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  • Welcome to Canva, Flourish!

Welcome to Canva, Flourish!

We’re thrilled to welcome data visualization platform Flourish to Canva and to announce our official expansion plans for the UK and Europe.

Today, we’re excited to officially welcome Flourish to the Canva family. The Flourish team have been pioneering the data visualization space having built an incredible platform used by more than 800,000 people around the world to distill complex data into interactive and engaging visualizations.

Flourish’s leading data visualization platform

From creating global vaccination heatmaps to tracking COVID cases or charting the effects of climate change, data storytelling is becoming an increasingly critical part of visual communication for many organizations across many industries.

Flourish’s platform is embraced by organizations of all sizes to turn complex datasets into accessible, understandable, and beautiful visualizations. They’ve created an incredible product, bringing simplicity and a powerful experience to their community while solving a complex problem and accomplishing huge technical feats.

In the four years since Flourish launched, more than 9.5 million visualizations have been created by organizations of all sizes, garnering more than 20 billion total views. From the BBC and Sky to Deloitte and Moody’s, thousands of organizations rely on Flourish’s platform to create engaging, creative, and digestible data visualizations that bring more eyes and understanding to their content.

The Future of Data Storytelling

From our very first conversations with Flourish co-founders Robin Houston and Duncan Clark, we knew that the values, mission, and culture of our teams were truly aligned. In the same way that we’ve been working towards our mission of empowering the world to design, the Flourish team has been working to empower everyone to tell stories with data by making once complex and inaccessible software available to everyone.

As the volume of data in today’s world continues to grow, the real challenge is around making sense of it all. To unlock the hidden meaning in your spreadsheets and databases, you need to be able to present complex information in engaging and understandable ways. That’s where data storytelling comes in.

A sneak peek of what you can expect to see in Canva later this year

With Flourish, there’s no need to edit code, install expensive software, or commission bespoke projects. From charts to projection maps and photo sliders, there are thousands of templates readily available to bring your data to life.

Bring your data to life with the click of a button

We’ve seen the rapid increase in data storytelling firsthand. From nonprofits and health organizations visualizing public health data to businesses and workplaces bringing presentations and reports to life, millions of people are using all kinds of data in their Canva designs. We also recently introduced a number of new features making it easier for our community to create charts, connect to data sources, and design interactive infographics.

An update on some of the latest Canva metrics

With Flourish joining the Canva family, we’re looking forward to combining the power of the Flourish platform with the Canva magic our community knows and loves as we double down on empowering millions of people to share data in even more creative and compelling ways.

What’s Next?

From their HQ in London, the incredible 44-strong Flourish team will continue to scale the Flourish platform in parallel with integrating their world-leading visualization technology into Canva, opening up even more exciting possibilities for creative data storytelling at scale.

Flourish co-founders Robin Houston and Duncan Clark

As well as officially welcoming Flourish to the Canva family, we’re looking forward to doubling down on our expansion plans in the United Kingdom and bringing the magic of Flourish to the whole Canva community.

We’re actively hiring for a number of roles(opens in a new tab or window) to join Canva’s rapidly growing team as we accelerate our mission of empowering the world to design.

We’re incredibly excited about what we can achieve together and can’t wait to share more very shortly. Watch this space!