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How Canva Is Powering Global Sports Brands

A deep dive into how Canva empowers sports brands to engage their fans and scale their brands in new and creative ways.

Sport is a global phenomenon that connects billions of people. In today’s digital era, sports fans are no longer defined by geography. Teams and players attract fans from every corner of the globe. Sports brands, like every brand, now need to communicate visually to capture the attention and affinity of audiences while cutting through the noise.

Winning in the visual economy takes a slightly different approach to winning on the field – but there are a number of things brands can do to stand out from the crowd, including designing a consistent and recognisable brand, meeting their audience where they are and creating engaging, digestible, and shareable content.

This is where we’ve seen Canva add real value, by helping sports brands to engage their fans and scale their timeless brands in new and creative ways.

Kicking creative goals

Melbourne Victory Football Club is one of the most decorated football clubs in Australia’s A-League history. We recently struck a multi-year partnership(opens in a new tab or window) with the Club, becoming their first Official Design Partner. They’re also enthusiastic users of Canva, embracing our suite of visual communication tools across print, digital and social media to engage their fans and extensive network of partners and businesses. For example, fans can show their support for Melbourne Victory by using a suite of desktop wallpapers(opens in a new tab or window) and Zoom backgrounds designed in Canva.

In an Australian-sporting first, Melbourne Victory handed over the creative controls to their fans, giving them the opportunity to design the Club’s next away kit using the magic of Canva.

The #DesignOurAway Kit With Canva(opens in a new tab or window) competition gave fans the option to design the jersey from scratch or to start inspired with access to a library of customizable templates to let their creativity shine.

Over three weeks, the #DesignOurAway Kit With Canva competition saw more than 650 designs shared, attracting nearly 7,000 fan votes(opens in a new tab or window), resulting in over 1.4 million impressions for the Melbourne Victory brand.

The winning design to be donned by Victory players at away games next season

This partnership shows what’s possible when you combine the power of visual communications with an iconic brand and passionate fans.

Soaring to new heights

We’re also big fans of the Philadelphia Eagles. While the iconic NFL team made some smart signings over the last season, the one that excited us most is the partnership they signed with Canva. The multi-year partnership(opens in a new tab or window) has empowered the Eagles to use Canva’s brand management tools to create, manage and share visual content while maintaining brand consistency.

Think game day posters, fan engagement content and even Zoom backgrounds. Canva’s brand management features also enable the Eagles to easily share their brand assets and guidelines with their extensive network of corporate partners for use in their own marketing and communications materials.

Creating game-changing content and data-driven stories

The importance of sports media can’t be understated. It connects and informs fans all around the world, and Canva is fast becoming the go-to platform for sports coverage by global news brands(opens in a new tab or window). In newsrooms, speed is of the essence and real-time reporting is just one of the many ways fans can keep up with the action online.

Canva makes it easy for reporters to design, produce and publish content in the moment, from anywhere in the world, and now, we’re taking things to a whole new level. Data and statistics have become an integral part of the language of sport, and our recent acquisition of Flourish(opens in a new tab or window) will see even more powerful and interactive data visualization tools made available as part of Canva’s growing suite of visual communication tools.

From tracking the top goal scorers(opens in a new tab or window), charting attendance figures or documenting club transfer spend, data storytelling is becoming an increasingly critical part of visual communication and world sports, and with Canva, sporting brands can quickly churn out compelling and interactive content(opens in a new tab or window) across every channel.

Data storytelling is transforming sport and fan engagement

Inspiring environmental action

One inspiring individual that we’re proud to partner with is sailor and climate activist Lisa Blair(opens in a new tab or window). With her boat Climate Action Now, Lisa is sailing around Antarctica to inspire people to take positive environmental action. She’s sharing her journey with the world using Canva to communicate updates(opens in a new tab or window) on her research and the status of her voyage through social posts, infographics, charts, videos and even data visualizations while at sea.

With the help of Flourish, Lisa’s keeping us up-to-date with her world record attempt to be the fastest person ever to circumnavigate Antarctica solo while championing important messages about the health of our planet. We couldn’t be more proud to be involved in Lisa’s journey.

Follow Lisa's journey with data visualizations from Flourish

2022 is shaping up to be a massive year of sport, jam-packed with spectacles around the world. From the FIFA World Cup to the Commonwealth Games and the UEFA Women’s Euro, there’s something on offer for every sports fan. We’re excited to continue partnering with individuals and brands across a wide spectrum of sports and creating new and exciting fan experiences together as part of the rapidly growing visual economy.

If you’re interested in partnering with us we’d love to chat. Drop us a line at strategic-partnerships@canva.com