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Take presentations to the next level in Canva

From talking presentations to AI tools and data visualizations, it’s time to reimagine your presentations and maximize your impact in a visual era.

In a fast-paced world filled with information overload, delivering messages in impactful ways is more critical than ever. Decreased attention spans are seeing an increased need for compelling visuals(opens in a new tab or window) – especially when it comes to presenting. Nobody wants to sit through endless text-filled slides, but thanks to new technology, finding simple yet creative ways to wow your audience is almost effortless. Our latest features and AI tools(opens in a new tab or window) are designed to do the heavy lifting for you, transforming your presentations(opens in a new tab or window) from mediocre to memorable with the click of a button, and growing your presenting skills and confidence along the way.

Forget starting from scratch

We’re all familiar with the emptiness of a blank page or the overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to begin. To help you bring your best work to life without starting from scratch, we’ve got thousands of free presentation(opens in a new tab or window) templates, ready to be customized with images, videos, and graphics from our rich content library.

Have a particular style or idea in mind? Use Magic Design(opens in a new tab or window) to generate an outline, slides, and content in seconds, all from a single text prompt. Need to stay on brand? No problem: Canva’s Brand(opens in a new tab or window) tools can house templates with specific fonts, colors, and designs ready for customization without compromising on brand identity.

Image of a laptop with various brand templates able to be used in a Canva Presentation

Let data tell the story

Data storytelling is a powerful way to share information and plays an important role in the visual toolkit – and with just a couple of clicks, your data becomes infinitely more digestible, persuasive, and memorable. Gone are the days of editing code or needing specialized skills to convey data: simply select a template, drop it into your Canva presentation, and input your data (whether that's by uploading a spreadsheet, entering manually, or connecting to a live source) to see beautiful, interactive graphs and charts(opens in a new tab or window) come to life.

Image of a laptop showing Flourish Data Visualisation Tools within the Canva Presentations Editor

Perfect transitions, every time

When it comes to capturing attention, video content is hard to beat – so why not bring some motion magic to your presentations? Our cinematic transitions(opens in a new tab or window) feature takes storytelling to the next level by seamlessly connecting video clips or adding movement to static shots – and it's available to use in presentations(opens in a new tab or window). Whether you’re looking to animate(opens in a new tab or window) some graphics or have slides transition more smoothly, you can easily polish your presentation in seconds. Ready to drop the beat? Use Beat Sync(opens in a new tab or window) to auto-match a soundtrack to your transitions to showcase peak moments and keep your audience tuned in.

Supercharge your presentations with AI

We’ve talked about Magic Design(opens in a new tab or window) – but our AI tools(opens in a new tab or window) don’t stop there. We see AI as a collaborative partner in the design process, and we’re proud to house a range of game-changing tools to supercharge your presentations and captivate your audience. Need to simplify a wall of text? Ask Magic Write(opens in a new tab or window) to condense your notes into some punchy bullet points. Looking to add some visuals, but what you’re looking for doesn’t exist? Push what’s possible with Magic Media(opens in a new tab or window) to bring your ideas to life with unique images or videos, or unleash your creativity with Draw(opens in a new tab or window), our free drawing tool.

Let technology do the talking

Presenting doesn’t need to be daunting – now you can build confidence by utilizing digital avatars to do the talking for you. AI voice apps are an easy way to create a clone of your own voice and narrate a presentation, or you can even get creative and shift audience engagement up a notch with an avatar presenter from D-ID(opens in a new tab or window) or Neiro(opens in a new tab or window). Not only do they make an impact, they’re also great for presenting remotely and for audiences tuning in asynchronously. You can even record a presentation for people to watch on-demand from anywhere in their own time with Talking Presentations(opens in a new tab or window).

Present in a group with ease

The key to a smooth presentation is all in the delivery – and thanks to our remote control feature, presenting with friends or colleagues has never been more seamless. Say goodbye to awkward transitions with remote control, allowing multiple presenters to control slides in real time.

Expand your designs in seconds

Teamwork makes the dream work – and with Canva Presentations(opens in a new tab or window), collaboration has never been easier. Running a team meeting and need to brainstorm some ideas? Easily expand slides into a Canva Whiteboard(opens in a new tab or window) for unlimited space for everyone to input ideas. Need to take those ideas and transform them into a document(opens in a new tab or window) or email? Instantly reformat your presentation into multiple formats with Resize & Magic Switch(opens in a new tab or window).

Ready to wow your audience? Get ready to reimagine presenting and start creating today with Canva Presentations(opens in a new tab or window).

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