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Canva Create 2024: Introducing a whole new Canva

To redesign the way we work, we’re redesigning Canva itself with a suite of game-changing workplace products transforming Canva into an all-in-one platform to supercharge how your team creates, engages, and collaborates on content.

Since launching in 2013, we’ve been working towards our mission of empowering the world to design. Today, we’re incredibly proud to have more than 185 million people unlocking creativity and achieving goals with Canva each month.

As we celebrate the end of our first decade, we’re entering the next one focused not only on empowering every individual to design, but on empowering every organization too. Today marks a momentous step in this journey as we take to the stage at Canva Create(opens in a new tab or window) in Los Angeles to unveil a whole new Canva, designed for work.

From a completely redesigned editing experience to a new enterprise offering, a range of new products for every part of the workplace and upgrades to the features you already know and love, today’s launches mark an important step forward in our mission to truly empower the whole world to design. Let’s take a look.

a colorful montage of new work-related Canva features such as Work Kits, Recordings, Bulk create and Data autofill

Introducing a whole new Canva, designed for work

We’re excited to unveil the biggest upgrade to our editing experience in a decade with the launch of a whole new editor designed for work. Rolling out from today, our brand-new homepage and powerful editing experience puts content at your fingertips, making it easy to seamlessly move between projects, access team resources, locate and apply brand guidelines, and share and collaborate on designs across your organization.

The new editing experience will be available to the first one million users who discover the secret portal hidden in their Canva homepage, before becoming available to the entire Canva community from August. Here’s what’s included:

Streamline your design flow

Launch straight into designing from the homepage with intuitive shortcuts, powerful search and filters, and your favorite templates. Your creativity can flow with a streamlined editing experience that puts your most-used features right where you need them, and you’ll experience more focus with an interface that gives you more space to create. Our new quick action toolbar also provides even faster access to some of our most popular features including one-click background remover.

Customize your workspace

You can also set up your space just the way you like it. Star your most important designs, folders, or templates so you can always find what you need as you move throughout Canva. Teams can also now easily share and access important designs, resources, and news through our new “Starred for Team” sidebar, which allows team admins and brand designers to highlight important content like the latest company newsletter or team documents.

Supercharge collaboration

With streamlined commenting, expand or hide comments to improve focus while also filtering and sorting through comments for better, more efficient collaboration. Plus, never miss an update on your projects and designs with notifications right on your sidebar.

Introducing Canva Enterprise

As visual communication becomes essential, every kind of team, industry, and organization needs to create more visual content than ever before. At the same time, organizational complexity has never been harder.

To meet the growing demand and unique needs of large organizations, we’ve spent the last couple of years partnering closely with business leaders, IT departments, and professionals across the globe to craft our newest solution that’s built with all your organizational needs in mind: Canva Enterprise(opens in a new tab or window).

A person at a laptop with the screen showing the Canva Enterprise page

With Canva Enterprise, organizations can supercharge content creation, boost productivity, and reduce costs with our all-in-one platform for design and collaboration. Canva Enterprise includes a centralized admin console for managing teams and permissions in one place, the ability to create multiple teams across an organization to segment brands, enterprise-level security features including ISO, SCIM, and SSO to keep your organization safe, plus dedicated support for design, onboarding, training, and the development of custom integrations.

Canva is already used across many organizations – and probably yours, too. To find out how Canva is being used within your organization, and how you can consolidate that usage, click here(opens in a new tab or window) to request a custom report.

Find out more about Canva Enterprise here(opens in a new tab or window).

Design, scale and supercharge workplace learning with Courses

While Canva has mostly been known for external communication, from today, we’re introducing a range of tools for internal communication too, starting with Canva Courses, our latest offering designed to upgrade workplace learning. As well as creating your content in Canva, now you can engage and interact with content in Canva, too.

With Courses, you can turn Canva designs into interactive and engaging learning material by formatting it as a sequenced set of lessons your team can explore at their own pace. You can also assign courses and track everyone’s progress from a central dashboard.

The result? Visually engaging, interactive, custom courses your team will love for everything from personalized employee onboarding to sharing company updates and training, or materials tailored to help support growth and development.

Power every part of your workplace

Discover a new set of tools, templates, and apps for marketing, sales, HR, and creative teams to work visually, streamline collaboration, and boost productivity – powered by leading AI technology.

Canva Work Kits to supercharge new projects

Our latest offering, Canva Work Kits(opens in a new tab or window), is a collection of specialized templates and resources tailored to specific professions to provide inspiration and help kickstart your projects.

Featuring best-in-class templates and resources, we’re launching four Canva Work Kits to help you effortlessly unlock productivity and scale creativity. From today, we’re introducing Canva Work Kits for Sales(opens in a new tab or window), Marketing(opens in a new tab or window), HR(opens in a new tab or window) and Creative(opens in a new tab or window) teams which are available from the Canva Marketplace. Work Kits are also fully customizable and can adapt to your organization’s branding with one click using Canva’s Brand Kit.

a montage showing various Canva templates for work

The four initial Work Kits include resources such as:

  • Human Resources: Recruitment, internal communications, team onboarding, learning and development, and career upskilling
  • Sales: Pitching, sales proposals, sales enablement, customer onboarding, and customer success
  • Marketing: Campaign management, lifecycle marketing, social media marketing, go-to-market strategy, and campaign assets
  • Creative: Creative briefs, creative production, project management, creative ideation, and brand strategy

Learn more about the power of Canva Work Kits here(opens in a new tab or window).

Bulk create custom and personalized designs

Making multiple versions of the same design that only require small tweaks would normally be a manual and tedious effort. Now, you can speed up your marketing workflow with Bulk create. By uploading a CSV or Excel file you can quickly update images, text, and graphics across various designs in just a few clicks, saving you hours of time. Easily create multiple versions of your design – think hundreds of custom business cards, event promotional posts, or localizing campaigns at a larger scale without having to edit individual assets manually.

Scale end-to-end marketing campaigns with Ad Tech integrations

Forget starting from scratch, multiple platforms, or any guesswork around creating effective ads. From designing your creative to optimizing for better performance, you can now move through the Google, Meta, and Amazon ads creation process seamlessly without leaving Canva. Access ready-made templates and get tailored suggestions straight from your partner apps to refine your creative before submission, and get the perfect ads live in record time.

Unlock productivity with supercharged Docs and suggested editing

Our visual Canva Docs(opens in a new tab or window) have had a number of upgrades to help you work more seamlessly. For starters, we’re supercharging the editing experience with the highly-requested launch of suggested editing for effective real-time collaboration, document outlines for navigating and signposting larger documents, and a new organized commenting experience for easier collaboration. Whether you're capturing meeting notes or suggesting changes to a campaign, creating and collaborating on the perfect document is now seamless.

To take the visual document experience one step further, we’re also introducing new ways to amplify your message and make it visually engaging by adding any type of media, graphics, or Canva design to your doc – no more boring walls of text! Capture attention with animated banners and data visualizations, or add colored text blocks to highlight important content. With columns and page breaks, you also have more freedom to structure information effectively.

Now, you can also “star” and organize important docs so you and your team can easily access them, centralize, and manage all your content in one place, empowering everyone with the information they need at work.

Save time and unlock efficiency with Data autofill

Adding your latest and most accurate data to your designs used to require manual checking and constant updating, using multiple platforms. Now, creating data-driven sales materials, presentations, reports and more just became effortless with Data autofill.

In just a single click, you can drive data to any Canva design. Automate the creation of assets that integrate your business data from sources such as Salesforce and MLS (Multiple Listing Software): just match your data source with the corresponding data fields in your design, and let Data autofill update them directly in Canva. No more outdated decks or incorrect brochures!

Be pitch-perfect with Recordings

We can’t always be there to share materials in person, but now you can add the human touch to customer or employee resources with perfectly delivered Recordings. From engaging sales pitches to welcome presentations for new hires, you can now narrate a presentation or video, record your entire screen, or add voiceovers to your designs to bring them to life.

Introducing custom Apps and Integrations

Canva’s Apps Marketplace now integrates with more popular workplace tools to streamline workflows for even greater productivity. Marketing, Sales, HR, and Creative teams can now connect with a curated collection of apps, like Asana, Monday, Sharepoint, Later, Frontify, HubSpot, OpenRep, Brand Folder, Bynder, and Acquia (Widen). If your desired app or integration doesn’t exist, you can now build your own through the Canva Developers platform(opens in a new tab or window).

Bolstering Magic Studio’s AI innovations

Since the launch of Magic Studio(opens in a new tab or window), our industry-leading design AI has been used more than six billion times to create unique and compelling content in record time. Now, we’re excited to unveil new additions and upgrades to continue reimagining the future of design, taking the AI tools you know and love to the next level, giving you better, faster outputs every time – all without leaving Canva.

Introducing Text to Graphic

Alongside Magic Media(opens in a new tab or window)’s Text to Image and Text to Video capabilities, today we’re introducing Text to Graphic. With just a click, you can effortlessly create unique graphics to enhance your design. Whether you need icons, stickers, or illustrations, just describe what you want and Magic Media(opens in a new tab or window) will do the rest.

Introducing Styles & Layouts

Get inspired with fresh layout ideas for your presentations, plus apply the style of any design with just one click. Layouts are perfect for sparking on-brand design inspiration, and customizing your layout suggestions with your brand guidelines, approved images, and company logo.

Once you’ve found your layout, you can get to styling. Styles lets you match and apply another design's colors, fonts, and decorative elements to your design. It's as easy as search, select, and style.

Experience an upgraded Magic Design

Describe what you’d like to see or upload your media, and Magic Design(opens in a new tab or window) crafts professional social posts, presentations, and even videos. Now, we’re upgrading Magic Design with the latest leading generative AI technology so you can generate higher-quality templates every time with even less editing or retouching to get it right.

a Canva screen showing a template being created with AI

Resize & Magic Switch just got more powerful

With Resize & Magic Switch(opens in a new tab or window), you can speed up your workflow by transforming any design into another with just a few clicks. Whether it's turning a brainstorm into a document, a project plan into an executive summary, or a presentation into a website, it takes just seconds to pivot to something new, push your work further and expand your reach – without any extra effort, outside tools, or time.

Introducing personalized tone of voice

Our AI-powered copywriting assistant Magic Write(opens in a new tab or window) can now generate text using your unique tone of voice to share your message with words that sound just like you. Just upload a sample, and with a click, Magic Write will generate text in a tone that matches.

Whether it’s fresh ideas for headlines, rewording and refining scripts, or summarizing ideas to make snappy captions, you’ll spend less time editing and more time creating.

Elevate your work with AI-powered apps

Want to take your images even further? Explore our Apps Marketplace(opens in a new tab or window) to find powerful apps to add effects to your images or even increase photo resolution without compromising quality. Turn black and white images into colored ones, or convert pictures into pixel art to give them a fun, retro vibe. Whatever edits your photos need, we’ve got an AI app(opens in a new tab or window) for it.

Fewer clicks and faster edits with Canva’s photo editor

Canva’s AI-powered photo editor(opens in a new tab or window) makes complex edits possible. Use Magic Grab to effortlessly select any element within your photo to move, remove, or replace it – just like you’re editing a Canva template. Once you’ve got the perfect shot, use Mockups(opens in a new tab or window) to analyze your image and transform it into a mockup template.

Upgrading Canva Video with the power of AI

Our new Canva video editor(opens in a new tab or window) introduces even more AI-powered features to help you create and edit engaging videos. Capture the highlights of your videos to generate short and engaging clips using our new Highlights tool – perfect for snappy social content.

You can now also effortlessly remove background noise with one click using our new Enhance voice(opens in a new tab or window) tool, and when you’re ready to share, publish your videos to any social platform straight from Canva.

A man with the words Amplify Your Voice and a video editor along the bottom

Backed by the safety and security of Canva Shield

Canva is a safe, private, and secure platform for any workplace – and that safety extends to our AI products too. Our built-in safety and security controls(opens in a new tab or window) protect you, your team, and your data as you design. For Teams and Enterprise plans, you can control your team's access to AI-powered tools by toggling access permissions at the admin level.

Join us on our journey to unlock the power of visual communication for every organization: jump in now to experience a whole new Canva(opens in a new tab or window), designed for work, or watch the Canva Create keynote here(opens in a new tab or window).

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