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Introducing Canva Websites

Bringing sharing into the modern era with simple, powerful, and dynamic websites for every occasion.

With the official launch of Canva Websites announced on stage at today’s Canva Create(opens in a new tab or window) event, we’re incredibly excited to unveil a new way to build beautiful, responsive, and interactive websites for any device. Now, with just a few clicks, anyone can use Canva to easily build a personalized website with its own custom domain.

Since launching our closed beta program, more than 2 million websites have already been created using Canva. From small businesses putting together digital menus, to large organizations creating internal resource hubs, job seekers building portfolios, and teachers bringing classroom creativity to new heights – web design is truly all around us.

While technology has come a long way, most designs are still being shared as static and uninspiring PNGs, JPGs and PDFs – all formats designed for an era of printing rather than collaboration. Until now…

Canva was born on the Internet, and as everything moves online, we believe the vast majority of designs and documents will be shared as dynamic and interactive visuals, instead of static documents. With Canva Websites, anyone can share their ideas as a customized website in a matter of minutes. No coding required.

No more static and unsearchable documents. And no more impossible scrolling and zooming to read documents on your phone.

Personalized and responsive websites in minutes

Every Canva Website is responsive and built to look incredible on any device. With one simple click, you can generate a navigation menu to help easily browse your website. Whether you’re turning a traditional resume into a digital portfolio or an internal newsletter into an interactive website, it’s never been easier to evolve your designs into your very own website.

We know personalization is important – so every Canva Website is completely customizable. You can also purchase your very own domain name without leaving the Canva editor, a professional touch that’ll make it easier for others to access and discover your published website.

We believe complex and expensive website hosting should be a thing of the past. That’s why when you’re ready to share your website with the world, we’ll host it for free with the option of also purchasing a custom domain. If you’d prefer to use your own hosting solution, you can build your website in Canva and connect your own domain, if you already have one.

For intranets, staff-only websites, education tools, or private events, our password protection feature provides an additional layer of security when sharing your website with a limited audience. Gone are the days of downloading a file from an email attachment or website when instead you can share your content live in a secure way.

And, if you’ve ever wondered how many people are reading your newsletter, or taking a look at your event, we’ve got that covered too. With the launch of Websites Insights, you can now track your website traffic, engagement, and campaign effectiveness without complex analytics software.

The power of Canva, brought to websites

Of course, Canva Websites includes everything you know and love about Canva, such as access to over one hundred million photos, videos, audio, stock photography, fonts, and illustrations to bring out your website’s creative flair.

Start inspired with our hundreds of templates, or build your own from scratch. From internal communications teams creating weekly newsletters to restaurant owners designing digital menus, teachers creating interactive lesson plans, or an enterprise organization creating a winning pitch deck, Canva Websites has something for every occasion.

To make the editing process even smoother, you can also collaborate with your team using Canva’s real-time collaboration.

Websites are no longer a niche product. As the world becomes increasingly anchored in visual communication, we believe most professional communication will evolve from documents to websites.

We envision a world where everything from school assignments to food menus, personal portfolios and onboarding guides, will transition from static content to responsive, interactive, and dynamic websites; and with Canva, it just got a whole lot easier.

Create your own website instantly and share your thoughts on the product. To get started, click here(opens in a new tab or window), or on the ‘Websites’ tab on Canva’s homepage(opens in a new tab or window).