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Supercharging design with 1100+ new fonts from Monotype

We’re incredibly excited to partner with world-leading font and technology specialist Monotype, adding more than one thousand new fonts to Canva to spark creativity and supercharge your designs.

Capturing your audience's attention through design has never been more important. Visual communication encompasses more than just images, illustrations, and moving graphics; it’s also the tones of colors, styles of typography, and selection of fonts used that bring an impactful design together.

At Canva, we’ve always set out on a mission to empower the world to design by making complex things simple, and selecting the right font can be an intimidating part of the design process. That’s why we teamed up with one of the world’s premier font foundries, Monotype(opens in a new tab or window), to add 1100+ curated fonts to Canva giving you more creative freedom to communicate beautifully and craft your stories exactly how you want to.

To celebrate, we’re releasing 32 new templates(opens in a new tab or window) inspired by our newly expanded font library, and providing a few tips and insights to help you leverage the power of typography.

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Explore a new world of fonts in Canva

Our extensive list of new fonts includes some of Monotype’s most well-known typefaces and designer favorites such as Arial, Avenir, Courier, Helvetica, and Times New Roman, meaning your personal favorite or brand-standard font is likely now available across all your Canva creations. For global collaborations and quick translations,(opens in a new tab or window) there are now hundreds more typeface options in Arabic, Devanagari, Thai, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

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As we shared at Canva Create(opens in a new tab or window), one of our favorite things about our global Canva community is the regular feedback we hear about what else we can offer(opens in a new tab or window) to help solve your design challenges. We heard you when you asked us to add these famous fonts to our library, and these additions include some of the most commonly searched-for typefaces in Canva. We can’t wait to see how these curated fonts take your designs to the next level!

Consistency is key

When establishing your brand visuals, maintaining consistency is critical for building trust and recognition. There’s a science to applying the right type of font(opens in a new tab or window) to suit the content you’re producing and your unique tone of voice, and choosing a few font combinations that work for your brand across use cases is a crucial part of brand building.

Once you’ve selected your suite of fonts, consistency across all your materials is essential so your audience learns what to expect from you – just like they would a logo. Brands can now centralize their fonts - whether custom or from our library – in our new Brand Hub(opens in a new tab or window), alongside brand logos, colors, icons, imagery, graphics and guidelines all in one easy-to-find location.

Mike, Matteo, SVP Global Channels and Alliances at Monotype, says: " Our partnership with Canva puts high-quality fonts into the hands of more than 100 million users, and will influence billions of designs. It's really taking the best of creativity and technology – bringing the power of type to the world."

The emotional impact of fonts

The importance of typography is too often overlooked - the right font doesn’t stand out, but the use of the wrong font is usually quite obvious. Selecting the right font empowers you to capture attention and tell a story in just a few moments through visuals. Like Canva, Monotype is committed to democratizing design through education. To uncover why and how fonts make us feel certain ways, Monotype conducted research(opens in a new tab or window) in partnership with applied neuroscience company Neurons.

They discovered(opens in a new tab or window) that typeface choice alone plays a significant role in how people feel, boosting their positive response to brands by up to 13%. Initial findings suggest that typefaces with calligraphic elements could elicit an immediate sense of trust in the reader. Readers also appreciate geometric sans fonts when digesting sentences, boosting how memorable and sincere they interpret a sentence by 6%. Even the finer details can have a lasting impact – making the right creative choices is crucial to achieving cut-through and growing brand loyalty.

Tap into the latest trends

From 3D-style fonts and illusions, to bold, funky graphics and soft edges, dialling up the playfulness of your message has long been key for capturing attention – and the rest of the world is catching on, according to the typeface trends driving design(opens in a new tab or window) this year. You might even find some inspiration – for example, as video content dominates the media landscape, fonts loopy and curvy in nature or with jagged edges form an illusion of movement that catches the eye.

Superhero-style fonts are also a trend on the rise, boasting strong outlines and shadows mixed with explosive form and color, giving happy, comic book vibes. If that’s not playful enough, pixel play type continues to rise in popularity, bringing a sense of nostalgia and a gamification lens to your brand. Don’t be afraid to mix things up – pairing two layouts from the same typeface(opens in a new tab or window) can be a simple and effective way to add some sophistication to your designs.

Start creating

With our expansive collection of Monotype fonts, evoking emotions with your audience and creating show-stopping designs that are on brand has never been easier. Discover for yourself and start telling your story today(opens in a new tab or window).