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Introducing world-leading data visualization in Canva

Two years ago, Flourish joined the Canva family, and since then has been working to integrate its world-leading data visualization technology across Canva's Visual Suite. Today, we're excited to unveil the next chapter in our journey together.

In today's data-driven world, data storytelling has become a critical element to making sense of an ever-growing volume of information. In this era of the Visual Economy(opens in a new tab or window), we know it’s crucial for teams and organizations to be able to bring that data to life in a way that captures people's attention and is easy to understand.

Flourish, based in London, has been pioneering the data visualization space with an incredible platform used by more than 1.5 million people around the world to distill complex data into beautiful, interactive visualizations. Telling impactful stories with data is a vital part of any visual communication toolkit, which is why integrating Flourish into the Canva family(opens in a new tab or window) through our acquisition in 2021 was a perfect step in our mission to empower the world to design.

We’ve been testing this technology over the last few months through the Flourish app available through Canva’s app store which allows users to create rich data-driven presentations and reports.

Today, we’re excited to announce another milestone in Canva and Flourish’s journey together with the launch of interactive data visualization charts inside the Canva editor.

Effortlessly bring data to life

The first of these – hierarchical treemap and packed circle charts – will start to roll out today. They will be available to all of Canva’s more than 135 million monthly users by September, along with many other rich data storytelling features.

Both treemaps and packed circle charts are captivating, digestible, and fun ways to display information across multiple categories, with the ability to zoom in and out or group data in different ways with just a few clicks.

Similarly to Canva’s mission of empowering the world to design, the Flourish team has been working to empower everyone to tell stories with data by making once complex and inaccessible software available to everyone.

With Flourish charts, there’s no need to edit code or have professional design expertise. Anyone in your team can convert their data into lively, interactive content and use it across Canva’s Visual Suite(opens in a new tab or window). Simply select a template and drop it into any Canva design, then input your dataset – you can upload a spreadsheet, connect to a live source, or integrate with the API.

Laptop screen showing interactive circle charts being created in Canva

Tell impactful stories

Used everywhere from social media graphics to sales and marketing materials and internal communications, data visualizations are on the rise. Whether it's creating global vaccination heatmaps, charting the effects of climate change, or big corporations creating winning financial decks, we’ve witnessed a huge increase in the importance of data storytelling in recent years. By putting visualization tools natively in Canva, we'll empower millions of users to communicate with their data in richer and more engaging ways.

Image showing the Settings panel when creating a hierarchical treemap chart in Canva

According to the Canva Visual Economy Report(opens in a new tab or window), 86% of global business leaders are turning to data visualizations when creating plans and presentations, with 91% using data visualizations at least once a week. Flourish’s platform is embraced by teams of all sizes to turn complex datasets into accessible, mesmerizing visualizations. From the BBC to the Financial Times, thousands of organizations rely on Flourish’s technology to create seamless embeds, agency-quality graphics, magical presentations, or engaging content for social media.

Building for the future

With the integration of Flourish visualizations into the Canva editor, these powerful tools will now be even more accessible to anyone. As we add even more capabilities in 2023 and beyond, we’re committed to expanding our footprint in the United Kingdom and Europe to continue to increase the technical strength of our platform and empower our community to share data in even more creative and compelling ways.

Duncan is Canva's European Lead and the co-founder of data visualization platform Flourish, which is now part of the Canva family.


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