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Remix Your Photos With Canva Photo Editor

Our Photo Editor combines all of the Canva features you already know and love, making the end-to-end creative process more seamless than ever before.

The last decade has fuelled an incredible surge when it comes to the amount of visual content, photos, and videos we’re creating and sharing. Now more than ever, millions of people worldwide communicate their ideas, tell stories, build businesses, and create memories through visual content. While we’re now sharing more kinds of content than ever before, photos have always been a staple part of the way we communicate.

The rapid rise of social media has made sharing photos more critical than ever. Whether you’re a small business creating a range of product imagery, a restaurant showcasing your latest menu, an influencer capturing your day, or an everyday creator capturing and sharing memories with friends and family — photos, and visual content, have become the default for impactful communication.

More than a trillion photos have been taken in the last year alone, but taking photos is only half of the equation. The other half is editing and sharing your photography with the world. But editing photos shouldn’t take expensive software, complex processes, or advanced knowledge.

Effortlessly Remix Photos

Whether you’re editing a portrait, product, or selfie, Canva’s Photo Editor combines powerful editing effects into one simple experience. It’s easier than ever to create standout content across every channel. Whether you’re uploading a selfie to Instagram, creating a product mockup for your online store, or editing that perfect vacation shot — Canva makes it simple to enhance, retouch, focus, filter, frame, mockup, stylize or otherwise remix your photos to create the perfect image.

Our photo editor lets you upload, edit, design, and share your photos in just a few clicks — and we’ve focused on tools that simplify previously complex tasks. With a single tap in Canva, you remove or blur a background, automatically enhance or retouch your image, or create a realistic product mockup. We’ve got everything you need to create professional photos on any device.

View the complete list of effects here.

Simplify Your Creative Workflow

Since launching Canva, our goal has been to create an all-in-one platform for visual communication. Instead of switching between multiple programs to achieve each step in your creative workflow, our Photo Editor combines all of the Canva features you already know and love, making the end-to-end creative process more seamless than ever before.

With Canva, we’ve simplified the process from uploading your photos to sharing them with the world and every step in between. All of our powerful editing features that you know and love can be combined with our photo editing tools, from one-click background removal to our library of thousands of stickers and illustrations to make your content stand out from the crowd. Choose from our new frames, add some stickers, apply your favorite effect and schedule or instantly share your photo with just a few clicks.

Our library of thousands of templates makes turning your photos into social media posts, collages, photo books, magazine covers, mockups, flyers, posters, or presentations a breeze. Simply browse through our library of templates and discover just how much you can do with your photos.

Browse our templates.

Design on the Go

Our photo editing features are available on any device, meaning you can post with confidence anytime, anywhere. Our Content Planner allows you to edit photos and schedule them to be shared with your audience later or publish directly to all of your favorite social media platforms from the Canva Desktop, iOS, or Android Apps.

Remix your photos in just five easy steps, from anywhere, on any device:

  1. Upload your photo(s) from any device
  2. Crop the photo to your desired size
  3. Edit the photo with your desired filters, effects, adjustments, and more
  4. Customize your photo by taking it further with stickers, templates, frames, and illustrations
  5. Share it instantly to your favorite platform, or save it for later.

We’d love your feedback and thoughts as you edit your photos — feel free to share your creations with us on social media using #canvalove; we’ll be keeping an eye out!

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