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Celebrate The Festive Season With Canva

With the holiday season upon us, we're here to help you celebrate the festive season with creative holiday cheer!

The holiday season is upon us, and we’re looking forward to the festivities! As we wrap up another unique year for billions of people across the globe, we’d love to help you celebrate the festive season by unlocking your creativity and making those around you feel extra special. Here are a few creative ways to spread some holiday cheer.

Treat your guests with memorable invitations

What’s a grand holiday celebration without an awesome invitation? Make your party or event even more memorable with one of our exciting templates - a sure way to excite your guests for a festive celebration. They’re great for virtual events too! Personalise your holiday invitation, and create invites that stand out and spark joy. With thousands of templates available, here are just a few of our favourites.

Deck the Halls with festive posters

Decorating your space is a great way to spread the festive cheer, and a simple poster is the perfect place to start! If you run a small business, why not create your own festive poster to dress up your store? If you’re a teacher, bring the festive spirit into the classroom. Or you can simply add a special touch to your home. No matter what kind of walls you’re decorating, you’ll find hundreds of beautiful, professionally designed templates to spark joy this festive season.

Parade your creativity with festive printable designs

We’ve also created a series of printable designs. With our eco-conscious printing partners, you can bring your designs to life on sustainably sourced paper. From holiday ornaments, gift boxes and Year of the Tiger envelopes, there’s printable designs for everyone and every occasion.

Add some extra holiday magic

Bring the holiday magic to friends and family with printable Santa letters and holiday wishlists. Explore a range of designs that will spark creativity and add an extra sprinkle of excitement to the festive period.

Send a card and make someone’s day with R U OK?

The festive season can also be a difficult time for some. Missing loved ones who are no longer with us, being unable to travel to join family and friends, or isolating with illness are some of the struggles people around the world face at this time of year. Knowing that a traditional holiday card might not be appropriate for someone who is struggling, we’re proud to be launching an e-card collection in partnership with R U OK?, a leading mental health organisation focused on advocating conversations and connection to help those who are struggling. R U OK? is just one of more than 130,000 non-profits using our Canva for Non-Profits program to create campaigns that ignite meaningful change.

There are many small and creative ways to make someone smile this holiday season. A simple gesture can go a long way. Let your creativity shine through with our range of festive designs, and join us in spreading some much-needed holiday cheer.