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Canva Video: background remover, new animations, and more

Video plays a huge part in how we express ourselves and share ideas, with 720,000 hours of video shared every single day – that’s 82 years of content – every single day!

To succeed and stand out in today’s world, everyone needs simple and effective tools to communicate visually. This is especially true in hybrid work environments where simple tools can empower teams to create, collaborate, and communicate with ease, even when working worlds apart.

Last year, we introduced Canva’s Video Editor(opens in a new tab or window) which has seen explosive growth since its release. To date, over 1 billion videos have been downloaded on Canva – but we’re excited to say we’re just getting started.

We added new video features to make it even easier to create, edit, and share videos without needing expensive and complex software. Much like design, we believe sophisticated video editing tools like custom animation and green screens should be accessible to everyone – not just professional video editors.

That’s why we've added a new range of simple and enjoyable tools to help your videos stand out. Starting now, you’ll also be able to turn any design into a video with engaging animations, audio, and transitions, without having to start from scratch. Announced on stage at the Canva Create(opens in a new tab or window) global event, here’s a look at the latest features you can play with, and a sneak peek at what’s coming next.

Remove video backgrounds with just one click

Canva’s video editor allows you to transform your designs, add magic to animations, and create videos like a pro, all while bringing creativity and fun to the editing process.

One of our community’s favorite Canva features has been the one-click image Background Remover, launched in December 2019. Following its wild success and community love, we’re incredibly excited to be bringing that same magic to videos with the launch of our new one-click Video Background Remover.

Forget needing a green screen or advanced software – it’s now possible to remove the background of any video with just one click! This means you can easily transport yourself to another location, add a plain background, and more. Background Remover works in both Canva’s media library and on personal videos you upload.

Leveled-up animations

We've also added more animation tools for both beginners and pros to make your animations unique to you and your design style.

With our new advanced animation controls, you can adjust the speed, style, and direction of an animation, or stop it from animating in and out. New transitions like Match and Move and Color Wipe make your stories move like magic, while Animation Combinations will automatically apply animations to your page that are perfectly suited to each other.

Here’s what’s coming next

These updates are just the beginning. There are plenty more new features in store for the near future that will make the video editing process even more fun, accessible, and creative.

Turn any design into a video

Our new video features give you more control over your designs with an arsenal of tools to explore and create with, and with our new Thumbnail to Timeline Switch feature coming soon, you’ll be able to bring the cinematic magic of video to any Canva design.

Need to turn your presentation into a video, or turn your video into a presentation? With the click of a button, you can soon convert any design into a video through a single slider that changes your thumbnails into an editable video timeline. We’re excited to be the only design company in the world offering this unique feature, making it easier than ever to truly design and publish anything.

Our highly requested Element Timing feature will soon let you time when an element like an animation enters and exits in a Canva Video design.

As we continue investing in the Canva Video experience, our animation and transition tools will soon be more magical than ever. We’ll also be introducing new advanced transition styles to give you more control over your animations and make you look like a video editing pro! With our upcoming leveled-up animation tools, you'll be able to make animated videos exactly to your liking.

Ready to get your ideas moving? Start exploring Canva Video here(opens in a new tab or window).