you’re on a web browser. You’ll see the option on the left-hand side, but head to our dedicated article to learn more(opens in a new tab or window).

No fill (or transparency) option on some shapes

This was a tricky bug that you brought to our attention. Shapes should always have the option to have a transparent fill (i.e. no color), but as our community pointed out, this option was missing for a few shapes.

Purple background with tweet requesting color fill into an empty element.

The team quickly dived in with a plan to resolve this bug. We had a tight deadline of just a few days to iron out a fix for this one. Now when you select a shape, you’ll have that transparency fill option.

Lots of improved error messaging

Last but not least, we made many small but important improvements to our error messaging. We’ve heard what you’ve been telling us – sometimes our error messages just weren’t clear enough! This spanned across all of our products, from setting up a Canva plan to using Text to Image(opens in a new tab or window).

Graphic showing examples of improved error messaging on Canva

Across all of Canva, you’ll now see more clear, friendly language if something does go wrong.

Keep your feedback coming

A huge thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to tell us what you need. Whether you’re a marketer, small business owner, creative, nonprofit leader, teacher, individual content creator, or enterprise organization, it’s your opinions that matter the most.

FixFest was an opportunity for our team to solely focus on our community’s biggest issues, but we also added another touch – for each loop closed, we made a donation to our team’s chosen nonprofits, with $50,000 donated in total.

While our FixFest has wrapped up for now, our loop closing is something that’s always on, so rest assured we won't stop there. We're committed to continuously improving Canva and making it the ultimate design experience, so please continue to share your valuable insights with us on Twitter or via our website.