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An Exciting Milestone For Canva In The US

We reflect on the lessons learned scaling a new office in the midst of hypergrowth, as well as what’s to come in 2022 and beyond.

A little over 18 months ago, we officially opened our first office in the United States, based in the heart of Austin, Texas. Not only is Austin considered a hub for innovation and creativity, but it also opened the door for more incredibly talented Canvanauts to join our rapidly growing team.

In such a short amount of time, the team has achieved so much and it’s with great joy and excitement we can announce that Canva has been recognized by Built In as a Best Place To Work(opens in a new tab or window). We’re proud and honored to be featured alongside so many other inspiring companies that value a culture built on inclusivity, diversity and equality.

We’re also celebrating the exciting milestone of more than 100 Canvanauts in the US. As we look back on this time, we wanted to share some of the lessons we’ve learned while opening and scaling a new office in the midst of hypergrowth.

Our growing team

Our continued growth brings Canva’s global team to more than 2,500 people with 1,350 new Canvanauts joining last year alone. We’re also starting to establish a significant presence in California, with nearly half of our US team based in The Golden State.

As our team continues to grow, so too does the Canva community. We’re fortunate to now have more than 75 million people using Canva every month across 190 countries, who collectively create over 150 designs every second. Whether it’s creating pitch decks, Thanksgiving invitations or social graphics to commemorate Veterans Day, we’re incredibly proud of the ways Canva is being embraced across the globe, including in the United States. Every day, our team has the opportunity to work closely alongside creators, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies such as Zoom, Salesforce, PayPal and the Philadelphia Eagles who are embracing Canva to unlock their creativity and achieve their goals.

Fostering a sense of global connection

With teams working from Austin, San Francisco, Beijing, Wuhan, Sydney and Manila, creating a sense of connection and collaboration has been a top priority, particularly throughout the pandemic which saw international travel come to a halt. After moving to a hybrid working model(opens in a new tab or window), we recently held our first US offsite where we brought the team together in our Austin office for a few days of planning and social activities.

Travel isn’t always possible or the most effective way of collaborating, and with a truly global team, we’ve needed to get creative when it comes to fostering a sense of connection from anywhere in the world. One way we’ve done this is by starting various clubs which provide a way for our team to get together and bond over common interests.

For our US team, in particular, Wine Club and Friday Foodies have been fan favourites. If you’re musically inclined, we even have our very own band as well as Music Club where we share playlists created by our team. On the global stage, Pasta Club and Book Club are two of our most popular clubs where Canvanauts come together from all over the world through creative Zoom workshops and hybrid activities.

While the majority of our team is based in Australia, we’ve been intentional about not having an official headquarters. Our Season Openers (quarterly kickoffs) are truly global experiences and have been a great way to share context, culture and connection while celebrating our progress and planning for the future. A recent Season Opener, Canva TV, saw us heading to cinemas around the world for a feature-length Film Festival where we explored our plans for the year ahead and shared updates and news from our offices across the globe.

Giving back to the community

One of Canva’s core values is “to be a force for good” – it’s a value that inspires us to think about the ways in which we can make the most positive impact on the world, and drives the way we make our day-to-day decisions. We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to support important causes. Just recently, our team in Austin were able to participate in ‘Tyler’s Dam That Cancer’ event where they paddle boarded from one end to the other of Lake Austin (21 miles in total) raising over $40,000 for The Flatwater Foundation which is dedicated to supporting families impacted by a cancer diagnosis.

These kinds of initiatives make up an enormous part of Canva’s culture and provide opportunities for the team to give back to the community and make the world a better place. We also give each Canvanaut 3 days of paid leave to do volunteer work each year. Whether it’s to volunteer time to a social, environmental or cultural cause, as long as it makes a positive difference, we’ll support you along the way! We strongly believe in the important responsibility we have to use our voice and our resources to do the most good we can do – it’s a core part of our DNA and something that inspires each of us in our day to day work.

What’s next for Canva in the US?

As we kick off 2022, we’re excited to continue building the world’s best team and delivering even more value to our community across the globe. Everyone that joins our journey brings with them a rich and dynamic perspective and has a unique and important role to play in evolving our culture.

It’s been an incredible journey so far, and it’s only just the beginning. As we often say, we’re really only 1% of the way there, and we still have so much left to do. We’re actively hiring in Austin and San Francisco, and we’re looking forward to continuing to expand our footprint in the United States.

If you’re looking for your next challenge and you’re excited about empowering the world to design, we’d love to hear from you(opens in a new tab or window).