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Celebrating World Environment Day

To celebrate World Environment Day on June 5, we’re sharing an update on how we’re striving for a more sustainable future.

World Environment Day is the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment, and has grown to be the largest global platform for environmental outreach celebrated by millions of people across the world. This year’s theme of ‘Only One Earth’ highlights the need to live in harmony with the environment by making transformative changes – both through policies and our own choices – towards cleaner, greener lifestyles.

At Canva, we recognize the urgency of climate change and the important role we can play in stepping up to the challenge and inspiring others to take action. We strive to be a force for good through empowerment, investment, and decision-making that benefits our communities and the planet. Here are some of the ways how.

Regenerating Our Planet

One project we’re proud to be involved in is The Noosa Restoration & Reconciliation Project, which will restore 1,100 hectares of native biodiverse forest in the Noosa Hinterland over the next four years. Regeneration has never been more important after putting our planet into crisis over the last decade.

We’re partnering with Greenfleet, a leading nonprofit environmental organization, to take climate action and offset our carbon emissions through native reforestation. The project will sequester up to 700,000 tonnes of carbon emissions with Canva offsetting nearly 7,700 tonnes through native ecosystem restoration and delivering social and cultural benefits for the Kabi Kabi people. Greenfleet has signed a momentous Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) with the Kabi Kabi people to enable this project to progress in a tight partnership with the Traditional Owners.

Designing a Greener Future

We’re committed to empowering the world to design and to make it a better place — that’s why for every print order placed with Canva, we’ve committed to planting a tree. There’s no limit to the number of trees we can plant. Together, we can make each print order count as an investment in our environment’s future. By the end of the year, One Print, One Tree, will have contributed to 3.5 million trees being planted in the ground. There are currently 16 tree-planting sites across 10 countries that have been selected based on the degree of deforestation and poverty in the region.

As well as ecological benefits, our planting sites deliver social benefits to local communities by employing more than 100 people globally. We know our community around the world cares deeply about climate change, so it's important we're involving them — and in a way that encourages everyone to think about sustainability, not just ticking a box. This is a model that gets everyone involved and creates plenty of community-led social impact.

Welcoming Home Our Climate Champion

It takes a special sort of person to tackle a solo sailing adventure. One inspiring individual Canva is proud to partner with is sailor and climate activist Lisa Blair who spent more than 90 days at sea, inspiring people to take positive environmental action. With her boat Climate Action Now, Lisa recently claimed a world record for the fastest unassisted circumnavigation of Antarctica. She shared her journey with the world using Canva to communicate updates on her research and the status of her voyage through social posts, infographics, charts, videos and even data visualizations while at sea.

With the help of data visualizations from Flourish, Lisa kept us up to date with her successful world record attempt while championing important messages about the health of our planet.

Lisa’s record-setting adventure will be developed into a series of classroom courses spanning subjects such as math, science and geography, and made available for teachers around the world through Canva for Education, which we make free for K12 teachers and students. During her voyage, she even found the time to take part in a panel discussion with myself, youth activist Natasha Abhayawickram, and other environmental figures, exploring the impact of conscious decisions in the fight against climate change.

We’re always looking at how our actions impact the climate and how we can inspire others to take action too. Tackling climate change and minimizing our impact on the environment is one of the ultimate ways to “be a force for good”, one of the core values that drive us at Canva. From discussing ways to reduce emissions around the office and at home with global #sustainability-club, to volunteer days with local supplier Hebron Farm which provides us with sustainable produce for our kitchens, our goal has always been to empower our team to make the world a better place through positive action. This World Environment Day is an opportunity to put the climate and sustainability in the spotlight. Explore our vast library of climate action templates to help raise awareness and inspire sustainability.

Written by

Jared Ingersoll

As Canva’s Global Sustainability Lead, Jared is responsible for driving the company to work harder on its journey towards sustainability.


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