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  1. The design trends you need to know about for 2024

The design trends you need to know about for 2024

In 2024, visuals will be crucial for making an impact. These are the five design trends we expect to be big in the coming year.

As the world around us changes along with the technology we have at our fingertips, the creative landscape shifts with it. And as a platform standing at the forefront of visual trends with a global community of 170 million people, we have a unique insight into what visual communication is shaping up to look like over the next year.

Based on the growing popularity of elements in our content library, search trends and emerging patterns among our global user base, and insights from our in-house design team, we’ve identified the top five design trends expected to be big in 2024.

From popping hues to flowing forms, moving moments, and surreal scenes – above all, positivity, color, and experimentation are set to shine through next year. The best part? You can easily access our templates and elements(opens in a new tab or window) along with the latest tools to create your own on-trend designs to stay ahead of the curve.

1. Pixelation: precise yet playful

Blue background with pixelated elements and the word Pixelation

With roots in tech aesthetics, Pixelation is all about precise yet playful expression. This 2024 graphic design trend draws on classic computer animations that evoke comfort and nostalgia.

Think 8-bit graphics aesthetics, wearables that look like they were made in Minecraft, and soft, airbrushed forms with jarring hand-drawn linework. Grids, blocky fonts, and pixel art are also a big part of this trend.

A man at a laptop with a pixelated design on the screen

Pixelated visuals in the creative world are nothing new – but the movement has evolved, with exciting additions like pixelated typography, intricate artwork, and inventive use of grids.

Pixelation is an increasingly popular trend, with 126% growth in searches on Canva in 2022, and a further 179% in 2023. Play with search terms like 8-bit, arcade, nostalgic, pixel art, and pixelated.

2. Flow and Form: organic meets geometric

Red background with floating shapes and the text Flow & Form

Flow and Form is an intriguing combination of geometric and organic shapes that make an impact with just a few outlines. Simple, expressive, and abstract, this trend is playful but packs a punch. You’ll see it in lively blob art or flowing, minimalistic shapes in murals, and youthful brands looking to capture hearts and change minds.

A woman at a laptop designing in Canva

The fusion of dynamic shapes with balanced bright colors makes for a captivating visual communication tool. Fluid organic shapes will continue to dominate packaging and brand identities, forming compositions and framing text or imagery – and the clever use of fun, oversized geometrical elements infuses any brand with a fun-loving yet contemporary vibe.

This trend remains a popular growing style, increasing by 27% last year. Consistently one of your go-to aesthetic categories on Canva, people are searching the terms blob, minimalist, organic, outline, scribble, and shapes.

3. Motion Collage: shift your perspective

collage elements and the words Motion Collage

It’s Canva’s ever-popular collage trend, but reinvented: Motion Collage takes its cues from zine culture, handmade scrapbooks, and photo montages to create intricate, shifting vistas. Nothing captivates an audience like movement does, and this trend is the epitome of attention-grabbing.

We’re predicting this dance of design will show up in video everywhere in 2024, drawing its roots from our need to preserve the past in this fast-moving and ever-evolving world.

Woman at laptop designing a collage in Canva

The artist Jazz Grant once said, “Everyone has the skill set to collage” – and this trend perfectly embodies our mission of empowering the whole world to design. Anyone can get creative with this simple, accessible format, and AI-powered tools like Magic Grab(opens in a new tab or window) and Magic Animate(opens in a new tab or window) let you effortlessly take your motion collage designs to new creative heights(opens in a new tab or window).

Searches for the terms ‘cut out’ and ‘scrapbook’ have ballooned on Canva by 249% and 173% this year. Other terms to capture this trend: animated, collage, maximalism, movement, and zine.

4. Surrealism: Leave the real world behind

Purple banner with surreal design elements and the word Surrealism

Inspired by the 20th-century art movement, Surrealism has re-emerged to challenge how you see the world. Fantasy art, ethereal designs, and subconscious connections are at the core of this trend – get ready to escape reality and flex your creativity to imagine a new one(opens in a new tab or window).

Surrealism is a fantastical escape from today’s sometimes challenging reality. Gen Z, in particular, is embracing digital content that's intentionally ridiculous or bizarre, creating unexpected juxtapositions, or that sense of otherworldliness or ‘weirdness’ you might’ve noticed in some of the latest fashion trends and campaigns. Today’s younger generation values personal identity, individuality, and expressionism, pushing visuals that are off-kilter and nonconformist – and brands and organizations are taking notice.

A person designing in Canva on a laptop using surreal elements

Not only that, we know we’re living in a visual economy(opens in a new tab or window) where it’s getting harder and harder to get and keep consumers' focus. Brands are appealing to sometimes absurd, striking aesthetics to cut through and stand out(opens in a new tab or window) from the crowd. Add in the rapid growth of technologies such as AI(opens in a new tab or window) and machine learning, and it’s the perfect recipe for the creation of otherworldly scenarios.

Searches on Canva for ‘dreamy’, ‘ethereal’ and ‘fantasy’ have grown by 114%, 60%, and 80% this year.

5. The Bold Rebrand

Lime background with the words Bold Rebrand

Bold branding is back in 2024. Think vivid, fluorescent color schemes and rounded sans-serif fonts that channel positivity, fun, and optimism.

Bold typographic systems and neon hues like cyber lime will take center stage, becoming the focal points and foundational elements of design. Dopamine-inducing colors will be creatively combined with custom typefaces, injecting a fresh dynamism and rhythm into brand identities.

Person on laptop designing a bold rebrand in Canva

We predict a number of big-name rebrands as companies look to appeal to a new generation – and as design becomes more democratized, using variable or custom typefaces will allow brands to set themselves apart in a crowded market. Bold choices might be seen as risky, but these days they’re essential to cut through the noise.

The search terms ‘lively’ and ‘vivid’ exploded over 32000% and 19000% this year on Canva. Try these other search terms to inspire your own bold rebrand: Bold, bright, electric, neon, sansserif, and vibrant.

The future is here! Explore the latest design trends(opens in a new tab or window) now.

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