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  • Canva recognized as one of CNBC’s 2023 Disruptor 50 Companies

Canva recognized as one of CNBC’s 2023 Disruptor 50 Companies

We’re excited to have been ranked #3 on CNBC’s Disruptor 50 List for 2023 – showcasing the top 50 private companies whose innovations are revolutionizing both their industries and our everyday lives.

We’re thrilled to announce Canva has earned the #3 spot on CNBC’s Disruptor 50 List – showcasing the top private companies and innovations disrupting industries and inspiring positive change.

2023 has already been an enormous year for us at Canva, from celebrating our community creating a whopping 15 billion designs, to supercharging the Visual Suite with even more AI magic and taking the stage for our second Canva Create. To the 125 million people who are designing with Canva every month, thank you for supporting us as we pursue our mission of empowering the world to design.

As a visual communications platform, democratizing design for everyone across the globe has been critical to our mission since the very beginning. We truly believe design should be accessible to everyone – no matter where they live, their socioeconomic status, or even computer experience. That’s why we’ve created an easy-to-use, collaborative platform to unlock anyone and everyone’s creativity. We’re powering every aspect of visual communication – from videos to websites, to presentation, documents, data, and more.

In today’s visual economy, communicating visually is more important than ever before. Amid shrinking attention spans and information overload, it has never been more relevant and is fast becoming the most impactful way to communicate in the workplace. Through our inaugural Visual Economy Report, we discovered that 85% of global business leaders agree that communicating visually carries more authority than other methods of communication.

Visuals are dominating how we communicate and collaborate and are unlocking efficiences and creativity for some of the world’s largest organizations. The likes of Zoom, UNHCR and HubSpot are embracing our all-in-one platform to scale their brand in a consistent and visually compelling way.

Unlocking even more design magic

Innovation is in our DNA and we’re always exploring the latest technology to continue bringing even more design magic to our global community. Technology like AI is poised to expand everyone’s creative toolkit and will likely become a fixture in the modern workplace, as the way we communicate becomes increasingly reliant on visuals, speed, and scale. In March, we unveiled some magical new features to the Visual Suite that will not only empower our community to work faster, but also smarter.

These are some of the most innovative features we’ve launched in Canva’s history – with the goal of making the creative journey more accessible, more customized and simpler than ever before. From breaking the logjam with Magic Design, to easing writer’s block with Magic Write, to translating designs with one click with Translate – we unveiled an array of magic tools and features which are unlocking design capabilities never seen before.

We also launched a range of new capabilities that are advancing the impact of marketing and creative teams. With Brand Hub, creatives can configure their brand identities in one centralized place, giving their teams the tools to design, create and publish on-brand materials.

From creating customizable templates to compiling brand guidelines, logos, icons and colors – our tools are empowering teams around the world to design on-brand and stand out in an increasingly visual world.

Thank you!

We’d like to thank our global community, who constantly inspire us to continually improve and evolve our platform. Thank you also to CNBC for this incredible recognition – we’re excited to continue disrupting for years to come and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with design and visual communication – we’re just getting started!