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Empowering visual communication: unveiling our latest brand campaign

The latest iteration of our What Will You Design Today? campaign focuses on empowering teams of all sizes to collaborate and ‘design together’ by showcasing our growing suite of products.

We know that as the world changes, people and businesses are looking for the right tools and technology to unlock better communication, collaboration, and creativity.

When we launched our brand campaign What Will You Design Today? earlier this year, we featured global organizations such as Zoom, UNHCR, and FastCompany, who are building their brands and maximizing collaboration with Canva. Now, the next iteration of the campaign, which was led by our in-house creative team, shines a light on the Canva products that are empowering teams of all sizes to collaborate and ‘design together.’

From Presentations to Whiteboards, to Video, Social Media, and Print – our growing product suite is unlocking the creative capabilities of teams all around the globe. In this campaign, we’ve sought to demonstrate the breadth of Canva as much more than just a tool for creating one-off designs by yourself. Across TV, out-of-home, social media, and more, we’ll be showcasing how Canva is empowering people to collaborate seamlessly and creatively at scale, turning their collective ideas, thoughts, and visions into tangible, impactful visual assets.

Here’s a snapshot of five Canva products that are making visual communication easier, and boosting collaboration, showcased in our latest campaign:

Canva Presentations

Launched in April 2021, we’ve seen over 700 million Canva Presentations created so far. From pitch decks to marketing strategies, company all-hands, and even onboarding guides — the use cases have been wide and varied.

With asynchronous communication and remote working on the rise, we’ve also added Talking Presentations, providing an alternative to live presenting, by allowing you to record and embed videos of yourself as a talking head within slides. Another standout feature is Presenter Mode, giving you your own private presenter screen to view your notes or a script, plus a timer and preview of your upcoming slides. You can also use Canva Live to receive questions, comments, and directions from your audience via their phones, so you can view and respond live.

Canva Whiteboards

Gone are the days of stopping a workshop to roll in a physical whiteboard for your next brainstorm. With this campaign, we’re excited to also officially launch Canva Whiteboards — an infinite canvas to scroll, zoom and pan around as you add text, stickies, shapes, elements, graphics, and more. In fact, Canva Whiteboards also include our growing library of over 100 million images, videos, and audio tracks — everything you need to bring your team’s ideas to life, without jumping between platforms. If you don’t know where to start, our extensive range of Whiteboard templates can help you on your way, no matter what you’re mapping out; or get started by turning any Canva Presentation into a Whiteboard with the click of a button.

Canva Video Suite

One of Canva’s guiding principles is to make complex things simple, and with the Canva Video suite, we’re empowering everyone to unlock the power of video, whether that’s to market their business, make engaging social posts, or express their creativity. We’ve seen over 400 million Canva Videos created to date, with over 230 million in the past year alone.

Canva Video Suite has recently been revamped with some exciting new features including our Scene-Based Editor, which simplifies the creation process; Single-Layer Timeline, where individual scenes can be re-created into a story; support for multiple audio tracks (for example music, sound effects, and narration); screen and camera recording, and more. With Canva Video Suite, it’s now easier than ever to create professional videos without needing advanced training or expensive subscriptions.

As teams around the world continue adopting Canva for their visual communication needs, we’ve also packed in market-leading collaboration capabilities that allow you to work together in real-time through comments and approvals on the same timeline, and even the same scene, without leaving Canva. There’s no need to download and share files for feedback, making working together on projects infinitely more seamless.

Canva Social Media

In today’s visual economy where there’s so much content competing for our attention, it’s more important than ever for brands to cut through the noise. Canva’s regularly updated library of social media templates provides an endless variety of fresh ideas for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitch, Tumblr, and more. Canva’s Photo Editor also offers a straightforward way to give a professional touch to images with customizable filters and effects, making any content stand out.

You can design, schedule in advance, and post content directly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Business accounts, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Weibo, Slack, and Pinterest with our Content Planner, removing the need to switch between tools when collaborating and making changes.

Canva Print

With Canva Print you can take your existing designs and templates and turn them into real-life products. Create your design once, then resize it into a printable product like a tote bag, t-shirt, or flyer and get it delivered to your door. With hundreds of formats, you can print for any occasion, from marketing materials to team swag, club posters, lesson plans, wedding invitations, wall art, and personal gifts — you have complete creative freedom to design or personalize anything.

As part of our back-to-school campaign, we held a Teachers’ Print Day, giving teachers the chance to ‘Canva their Classroom’ with vouchers to print posters through Canva Print. We'll also plant a tree for every print order received through our One Print, One Tree program — to date, we’ve planted over 1 million trees. Tackling climate change and minimizing our impact on the environment is one of the ultimate ways to ‘be a force for good', one of the core values that drive us at Canva.

Celebrating our incredible community

In the spirit of collaboration, community is at the heart of everything we do. To celebrate the next phase of the campaign, and following the incredible success of our weekly #CanvaDesignChallenge, we decided to kick things up a notch and let our community try their hands at a billboard! We partnered with our community in the United States to “team up” and help design our next billboard with us. Over the space of two short weeks, we received hundreds of entries, and due to its success, we’re looking forward to rolling it out across more cities in the future.

The first community-designed billboard to be displayed in San Francisco

Located in San Francisco, three different billboard designs (one each month) will showcase our community's creativity by featuring some of its biggest and brightest designs, inspired by the theme of ‘togetherness’, for everyone to see.

Other entries from our talented Canva community

If you’re in the U.S, you can catch the latest iteration of our What Will You Design Today? campaign on TV, streaming platforms and more from today, showcasing teams unlocking their collective best with Canva.