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New year, new job? Here’s Canva’s template for success

The job search has become visual, so finding creative ways to capture the attention of hiring managers is more important than ever. Find out how Canva can help you put your best foot forward.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘new year, new me’ – and when it comes to your career, that often rings true. A new year represents a time when folks are most likely to pursue new job opportunities – and in today’s competitive market, job-seekers need to be skilled in design literacy(opens in a new tab or window) to create attention-grabbing profiles and visually appealing resumes and portfolios to stand out from the crowd.

We recently conducted two surveys in eight global markets to unearth insights into what today’s hiring managers look for when evaluating candidates – and how applicants can harness visual communication to elevate their professional brands. Here’s what we found.

Image of a map highlighting the 8 countries where 10,000 job seekers and hiring managers were surveyed globally. The countries were Mexico, United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, Germany, France and India

The job search has gone visual

We’ll never stop championing the importance of visual communication(opens in a new tab or window) – it truly is at the core of everything we do at Canva – but the undeniable impact of visuals has now taken the job industry by storm. Experts see no signs of the trend slowing either, with the majority saying they expect text-based resumes to become obsolete in the next five years.

Green quote card that says The Job Search has gone visual. 57% of hiring managers prefer resumes with visual elements vs all text. 71% of hiring managers expect text-based resumes to become obsolete in the next 5 years.

Visuals win over hiring managers

Of more than 5,000 hiring managers surveyed, most agreed that leaning into visuals was how to make your resume stand out. 57% prefer visual elements like images and graphics, and 55% enjoy interactive, clickable content and color. Keeping written text concise is also important, with 39% saying their biggest grievance with resumes is them being too text-heavy.

When crafting your resume, think about how you’re presenting information. Could this be said in fewer words? Could you get the same message across visually or in an infographic?

Some hiring managers even said that choosing not to take a visual approach means you risk your resume being seen as stale, boring, or old-fashioned.

Montage of visual resumes templates available in Canva

The importance of brand

Your brand matters, whether you’re an applicant OR a company that’s hiring. Portfolios have become the norm, and building your digital professional brand is more important than ever. 65% of hiring managers prefer receiving digital portfolios, and 37% have seen them become much more common in the last year, so they’re quickly becoming the status quo.

86% of hiring managers say a candidate's digital professional brand, presented through style, design, and language in their resume, is influential in the hiring process. Whether you’re a job-seeker or a job-switcher, Canva is an invaluable platform for elevating your professional brand in 2024.

A female working on a brand website portfolio in Canva

Job seekers are turning to AI

2023 was undoubtedly the year for artificial intelligence, so it’s no surprise these popular tools are gaining popularity when crafting a resume or portfolio. Of the 5,000 surveyed, 45% said they’ve used generative AI to build, update, or improve their resumes – and yielded positive results.

A collage of different Canva AI tools

71% said it made their experience easier, 68% said it saved time, 65% felt more creative, and 61% felt more original. Better yet, 56% of those who used AI felt “very satisfied” with their resume’s appearance, versus the 33% of non-AI users. How’s that for helping you stand out from the crowd?

AI tools are a powerful way to build career confidence in a crowded job market. From updating your headshot to nailing your elevator pitch or getting creative with your design – we’ve got plenty of ways to supercharge your job search(opens in a new tab or window). In fact, Magic Write(opens in a new tab or window) was used 5 million times in resume template designs last year!

Image of a female on a laptop with a quote card saying Magic Write was used 5 million times in resume template designs in 2023

Building a portfolio is key

Feeling inspired to create a portfolio of your own? You’re in good company: our community used Canva’s portfolio templates(opens in a new tab or window) 900 million times in 2023. Your brand matters, whether you’re an applicant OR a company that’s hiring – so here are some of the most popular digital portfolio inclusions among job seekers:

Image of a graph showing job seekers are including static and dynamic items in their digital portfolios. 71% are using resumes 61% linkedin profiles, 45% bios, 42% professional websites, 35% original photography, 33% video resumes, 32% imagery, 27% creative campaigns and 24% twitter profiles

Discover our template for success

We know that more than half of job seekers aren’t satisfied with the appearance of their current resume, but 51% don’t believe they have the skills to improve it, which is why we’ve launched our Template for Success(opens in a new tab or window) hub.

Image of a laptop with a visual Canva resume template on the screen

From curated templates and collections of resources to support you on the job hunt, to tips on harnessing the power of visual communication, the hub has everything you need all in one place to integrate Canva’s tools into your job search.

Image of a female using Canva on a laptop in the workplace to make a resume. The female is wearing orange and is surrounded by other orange items on the desk.

Put your best foot forward

Whether you’re building a website to showcase your work, an animated video, or a visually compelling presentation to share your story, Canva has a suite of tools available to take your resume to the next level.

Ready to take your job search visual? Get started with New Year, New Job: Canva’s Template for Success(opens in a new tab or window).

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