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Canva launches Smartmockups tool to bring your designs to life

We're excited to launch the Smartmockups tool as a seamlessly integrated part of the Canva homepage, making it even easier for you to mock up your designs onto an ever-growing library of options.

Note: Smartmockups is now Canva Mockups(opens in a new tab or window). Watch this space for more exciting mockup products and features.

Smartmockups was founded in 2016 to enable everyone to create stunning, high-resolution mockups in their browser or on mobile — whether that’s a small business owner launching a new product or brand, a marketing agency demonstrating new content concepts, or a designer showing UI examples to clients or investors. Smartmockups became part of Canva(opens in a new tab or window) in February 2021, and since launching the first Smartmockups Canva app, we’ve worked tirelessly to integrate our tools for an end-to-end experience.

Today, we’re proud to reach our next milestone by launching the Smartmockups tool on the Canva homepage. This brings over 2,000 mockup templates to free users, and over 8,000 to those using Canva Pro and Teams. Available on web, desktop, and mobile, the new tool provides an ever-growing library of mockups that span the latest tech devices, T-shirts, mugs, greeting cards, bags, seasonal content, and more.

Smartmockups in Canva

Thanks to a simple UI, the new tool makes it easier to turn your images, graphics, logos, and other static Canva designs into mockups, then adjust for the best outcome. Simply click on the Smartmockups tool(opens in a new tab or window) from the Canva homepage, upload a photo or design, then instantly turn this into the format of your choice to see it in situ.

Preview your designs in the real world with realistic shadows, shapes, and lighting

Have you ever seen a poorly designed product mockup that’s led you to reconsider an online purchase? If so, you’re not alone. In today’s digital world, it’s essential that mockups look believable so people can imagine them in the real world.

Traditionally, this was achieved by taking professional photos, or through highly technical and time-consuming editing software. But plenty of small businesses don’t have access to these, meaning they either don’t create mockups or create ones that don’t look professional.

With Smartmockups, each template has been rendered by 3D designers or created in partnership with professional photographers. Mockups contain context-specific data on shadows, dimensions, and formats, so once a design is loaded, intelligent layering means visuals will follow the folds of your t-shirt, the curve of your mug, or the texture of your book cover. Designs will appear perfectly under foreground obstructions, like a smartphone screen covered by a model’s hand.

Thousands of professional, diverse mockups to choose from

There's always something new to try, with the latest trends, upcoming holiday themes, and more high-quality mockups just around the corner. The Smartmockups mockup library is built for clarity, diversity, neutrality, and aesthetic appeal, so there’s something for every brand.

We want our users to see themselves in the mockups they create. Our aim is to showcase different ethnicities, cultures, and countries, because every part of the world has its own distinct expression. Smartmockups recruits photographers from some of our most popular global markets including India, the Philippines, and Brazil, who help create the inclusive and representative content we’re striving for.

Diversity in Canva Smartmockups

Creating better products with Smartmockups and Canva

No design skills needed with the new Smartmockups tool. In just a few steps, your mockup is ready. It’s effortless to work out the best size and position for your logo or how an image or Canva design can be framed within a mockup. If you’re designing an app, item of clothing, or other unique product, Smartmockups and Canva can help you iterate until you find the perfect product design.

To access the new editing options, create your mockup using the new Smartmockups tool, then select ‘adjust’ to change the size, position, alignment, and even flip your design. After creating your mockups, you can load them into a Canva design, and even source your team’s feedback through Canva’s commenting features.

Smartmockups allows thousands of businesses to create products and mockups that help sell their ideas. CC Website Design(opens in a new tab or window) uses mockups for logos, business cards, websites and videos to present work to clients, while artist Jessica Araus(opens in a new tab or window) has been able to turn her designs into products and generate sales. If you have a design idea for a new product or campaign, why not see it in action and start getting feedback?

Smartmockups options

Create, collaborate and publish your mockups with Canva

Now that Canva and Smartmockups have joined forces, everyone is empowered to bring high-quality mockups into their end-to-end visual communication workflow. By combining the power of Smartmockups with Canva’s extensive design and publishing features, people can access new possibilities for creating, editing, and sharing mockups for any use case.

Features like Canva’s Background Remover (available in Canva Pro and Canva for Teams) and photo editing tools give an endless number of editing options for refining your mockups, while Brand Kits (available for Canva for Teams) make it easy to keep all of your logos, fonts, and colors in one place for on-brand mockups every time.

Try out the new Smartmockups tool here(opens in a new tab or window), or find it on the left-hand side of your Canva homepage.