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Empowering drag performers with our first-ever Community Capsule

Introducing Canva Community Capsules: special Canva template collections designed by influential figures, experts or creators to help empower all corners of our community. We’re kicking things off by making fabulous entertainers into financially fierce executives.

As our community of more than 160 million people across 190 countries continues to grow, ensuring everyone feels represented and empowered by our platform becomes more important than ever. Along with our goal of building the world’s most diverse content library(opens in a new tab or window), we’re always striving to make our community “start inspired” with an ever-growing collection of valuable and relevant templates that can help them achieve their goals.

That’s why we’re excited to launch Community Capsules: special Canva template collections designed by influential figures or creators who are subject matter experts and community leaders around the world – and can provide creative direction and insights into gaps and stories missing from our library.

To kick off our first Community Capsule, we're partnering with superstar drag entertainer and marketer Genie Gurnani to develop a suite of templates and elements(opens in a new tab or window) that are about celebrating drag creativity and empowering more drag performers to make their mark on culture. Renowned for winning three challenges on RuPaul’s Drag Race Thailand, Genie was also recently named Executive Drag Queen for MASH Brands(opens in a new tab or window) and was a featured speaker at SXSW Sydney(opens in a new tab or window).

Pink background with a headshot of Genie and the text: I’m a drag queen, but I’m also a jet-setting international businesswoman. Did you not see my shoulder pads? I created this collection with Canva to help other drag artists bring out their own executive realness. I believe drag queens can do anything, even looking glamorous in flats. With these templates, my fellow queens and kings can add pitching and promoting like a pro to the list. Now where’s my champagne? The helicopter will be here any moment.

Introducing: The Executive Drag Queen Collection

From making sure they get those important bookings to coming up with fresh and exciting ideas, artists and entertainers have to navigate the business landscape like never before. Meet the collection made just for that: a toolkit that delivers top-notch content to help our artists shine, slay more gigs, pitch their fierce ideas, and bring their incredible creativity to life.

The Executive Drag Queen Collection is more than a guide – it's a business tool! Divided into four categories, it ensures drag artists have everything they need to make their dreams of dollars come true. This fabulous toolkit is bursting with 30 captivating templates to empower and elevate drag success across the globe, helping transform entertainers into executives.

Promoting gigs

Consisting of five flyers, five posters, and ten social stories with secret tips, each template in this category is designed to capture attention, spark excitement, and generate buzz for upcoming drag events. From stunning visuals to compelling captions, these templates will provide drag artists with marvelous designs to promote their shows.

Creating social content

This suite of five customizable templates is designed to captivate and engage any dragpreneur’s social media followers. These templates are your secret weapons for creating exciting and enticing content that will keep fans coming back for more.

Pitching event and content ideas

These designs, consisting of two presentation templates and a video template, are destined to captivate and impress venue owners and brands, providing a polished and professional way to pitch your show event and content ideas. From sleek slide designs to persuasive messaging, each template empowers drag artists to show themselves in the very best light (the spotlight, of course).

Partnership and press opportunities

Crafted to impress brands, media outlets, and potential collaborators, this category features a magical media kit and a portfolio template to help drag artists showcase their work, highlight their achievements, and present their artistic prowess in style.

Design direction: Airbrushed Opulence

Under Genie’s artistic direction, the style of this Community Capsule is inspired by success and excess seen through a retro lens, referencing 80s illustrations, playing with vibrant jewel tones, sparkling with brassy metallic finishes, and wrapping you up in sumptuous textures.

Pink background with a headshot of Genie and the text: I wanted The Executive Drag Queen Collection to feel like a 1980s lavish fantasy, exuding femininity, chic confidence, and I-own-51-percent-of-this-company energy. Every drag queen is a businesswoman, so put on your power suit and let’s negotiate contracts over a three-cocktail lunch.

The aesthetic is elevated, luxurious, sexy, hyperfeminine, shiny, camp, and nostalgic. Imagine a grand cocktail bar, in the first-class cabin, en route to Tokyo. Decadent, gorgeous, and global.

Genie’s business tips

80s-style banner with the text: The key to success is talent, drive, and a fresh manicure.

“If you want to get ahead in this world, all you need is ambition, dedication, and a blue smokey eye. But besides that, here are three tips to make it as a drag queen executive extraordinaire:”

  1. Promote yourself. Literally, go down to the print shop, make some new business cards, and snatch a massive title bump. You earned it, Miss Power Player! It’s time to toot your own saxophone. Believe in your own delusion, and the world will too.
  2. Get comfortable. It’s the greatest luxury of all, and there’s nothing more glamorous than looking easy, breezy, effortless. Go on then! Let your hair down. Book the cushy seat on your next flight. Wear a dressing robe in public and call it a gown.
  3. Be particular. It’s okay to know exactly what you want and ask for it. Cultivate that taste, because being choosy means you’re making choices. You’re deciding. You’re making the call and making it happen. That’s what a businesswoman does.

Ready to be an executive drag queen? Explore Genie’s Community Capsule here(opens in a new tab or window).

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