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Canva Is Now Available In Slack

Collaboration just got a whole lot easier! Time-saving notifications, easy design sharing and more is now available through the Canva App on Slack.

With hybrid working now becoming the status quo around the world, simple and effective collaboration has never been more important. The last couple of years have completely changed the way we work both today and in the future.

Our newfound world of hybrid work not only highlights the importance of visual communication, but also the need for more seamless and intuitive tools built for collaboration and productivity. We’re continuing to see this firsthand, with team adoption and collaboration skyrocketing as millions of people around the world embrace Canva to fuel a more hybrid way of working.

As we continue to deliver on our mission of empowering the world to design, we’ve been focused on combining the simple and intuitive design experience that our community knows and loves, with simple collaboration features that make work more productive, effective and fun.

Today, we’re excited to officially announce the launch of the Canva App on Slack, empowering every kind of team to supercharge collaboration while consolidating key updates all in one place. You can now receive Canva notifications in Slack when you’re tagged in a comment, need to review a presentation or get a request to share a design – meaning you’ll never miss a beat.

At Canva, we’re no strangers to Slack. Since 2016, it’s been helping our globally distributed team do their best work. With more than 2,500 Canvanauts spread across Austin, San Francisco, Beijing, Wuhan, Sydney, Manila, London and more, we’re now a truly global company and Slack continues to power our collaboration at scale. We have nearly 8,000 active channels (and counting) and sent more than 36 million messages last year(opens in a new tab or window)!

To help you get the most out of Slack, we’ve spent the last few months testing and iterating on the app before launching it to the world. Now that it’s live, here are just a few of the ways that you’ll now be able to supercharge the way you and your team collaborate.

Receive instant notifications

Never miss a notification again! You can now receive real-time Slack notifications whenever your team mentions you in a comment in Canva or shares a design with you. Collaboration knows no borders, and with our new Canva App on Slack, you can now quickly share Canva designs through Slack for feedback or approval.

Faster feedback loops

Eliminate bottlenecks and keep projects moving at pace. The Canva App on Slack means you can respond to comments instantly without leaving Slack, ensuring your projects are always on-track. You can also now quickly share Canva designs through Slack for feedback or approval.

Boost productivity

Work smarter, not harder. You can now see all the latest information in one place, saving you from scrolling through your inbox and administrative tasks.

We’re incredibly excited about this milestone with our good friends at Slack. To celebrate, we’re partnering with Slack on a special limited time offer(opens in a new tab or window): our community can now save 30% off when upgrading their Slack account.

We find visual communication is most effective when teams can collaborate effortlessly to bring their ideas to life and there’s plenty more magic on the way. Keep an eye out over the coming months for even more exciting features, including the ability to start a new Canva design directly from Slack.

The app is available to anyone with a Canva account. Supercharge your collaboration and install the Canva App on Slack now(opens in a new tab or window)!