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  1. Introducing the home for every brand

Introducing the home for every brand

Unveiling the new home for every kind of brand. Built for creatives and marketers, Canva’s new products simplify workflows and help maintain consistency so teams can grow brands better, together.

A recent survey we conducted with AdAge magazine* revealed that 96% of marketing professionals believe professional-quality design and visual communication contribute to their business success.

We’ve seen this firsthand in the way iconic brands like FedEx, Zoom and Starbucks use Canva, and this has inspired us to double down on making Canva the home of visual communications for every kind of organization.

Brands using Canva

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a range of new capabilities that supercharge the impact of your marketing and creative teams like never before. These tools empower everyone to design on-brand while helping you keep up and stand out in a visual world. They can turn every employee into a creator, making your content and marketing production more efficient, productive, and scalable.

We know that marketing budgets are shrinking and there’s increasing expectation for teams to deliver a lot more with a lot less. In fact, 77% of marketers say that since the pandemic, the volume and complexity of creative assets required of them have shot up, while 69% say their budgets have decreased or stayed the same, even as demand increases.

Through the democratization of the creative process in the workplace, we believe we can make it easier for anyone on a team to create high-quality materials without complexity. Our new tools are built to change how creative teams can set up brands in a way that maximizes consistency, brand love, and impact at every touchpoint. They also simultaneously embrace new technologies and streamline workflows so brands can do more with less.

Meet your new Brand Hub

We’re excited to reveal Brand Hub, which introduces a whole new way to build, manage and grow your brand.

Starting today, creatives can clearly configure their brand identities in one centralized place and help empower their teams to effortlessly design on brand(opens in a new tab or window). With these new features, design teams can remove bottlenecks, leave the busywork behind and focus more on the work they love. The Brand Hub includes:

The new, supercharged Brand Kit

Centralize your brand and keep your logos, colors, fonts, icons, imagery, graphics, and brand guidelines all in one place for everyone to use.

Canva Brand Kit

Set up by your team admins, but accessible to everyone, your team is empowered to create on-brand, standout content. No more sending teams to outdated folders or multiple platforms to download the design assets they need.

Contextual and timely Brand Guidelines

We know the right design ingredients are only half of the equation. The other half is ensuring everyone across your organization knows how to use them. Give your team instructions right where they need them by adding written guidelines to your Brand Kit(opens in a new tab or window), which appears in the editor as they design.

Forget about needing a 20-page PDF for your brand guidelines. With Canva’s new contextual guidelines, you'll empower everyone to design within the lines – and have more control over how your brand shows up in the world.

Give everyone a shortcut with Brand Templates

Everyone loves a head start. Design and share Brand Templates for your team to quickly create on-brand, compelling content, speeding up your team's creative process and saving time on repetitive design tasks.

You can import and convert any existing templates into editable Canva files, including PDFs, PowerPoints, Word docs, Google Docs and more. Give them a complete makeover or a quick refresh to ensure they’re consistent with your latest brand assets. Then, our template assistant automatically checks for formatting errors like margin overlaps, empty pages and more, before your team starts using them.

Show only what’s needed with Brand Control™

Yellow not on the palette? Set your Brand Controls and be confident your team is always designing on-brand. Admins can limit fonts and colors for the team – so there's no need to monitor the details, like checking hex codes or looking out for unapproved fonts.

Brand controls Canva

For that final 'looks good to me!', you can assign team members as Approvers to ensure only on-brand designs are shared with the world.

Get every campaign or project right with Brand Folders

Find what you need right away by setting up Brand Folders to keep your different branding projects organized and accessible for your team.

You can create folders to group branding for different events, campaigns, or teams.

Create and manage content at scale

We know that for 80% of marketers, the excessive amount of time they spend chasing down resources for mundane or repetitive creative tasks, is a real concern. That’s why we believe that when everyone is armed with the right tools and resources, your organization is well on its way to delivering incredible content at scale. Today, we’re introducing many ways to quickly set your organization up for success.

Set every team member up for success with approval workflows

Avoid creative bottlenecks while simultaneously ensuring that everything stays on brand by only requiring approval right before final designs are published. Assign ‘approver’ roles to the team members who have the final say, like brand designers or your creative team.

Replace logos and images across all of your teams’ designs

With Canva, you can now magically replace your logos and brand imagery across both new and existing designs in just a few clicks. Save time and effortlessly keep your designs fresh and up-to-date.

Design in 100+ languages

Create a plethora of designs with multiple language variations in seconds. Translate the text in your designs to connect your brand and story with people anywhere in the world. With more than 100 languages to choose from, going global has never been faster or easier.

Weave Canva into your workflow

For 79% of marketers, efficient management and distribution of creative files is a real concern, so we’re reducing the need to toggle between platforms by seamlessly integrating Canva with your other tools.

For example, connect to SharePoint or Acquia DAM by Widen to for easy access to all your assets. Or, route approvals, comments and actions through Slack and Teams, so you never miss an important message about contended changes or updates.

Canva apps and integrations

A home for the world’s best brands

With these new features, we’re excited to put power in the hands of anyone tasked with communicating visually(opens in a new tab or window), and to do so with complete confidence as they bring their vision to life.

Being a home for every brand(opens in a new tab or window) is an expansion of our mission to fuel the work of creatives and marketers in the modern workplace, and bring us one step closer to empowering the world to design.

*All data was procured in partnership with AdAge magazine.