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7 Highly anticipated Canva Create launches

You asked, we listened! As well as all the big product news announced at Canva Create last week, we also snuck in seven new and updated design tools you’ve been asking for.

When we launched Canva nearly ten years ago, the need to have some design skills was starting to become table stakes in the workplace – yet design tools were often too complex, too expensive, or simply took too long to use.

Fast-forward a decade and more than 125 million people across the globe are designing with Canva today – and one of the fantastic things about the Canva community is that you tell us loud and clear what you need to elevate your work.

We hear you: creatives(opens in a new tab or window) and marketers(opens in a new tab or window) in particular have specific needs, and you know your product wishlist better than anyone. So in line with our mission to empower the world to design anything, we listened, and we acted to make our Canva Visual Suite(opens in a new tab or window) products faster, more efficient, and able to unlock more creativity than ever before.

While we announced a whole range of huge new products(opens in a new tab or window) at last week’s Canva Create, we also snuck in seven top-requested features from our community. These include professional design features like Layers and Gradients, as well as tools to increase accessibility, like video captions and descriptive text.

Edit easily with Layers

To say this was a huge request would be an understatement! Thousands of you asked for this, and now it’s here. Our new Layers tool makes editing designs faster and easier – especially when you’re working with lots of elements, or on more complex designs.

Layers allows you to adjust elements without affecting other parts of your design. Now you can see all your elements in one place – whether it’s text, shapes, images or video – and easily select, reposition, or delete those elements as needed.

Layers also gives you a simple, birds-eye view of your elements, so you can see at a glance whether they’re locked, grouped or set as a background image without having to click on them individually.

Amp up the color with Gradients

Gradient fills were another top request – and we understand why. Need to make a design pop with a splash of varied color? This new tool lets you quickly add gradients to any background, shape, table cell, or frame.

Simply select the element you need to recolor and open the color panel from the toolbar. There’s a whole range of linear and radial styles to choose from, or you can go wild and select the specific colors you want to build a custom gradient of your own. Make an impact and set your inner rainbow free.

Accessible design made easy

One of our top goals at Canva is to remove all barriers to usability. Empowering the whole world to design means absolutely everyone, which is why we take our continued investment in accessibility tools seriously. Based on the number of requests we got for this next feature, we know you feel the same way.

Canva now lets you create alt text for media, images and elements that describes what’s happening, providing extra context for those with visual impairment or accessibility needs. This is an important feature that ensures you can share your message with the widest possible audience.

Better yet, assistive technologies and search engines can identify this text, which means they can automatically read it aloud to people accessing your designs, or better crawl and rank your website.

Get a better view with Layout Guides

Fueling brand consistency is mission-critical to all organizations, but it’s not always easy. Being able to control details like spacing and gutters to ensure designs are exactly on target every time is a big need, for example for marketing teams tasked with maintaining the tone, look and feel of a brand. Many of you have asked us for a way to control the layout of your designs, and so we’re thrilled to say it’s now available in our design suite.

Layout Guides allow you to easily bring more structure to your design. Choose from pre-sets or create custom guides to match your brand’s precise visual design. These features are critical for designers who need more control over their work, and thanks to your requests, they’re now available to everyone in Canva.

New Position tools for total precision

For many designers, especially marketers and creatives, placing elements precisely on a page is essential. You asked for an advanced positioning and sizing tool to help with this, and now we have one.

Our Position tools allow you to customize positioning, alignment, spacing and sizing with ease. Select one or several elements, then open the new Position panel where you can customize everything from one place.

We’re also making it easy to bring an element's position back or forward in a design. You can adjust the sizing, rotation and ratio as needed, and space elements on a page precisely how you want them.

The world’s most popular fonts, now in Canva

Canva is partnering with one of the world's premier font foundries, Monotype(opens in a new tab or window), in a deal that will see the addition of 953 of the world's most popular and well-known Latin and 191 non-Latin fonts to our content offering.

Canva Monotype fonts

The font list will see a number of well-known fonts such as Arial, Avenier, Courier, Helvetica, and Times New Roman join our platform, as well as give a major boost to highly sought-after design fonts.

We’ve updated Design Imports

In Canva, you can import files – from PowerPoint, to PhotoShop, Illustrator, or PDFs – and seamlessly convert them into editable Canva designs. You can also customize them with ease and add extra Canva magic to your existing work.

We've now made improvements to the quality and fidelity of the imports, as well as launched the Design Imports feature within the editor itself. This gives you the ability to drag and drop any file straight into the editor to transform into an editable Canva design. Design Imports are now easier, faster, and more precise than ever.

Keep your requests coming

Thanks to all of you for telling us what you need from Canva. Whether you’re a marketer, designer, small business owner, creative, nonprofit leader, teacher, individual content creator or enterprise organization, it’s your opinions that matter the most. We hope you’ll keep telling us what you need so Canva can remain the most complete visual communication platform(opens in a new tab or window) for all your needs.