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Introducing Magic Write in Canva Docs

We're excited to unveil Magic Write in Canva Docs, a magic new copywriting assistant helping you get to your first draft, fast.

We're incredibly excited to announce that Canva Docs, a cornerstone of Canva's Visual Worksuite and first unveiled at Canva Create in September, is officially landing in the hands of our community.

Canva Docs provides the ultimate format to bring visuals and text together in an inspiring and engaging way. It marks a leap forward in how people can communicate their ideas and collaborate in the workplace, where documents are one of the most common ways to share ideas. Our vision for Canva Docs is to reimagine not only what documents can look like, but to also inject a little magic to kickstart the creative process.

Unveiling Magic Write

We know staring at a blank page can be daunting, so we're here to help. Today, for the very first time, we're thrilled to unveil Magic Write, an AI-powered copywriting assistant in Canva Docs. Simply tell Magic Write what's on your mind and it'll create the starting point for you.

Type what you're looking for and watch as a strategy document, meeting agenda or marketing brief appears on the page, letting you move from a spark of an idea to final edit in seconds. You can even ask Magic Write to generate a new version of your existing text. Simply highlight the text and add an instruction – perfect for turning a paragraph into a list or paraphrasing.

Business owners and teams of every kind will be able to supercharge their content. Magic Write excels at brainstorming initial ideas, or drafts for social media posts, press releases, business plans, customer support responses, product descriptions, and proposals which can all be generated at the touch of a button, ready to be proofed and edited. You can even include tone of voice in your Magic Write “brief.” From playful to formal tones – all you have to do is ask.

Creatively-minded and tech-savvy professional content creators like bloggers and writers can save precious time creating fresh ideas and unique and engaging content by letting Magic Write turn your blank page into a creative starting point.

You don’t have to be a professional to make the most of Magic Write: from a birthday card to a wedding invitation, a poem or a thank-you note – it’s fun, fast, and easy to bring any idea to life.

Built visually from the ground up

As with the rest of our Visual Worksuite, Canva Docs has been built with visuals at the forefront. A unique design-within-design capability empowers you to create Design Blocks to focus your audience's attention. Design Blocks allow you to create and edit any Canva design from within your Canva Doc, making it easy to make banners or section dividers pop, or even add custom visuals like timelines or roadmaps.

Get your words on the page, then supercharge the content with access to Canva's extensive library of over 100 million design ingredients – from videos, to images, to graphics, charts, and more. If you're struggling to find the right image, Canva Docs also supports our recently released Text to Image tool, meaning you'll be able to create and add unique images and art from a simple description in seconds. You can also embed any other Canva design within your Canva Doc, from videos to one-page designs to entire presentations you can flick through without having to leave the page.

All the incredible power of Canva, available at your fingertips

Canva Docs is powered by the same technology our global community of over 110 million monthly users has come to know and love, including real-time collaboration. With Canva Docs, teams can brainstorm, create and fine-tune their ideas – all at the same time. You'll also get notified when you’re tagged in a Canva Doc, when someone comments on a document you own, or when you’re invited to review a document someone else has created.

As well as Magic Write, we're incredibly excited to introduce Docs for Decks as an extra piece of magic within Canva Docs. Similar to Magic Resize, which lets you instantly convert any type of Canva design to another, you'll now be able to transform your Canva Doc into a fully-fledged presentation with the click of a button.

You can also share Canva Docs like any other Canva design. Choose whether you want to share it directly with your team, or the public, with comment, view or edit permissions. Or even share it as an interactive website.

Try it for yourself

Canva Docs and Magic Write are now in open beta, joining Text to Image as the newest magic tools empowering everyone to effortlessly bring their creative ideas to life. Now, whether you want to turn your idea into an essay or an image, you’ll be able to get started easily – and with all the visual communication tools required to craft the final product.

You can use Magic Write for free up to 25 times, or access additional queries with Canva Pro and Canva for Teams. No paywall or hefty monthly price tag means this powerful magic is accessible to everyone.

Opt in here to get early access to Canva Docs and supercharge your writing with Magic Write! We've also pulled together this resource to answer any questions you may have.