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  • We’re taking Canva for Campus to one of the biggest colleges in the US

We’re taking Canva for Campus to one of the biggest colleges in the US

We’re partnering with the University of California to bring the power of Canva to more than 500,000 students and faculty across the university’s network.

It’s been a huge year for all things Canva for Education. Just a few weeks ago, we announced our biggest product update(opens in a new tab or window) yet with the introduction of Classroom Magic, our student-safe AI suite, and a fully customizable and sequenced lesson suite for teachers. Earlier this year, we also unveiled Canva for Campus(opens in a new tab or window), our higher education product suite designed to foster and supercharge visual communication for colleges and universities.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce an exciting step forward in this journey: partnering with the University of California (UC), the world’s leading public research university system, to bring the power of Canva to more than 500,000 students and faculty across the university’s network.

Empowering students and faculty to supercharge their creativity

With Canva for Campus, once an educational institution purchases licenses for staff, they unlock free access for students too. From team management and collaboration to brainstorming and designing in our Visual Suite(opens in a new tab or window), Canva for Campus provides both students and faculty with a suite of tools designed to supercharge creativity and productivity.

Colleges and universities using Canva for Campus have seen a significant improvement in team management, collaboration, and the overall creative productivity of both students and faculty members.

From creating compelling reports and assignments to designing engaging presentations, with access to Canva’s entire suite of collaborative design tools, students are empowered to supercharge their creativity while developing critical skills to succeed in an increasingly visual workforce.

Often with diverse working styles and schedules, students can also seamlessly collaborate on group projects, from presentations(opens in a new tab or window) and videos(opens in a new tab or window) to websites(opens in a new tab or window) and documents(opens in a new tab or window). This flexibility is especially valuable in higher education, where students are often juggling multiple classes and competing schedules.

College administrators are able to activate an additional Single Sign-On (SSO) layer, simplifying the connection between teams and students while ensuring the necessary security(opens in a new tab or window) standards for educational settings.

Canva for Campus also simplifies brand management, allowing colleges and universities to effortlessly create Brand Kits and branded templates, ensuring seamless visual consistency across departments and university communications.

Visual communication: a critical workplace skill

We’ve seen it reflected in our Visual Economy Report(opens in a new tab or window): in today's fast-paced and highly competitive job market, visual communication is a vital skill for success. Visuals are rapidly becoming the most impactful form of communication in the workplace, with 90% of global business leaders believing visual communication enhances efficiency, 89% seeing improved collaboration, and 85% acknowledging its authoritative impact.

With Canva for Campus, entire college communities are equipped with the tools and resources to thrive in this visually driven world.

Harnessing the power of AI in colleges and universities

AI is quickly becoming a huge opportunity and important skill across just about every industry. We know the next decade of work is going to look different, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of equipping students and educators with the skills to thrive as this technology goes mainstream. According to our recent survey(opens in a new tab or window) of more than 4,000 global marketing leaders, the majority are already embracing AI to elevate creativity and increase output in the workplace. We also learned from our very first AI in Education study(opens in a new tab or window) that teachers are increasingly seeing AI as a tool for enhancing student creativity.

At Canva, we’ve set out to simplify and consolidate the best of artificial intelligence into a safe and easy-to-use platform. We recently launched Magic Studio(opens in a new tab or window), a full suite of AI products(opens in a new tab or window) to transform every step of the creative process. Through Canva for Campus, students and educators alike have complete access to these tools too.

We’re already seeing countless examples of how these tools are transforming classrooms and equipping students for an AI-powered future. For example, Magic Write(opens in a new tab or window) is helping students condense complex research into easy-to-understand summaries, faculty can quickly make complex lesson topics digestible, and administrative staff can infuse their communications or newsletters with a custom brand tone of voice with just one click.

Bridging education and the modern workforce

Canva for Campus is more than just a set of tools; it's a critical bridge between educational institutions and today’s modern workplace. From providing free access to a comprehensive suite of products, including AI-powered features, we're committed to preparing students for the demands of the professional world with the resources to succeed in today's job market.

Through our partnership with the University of California and many other college institutions across the globe, we’re excited to foster the next generation of visual communicators.

To sign up or learn more about Canva for Campus, click here(opens in a new tab or window).

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