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Wow your audience with these new Canva Presentations features

Keeping your audience engaged with compelling, interactive content is critical. Effectively deliver your message with cinematic visuals with these latest features in Canva Presentations.

There’s no doubt the need for both real-time and asynchronous virtual collaboration has been turbocharged in recent years. Video conferencing fatigue is rising, so keeping your audience engaged with compelling and interactive content beyond static images and text is critical.

To make your message cut through, your presentations need to stand out.

It’s time to reimagine presentations with Canva. Whether you’re aiming to win a client over with an incredible pitch, or a manager getting your team to rally behind an idea, Canva Presentations were created to help you engage any audience and effectively deliver your message with stunning, cinematic visuals.

We want to take designing, sharing, and interacting with presentations to a whole new level. Here are some of the latest features in Canva Presentations(opens in a new tab or window) to help make that happen.

Start inspired

With thousands of professional templates and an extensive content library, you never have to start with a blank page. Get a head start with thousands of presentation templates for any business use case ready for you to customize. New templates are being added all the time, so you can be sure you’re capturing the latest aesthetics, formats, and styles.

With a simple drag-and-drop editor, and all the controls you’re used to in other presentation tools, it’s easy to create something engaging – and uniquely your own.

Prefer to start your content in a document? With Canva’s new Docs to Decks feature, launching with Canva Docs(opens in a new tab or window) later in the year, you’ll always be just a couple of clicks away from a polished presentation. With the press of a button, magically transform your Canva Doc into a presentation deck! All the formatting and design layout is handled for you, although you can always jump in and make edits if you need to.

All the features you need to create compelling content

Elevate your presentation slides with our library of over 100 million searchable photos, illustrations, fonts, videos, and soundtracks, while easy animations and transitions bring your concepts to life. Your very own shared Brand Templates(opens in a new tab or window) mean you or your team never have to recreate from scratch again.

We’ve made it faster and easier than ever to transform your existing work and take it to the next level. You can even begin editing PDFs in just a few clicks! The new import feature means you don’t have to redo your hard work – convert your existing files into editable Canva designs with no need to start from scratch. Simply upload a PDF, PPT, PSD, or any other supported file type via the File menu, or effortlessly drag-and-drop while editing your design.

Engage your audience by distilling complex data with ease through beautiful, embedded charts, graphs, and visualizations, powered by Flourish. Choose from animated, interactive, and powerful data visualization templates, such as dot plots, heatmaps, and isotypes, through to animated bar and line races, drill-down sunbursts and tree maps, or even networks, flow charts, and word clouds.

Bring more of the magic of video to presentations by easily editing the timing of audio tracks, transitions, animations, and more, so all your elements are perfectly in sync. You can even effortlessly turn any presentation into a video without leaving your current design.

Frictionless collaboration

Canva helps teams collaborate seamlessly to bring their ideas to life, empowering anyone to follow an end-to-end workflow with ease.

Brainstorming with your team? Set the stage with a presentation. Then, with just a click, you can expand any page to an infinite Canva Whiteboard(opens in a new tab or window). Map out your best ideas and keep the conversation flowing without switching between documents. Team members can easily give feedback and contribute, so you can stay in the flow and always present your best – no matter how your team works.

Collaborate in real time with your team as you create, or tag colleagues in a comment for them to come back to later.

Confidence is key

Whether it’s in person, hybrid, or asynchronously, Canva Presentations are built to support you to present smoothly and fearlessly every time.

With Talking Presentations, record your presentation from start to finish in a single take, and quickly and easily share a link to your video instantly for anyone to watch whenever and from wherever they like.

Canva Talking Presentations

Doing it live? Present confidently with our Presenter View, which keeps you on topic and on time with slide previews and controls, presenter notes, and a timer all in one place.On the go? Present from anywhere – your pitch is always in your pocket with Canva Presentations on mobile.

Canva Presentations

Have control over your slides no matter where you're presenting from (no more “next slide please!”) with the new Remote Control feature. Multiple presenters can virtually connect via a link from any device to navigate and manage slides. Screen sharing is separate from slide navigation, so the full responsibility no longer sits with just one person.

Need to make some last-minute tweaks while presenting? Now you can make changes to your slides that can be reflected in real time as you present, with no need to refresh or re-share your screen.

Captivate your audience

Our much-loved Magic Shortcuts while presenting will soon become your favorite way to delight any audience. Build anticipation for your next slide by pressing the D key for a drumroll; use U to reveal exciting moments from behind a curtain; hit C to celebrate special reveals and moments with a burst of colorful confetti; or end your impressive show with an M for mic drop.

And it gets even better, with Magic Shortcuts also now available on the Remote Control! As well as the keyboard shortcuts, you can now add extra pizzazz to your presentation no matter where you're presenting from. Simply access your Remote Control from any device and hit those buttons.

Canva presentations remote control

When you’re presenting live, including your audience with Canva Live(opens in a new tab or window)’s real-time Q&A feature is a great way to keep everyone engaged. You can also see how your slides are landing with emoji reactions – viewers can react to each page, so you can have fun seeing what stands out or brings delight.

Sharing your final product is easy too, as a PDF or video, a link from Canva, or as its very own website.

Ready for that mic drop? Start creating your next winning Canva Presentation here(opens in a new tab or window).