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5 Ways global organizations are supercharging growth with Canva

We’ve redesigned Canva for work. Discover how organizations Expedia Group, Salesforce, Amazon, OMD, Engel & Völkers, and Workday are using Canva Enterprise to supercharge growth.

The modern world has rapidly reshaped how we work, create, and communicate. Shifts in recent years towards hybrid workforces and geographically diverse teams, changing consumer trends, and shrinking attention spans have meant visual communication has become table stakes across every team, profession, and industry.

Our 2024 Visual Economy Report(opens in a new tab or window) highlighted that 77% of global business leaders say communicating visually has increased business performance, whether it’s accelerating content creation, engagement, or collaboration. This reaffirms not only what we hear from many of the global enterprises using Canva, but also in the discussions we held with business leaders across a range of different industries – from tech and global travel to luxury real estate – at Canva Create(opens in a new tab or window).

Discover how organizations Expedia Group, Salesforce, Amazon, OMD, Engel & Volkers, and Workday are maximizing Canva to supercharge growth.

Photo from the Canva Create For You session with Expedia group and Salesforce

1. Creating on-brand visuals at scale

In today’s workplace, 92% of business leaders(opens in a new tab or window) expect employees in non-design roles to have at least some design acumen to communicate effectively. This is welcome news for designers who are stretched thin balancing increased asset demands and accelerated turnaround times. But how do you empower non-designers to design competently and confidently? Enter centralized brand systems, which allow designers to remain brand guardians while empowering teams to create their own on-brand visuals quickly.

Maintaining brand consistency across countless channels without a clear approval process is a challenge many enterprises face worldwide – including global travel brand Expedia Group(opens in a new tab or window). With over 16,000 employees globally, hundreds of assets are produced daily, and monitoring the quality of branded content became a huge challenge for its small design team, as Expedia Group’s Art Director, Molly Martin, explained.

Communicating and collaborating on design files with global teams was time-consuming since brand materials, templates, logos, and assets were stored across multiple locations, leading to inefficiencies.

Quote Card from Molly Martin, Art Director at Expedia Group

A company-wide rebrand was Expedia's perfect opportunity to establish a single source of truth for all things brand and reduce design request bottlenecks. Molly shared that since rolling out Canva Enterprise(opens in a new tab or window), all brand templates, logos and resources are now located within their Brand Kit(opens in a new tab or window), allowing employees to operate more autonomously with pre-approved, on-brand visuals.

As a result, Expedia Group has saved over 7,800 design hours per year, and Molly’s design team now has the time to operate more efficiently and focus on bigger-impact business projects.

Quote from Molly Martin, Art Director at Expedia

Salesforce(opens in a new tab or window) faced similar challenges scaling templates for global teams, including 400 social media practitioners who need to consider complex topics like accessibility when creating visual content.

Salesforce’s Head of Brand Social Media & Creative, Kyle Legg, shared how Canva’s Brand Kit ensures all templates reflect the correct brand colors and fonts and are paired in a way that’s compliant with web content accessibility guidelines.

A readily available library with a range of pre-approved templates allows employees without specialized design skills to easily produce content that’s not only on-brand, but globally accessible too. This has reduced time spent in feedback loops and allowed Salesforce’s creative teams to focus on high-impact projects and campaigns.

Quote from Kyle Legg, Head of Brand Social Media & Creative at Salesforce

Eager to hear more? Watch the full conversation here(opens in a new tab or window).

2. Consolidating tech stacks to maximize efficiencies

Increased business demands mean professionals are more time-poor than ever, and amid an influx of new technologies, today’s business leaders face pressure to balance efficiency with innovation. In fact, our recent CIO Report(opens in a new tab or window) highlighted that 72% of global CIOs surveyed said app sprawl is an ongoing challenge.

Having an integrated tech stack to give time back to their teams and make workflows smoother has been essential for international luxury real estate company Engel & Völkers.

With 16,500 advisors around the globe, Engel & Völkers real estate teams need access to designs to fast-track production and enable localization without compromising brand consistency.

Engel & Volker’s Senior Vice President of Product, Jill DeSilva, shared how building a custom app with Canva Enterprise has automated manual tasks by centralizing advisor listings and headshots. Now, advisors can spend less time uploading, designing, and creating listings, and focus on what they’re best at: networking, negotiating leads, and listing and selling homes.

Quote from Jill DeSilva, Senior Vice President of Product at Engel & Volkers

As the world’s largest media network with 13,000 employees in 120 markets, OMD faced similar challenges. OMD’s Global Customer Lead, Shreya Kushari, noted the importance of having a scalable platform like Canva to streamline the crowded tech landscape and unlock efficiencies to unify teams on projects.

Prior to Canva, platform-switching and multi-tasking tools not only negatively impacted teams’ productivity but also resulted in wasted financial investment. Using Canva, OMD has consolidated multiple tools into one, including video editing, design creation, and asset library, enabling teams to work cohesively to create, collaborate, and share assets on a singular platform.

Quote card from Shreya Kushari, Global Customer Lead at OMD Worldwide

To hear more about how global enterprises are consolidating their tech stacks to maximize productivity, watch the full conversation here(opens in a new tab or window).

3. Increasing productivity with AI

The rapid rise of AI has completely revolutionized the content creation process. Our 2024 Visual Economy Report(opens in a new tab or window) highlights that 82% of global business leaders share they’ve used AI-powered tools to produce visual content in the past year. AI not only accelerates content outputs at an unprecedented speed and scale, but it’s also a powerful tool for enhancing team productivity and unlocking creativity(opens in a new tab or window).

For global software enterprise Workday, automation has been a game-changer to power productivity. Prior to using Canva, Workday teams were subject to long design queues. Since adopting Canva across their Talent Acquisition team, Workday has been able to make designs in minutes instead of weeks, saving the team over 33,000 working days.

Canva AI Bulk Create

Global Talent Brand and Marketing Manager Sarah Coke shared some innovative ways Workday incorporates Canva’s AI tools in their workflows:

  • Bulk Create(opens in a new tab or window) saves endless time by creating variations of the same design, keeping social media and advertising content fresh without the labor-intensive process of creating individual variations.
  • Resize and Magic Switch(opens in a new tab or window) has helped scale video content creation, too. Previously, each asset was individually resized, but now, teams can repurpose the same asset in multiple variations in seconds. As a result, Workday teams can efficiently resize videos for different platforms internally instead of relying on an agency, saving the organization thousands of dollars a year.
Quote from Shreya Kushari from OMD

AI can also be a powerful tool for navigating the world of localization. For a network like OMD, with many offices worldwide, Shreya emphasized the importance of adopting AI to offer a hyper-local experience and fast-track workflows. Using Canva’s AI translator tool(opens in a new tab or window), translating assets suitable for local, regional, and global marketing teams and internal departments has been revolutionary.

Watch the full panel discussion here(opens in a new tab or window).

4. Unlocking efficiencies to create winning ads

In the busy digital world, creative teams of all sizes must balance evolving their brands while keeping up with a changing advertising marketplace. Managing countless tools and platforms while navigating design amendments can result in lengthy back-and-forths, which is why Canva’s workplace apps(opens in a new tab or window) and integrations(opens in a new tab or window) are so important for empowering teams to work smarter, not harder.

We recently announced(opens in a new tab or window) Canva’s new Amazon Ads app integration, which connects Amazon creative assets to Canva’s templates and tools to allow for seamless advertiser content creation within the Canva platform. Then, once the design is complete, submit it for real-time policy checks within Canva before publishing directly to Amazon, to get to market sooner with fewer revisions.

This exciting addition not only empowers creative teams, designers, and e-commerce shop owners to spend more time on what matters, but it ensures the timely production of fresh, relevant, and up-to-date content.

Our panel discussion at Canva Create shared best practices for creating winning ad creative in Canva, including:

  • Seamless content creation: “With the Amazon App, advertisers can now produce and publish great ads and connect with their audience emotionally throughout the shopper experience. Visual storytelling is so important for connecting shoppers with your brand, and Canva gives you the ability to connect your asset libraries together to create a range of stimulating content, from images to video.” Jeff Cohen, Tech Evangelist, Amazon Ads.
  • Powering collaboration: “Canva is a powerful streamlining tool. Together with the Amazon Ads app, you can bring everything together under one roof and create open lines of communication among designers, media agencies, advertisers, and clients from creation through moderation and approval. It’s a game-changer for moving projects forward.” Emily Browning, Head of Content, Podean.
  • Multi-platform distribution: “Not only is Canva full of templates for inspiration, but you can save endless time by reusing assets. For example, take a video template for Amazon in the Amazon Ads app, and innovate by repurposing it for other channels with Canva’s other tools such as Resize and Magic Switch(opens in a new tab or window) to offer a consistent brand experience.” Emily Browning, Head of Content, Podean.
  • Fast-tracking ad creation: “The Amazon Ads app saves so much time and streamlines ad creation for anyone using Amazon for advertising. You can upload your design and receive instant moderation advice or navigate any red flags across copy, size, and resolution, getting your ads live a lot quicker.” Ginny Chochon, Senior Brand Manager, Cartograph.
  • Fighting creative fatigue: “To be successful with advertising, you need to be willing to innovate and test. If we need to upload an entire catalog with updates, first we test with Canva and the Amazon Ads app on conversion across a few assets and report back to the team with insights before updating all 100 assets. The Amazon Ads app and Canva remove barriers for easy testing, where you can prove results before committing to a full refresh.” Ginny Chochon, Senior Brand Manager, Cartograph.
Quote from Emily Browning, Head of Content at Podean

Watch the full discussion here(opens in a new tab or window).

5. Taking a visual-first approach to talent acquisition

As employers increasingly expect employees across all departments to harness design skills, it’s no surprise that a visual approach in the hiring process is becoming the norm. In fact, 89% of HR leaders surveyed in our 2024 Visual Economy Report(opens in a new tab or window) said they’re using visuals in the recruitment process to shorten hiring cycles.

Workday’s Sarah Coke noted that modern candidates are seeking purpose-driven work and a strong company culture. The shift to visual communication is a golden opportunity for organizations to stand out and attract top talent – something Workday is implementing itself.

Quote from Sarah Coke, Global Talent Brand and Marketing Manager, Workday

Workday hires over 4,000 people each year but receives over 600,000 applications annually. Sarah noted how the Talent Acquisition team aims to give every candidate an authentic experience that leaves them feeling like they can picture a future at Workday. To achieve this, the team takes a visual-first style in their storytelling, using authentic photos and videos of teams at work to highlight the collaborative and innovative environment Workday fosters – a ‘show, don’t tell’ approach.

Canva’s centralized hub of brand templates and AI tools has been critical for their geographically diverse Global Hiring team to deploy designs at scale while allowing recruiters to easily localize and access assets.

Since consolidating visual design needs into Canva, including video, content storage, and design creation, Sarah shared Workday has saved thousands of dollars on multiple software platforms, allowing for more funds to be reinvested into talent attraction.

Looking to the future

We’ve always set out to empower everyone to design – and it’s clear from these conversations that this is more important in the business world now than ever before. Regardless of industry, employees in organizations of all sizes use many different tools to get their jobs done – and consolidation is key to unlocking efficiencies at scale.

Canva Enterprise is a secure, all-in-one platform that empowers large organizations to easily create, collaborate, and publish high-impact visual content at scale. Learn more today(opens in a new tab or window).

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