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  • Canva welcomes Smartmockups and Kaleido to the family

Canva welcomes Smartmockups and Kaleido to the family

We’re thrilled to welcome two world-class technology companies into the Canva family.


Note: Smartmockups is now Canva Mockups(opens in a new tab or window). Watch this space for more exciting mockup products and features.

Since launching Canva in 2013, we’ve been on a mission to empower everyone to bring their ideas to life. As the web and the world become an increasingly visual place, the need for simple yet powerful tools to empower everyone to effectively visually communicate is more important than ever before.

Today, we’re thrilled to welcome two world-class technology companies into the Canva family: world-leading product mockup creator Smartmockups(opens in a new tab or window) and groundbreaking visual AI platform,(opens in a new tab or window) the company behind the wildly popular one-click background removal tool

Since their inception, Smartmockups and Kaleido have been driven by the shared mission of turning traditionally complex design tools into simple and accessible solutions for anyone, anywhere; regardless of knowledge, income or experience. Their early integrations with Canva’s App Store API made it clear how aligned our visions were and we couldn’t be more excited to join forces and further accelerate our mission as we double down on expanding Canva’s rapidly growing suite of visual communication tools for millions of people around the globe.

Together, both Smartmockups and Kaleido will contribute to Canva’s growing ecosystem of apps and integrations, introducing a range of new and innovative visual design tools while bolstering those you already know and love. We’re super excited about what we can achieve together to bring even more magic to your designs!

Smartmockups – One-Click Product Mockups for Anyone

Founded in 2016 by tech-duo Lukáš Zajíc and Andrew Nekvinda, Smartmockups was created to empower anybody to quickly and easily create realistic mockups. It now has one of the world’s largest libraries with more than 6,000 types of mockups including t-shirts, flyers, mugs, books, magazines and devices. In 2020 alone, more than 3 million mockups were created by Smartmockups users ranging from e-commerce entrepreneurs to global Fortune 500 brands.


From today, the entire Canva community (both free and Pro) can turn images into instant product mockups with our new Smartmockups app. From t-shirts and mugs to posters and magazines, with Smartmockups, you can turn your creations from concept to reality with just a few clicks.

To turn your Canva design into a mockup: Simply download it as an image from Canva, upload the image into the editor and use the Smartmockups integration to bring it to life.

Make a Mockup(opens in a new tab or window) – Background Removal Made Effortless

What was once a complex task requiring expensive software and extensive technical knowledge has been made accessible to millions by Austrian-based visual AI startup Kaleido, the creators behind Canva’s one-click background removal feature.


With a rapidly growing community of users including Alibaba, AT&T, the New York Times, and Samsung, Kaleido’s groundbreaking AI software is used to remove more than 150 million backgrounds from photos and videos every month. We’re excited to bring Kaleido’s groundbreaking technology directly into the Canva platform, unlocking an array of new opportunities for innovative design AI tools to bring magic to the Canva community over the months and years ahead.

Explore Background Remover with Canva Pro(opens in a new tab or window)

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Smartmockups and Kaleido to the Canva family and are excited to see what we can achieve together over the years to come, to truly empower the whole world to design. Watch this space!

– Mel, Cliff and Cam

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