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Introducing new Canva Print products – and new ways to get them

Canva Print makes it fast, easy, and affordable to bring your digital designs into the real world.

Visual communication has never been more critical to team and individual success than it is today. Employees, customers, and consumers expect organizations to deliver digestible, compelling visual content. As the world becomes more visual, design-forward organizations can now better engage customers while connecting employees to their brand, no matter where or how they work.

If you’ve ever received a cozy branded sweatshirt, or if someone’s handed you a sleek business card, you know that well-designed physical products can be surprising, delightful, and memorable. While the options for digital design are seemingly endless, a physical expression of your creativity can leave an impression that makes all the difference in the world.

That’s where Canva Print comes in.

Canva’s on-demand printing service makes quality design and printing easy, affordable, and sustainable, letting you bring your brand and ideas to life in hundreds of innovative ways.

As part of today’s Canva Create(opens in a new tab or window) product announcements, we’re incredibly excited to announce that we’re expanding our print catalog to more than 35 different products. Whether you’re creating business cards for networking, posters for your next event, or signage showing customers where to find your business, Canva Print has you covered.

We deliver straight to your door for free with a happiness guarantee – meaning if you’re not happy with your product, we’ll reprint it for free.

With Canva’s library of over 250,000 templates you never have to start from scratch when designing a print product. There’s no need to worry about store opening times, file types, store opening hours for pickup, or image resolutions. Canva Print allows you to customize size, color, finish, and paper thickness.

The icing on the cake: because we partner with printers around the world who are committed to sustainability, it’s printing you can feel good about.

Introducing in-store pickup

We’re thrilled to announce there are new ways to receive your print order. Canva now offers free in-store pickup at local FedEx Office stores for U.S.-based users, and Staples stores in both the U.S. and Canada, with more collection partners to be announced in the future. With a turnaround time of 1-3 days, in-store collection is a great option to save time and costs and print on demand, especially when it comes to printing last-minute before that big event or pitch.

Automated Proofing lets you print with confidence

Another exciting development is Automated Proofing, which lets you print any design with confidence. With proofing, we’ll ensure your prints are perfect every time, so you can create professional-quality products without worrying about the technicalities of printing.

Imagine your sales team developed a design for a big pitch in a Canva presentation. Now, you want to transfer that design onto bound documents, flyers, or business cards for the big day to make an even greater impact. Magic Resize will transform the design into the right size for your items, and Automated Proofing alerts you to issues like low image resolution, or elements being cut off. Your sales team will be raising a toast to success in no time!

Print to give back with One Print, One Tree

When you use Canva Print, you join our mission of being a force for good through our One Print, One Tree program(opens in a new tab or window). It’s the first 1-for-1 reforestation project of its kind, where we’ve committed to planting a tree for every print order placed.

Since launching One Print, One Tree in March 2021, we’ve worked with local communities in 11 countries, planting over 200 tree species. So far, Canva has planted 2.4 million trees and is committed to planting 5 million – that’s about the same number of trees that exist in all of New York City. We focus our efforts on areas where these trees are needed most to support wildfire restoration, bolster food security, help watershed protection, and revitalize habitats for endangered species.

We’re proud of what One Print, One Tree has accomplished, and our work is just beginning. Every time you use Canva Print, you help us drive its impact.

When you’re ready to bring your creative designs into the real world, visit us at Canva Print(opens in a new tab or window) to get started.