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Coffee Catch-Up with our Sales Lead, Jen Howard

We sat down with Jen Howard, Canva’s Sales Lead, to find out more about her journey at Canva so far, how she got here, and what her superpower would be!

We love a good coffee catch-up here at Canva. Whether virtually or in person, they’re a great way of strengthening our existing connections with each other, and developing new ones. These moments have been integral to keeping us all connected as we continue to rapidly grow and scale our teams around the world.

So we're launching a new Coffee Catch-Up series where we sit down with different members of our Canva team from around the globe, to find out more about what makes them tick.

To kick this off, we caught up with our Sales Lead, Jen Howard.

Tell us about what you get to work on at Canva.

JEN: I lead the global Sales & Success team that’s bringing Canva for Teams into the market — a new subscription plan we’ve created for teams of all sizes to design and collaborate on Canva.

Teams and businesses are communicating visually more than ever, and Canva helps them do this in a creative, collaborative, and simple way. So, we get to work with medium and large businesses across the globe to help them achieve their visual communication goals, and it’s an exciting journey to be on!

The team is made up of nearly 100 incredible people across Australia, The United States, and in EMEA. I get to work with consultants who have the strategic business conversations with our customers, advisors who deliver on the value of our platform, specialists who bring new ideas, and operations teams who help us manage our processes smoothly. I’m so lucky to get to work with so many wonderful humans in this team, and the wider Canva team every day.

So, why Canva?

JEN: I first heard about Canva a couple of years ago from my daughter who is interested in art and design, and I’ve loved the product ever since! When I arrived in Australia in 2020 and started immersing myself in the tech landscape here, I learned more about Canva and became truly inspired by all the things that make it unique — from Mel and Cliff, and their crazy big goal for the company to ‘Empower the World to Design’, to Canva’s 2-step plan to become one of the most valuable companies in the world, and do the most good it can.

Canva's 2-step plan

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

JEN: My actual superpower is that I’m able to see clarity in chaos — I can bring a clear vision to teams and help them simplify their work. If I could choose any magical superpower in the world though, I’d want to be fluent in all of the world’s languages.

What's been your proudest moment at Canva so far?

JEN: During my first few months at Canva, we launched a new, unique-to-Canva sales strategy that takes a really creative and data-driven approach to customer segmentation. It looks at what customers already do on the platform, then helps bring value to their business by helping them understand how our tools can help them scale more efficiently. I’m incredibly proud of the creativity, strategic thinking, collaboration, and cross-functional partnerships that it took to bring this to life!

How are you planning to use your Vibe and Thrive allowance?

JEN: I love group fitness classes like spin class and really enjoy yoga — one of my goals is to master taking yoga on a stand-up paddle board! So I’ll likely use the amazing allowance to help me prioritize my wellbeing.

What are you reading or watching at the moment?

JEN: Ted Lasso on repeat. The show is so kind, so optimistic, and has the best leadership and life lessons.

Tell us about your favorite Canva club.

JEN: I’ve been looking into all the fun Canva Clubs to decide which one to join. It’s such a great way to meet new people with similar interests, or try a completely new thing you’ve never done before. The Pasta and Wine Club sounds great, so that might be a winner!

What's the best advice you've ever heard?

JEN: Reflect on the past, dream of the future, but always live in the present.

What's your favorite Canva tool or feature?

JEN: I absolutely love the photo drag and drop capability. As someone who has built sales presentations my entire career, and who has spent countless hours formatting images, this feature is a game-changer for me. Oh, and background remover too!

Where would be your dream holiday destination?

JEN: Thailand — hands-down my favorite cuisine, and the country has so much variety to offer, from large urban centers, to nature, and beaches.

Interested in becoming part of what we’re building at Canva? You can check out all the open positions we have here.