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How this company created 15 times more content in half the time with Canva

Organizations are increasingly embracing Canva for Teams to create and scale content, resulting in incredible time and money savings.

Recently, we hosted a Canva Live webinar where we unpacked the key findings from Forrester’s The Total Economic Impact of Canva for Teams study(opens in a new tab or window). For those of you who weren’t able to tune in, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the potential ROI businesses may realize by adopting Canva for Teams(opens in a new tab or window). Forrester revealed a customer ROI of 438% and benefits totaling $1.7M over three years for Canva’s visual communication platform.

In other words: every dollar spent on a Canva for Teams subscription yields greater cost savings, increases team efficiency in terms of content creation and collaboration, and fuels more efficient hiring practices.

Forrester Total Economic Impact of Canva for Teams Graph

There’s no doubt this is the year of ROI. The challenging macroeconomic environment has compressed budgets, yet marketers are expected to achieve more with less(opens in a new tab or window). 75% of respondents in a recent survey(opens in a new tab or window) of marketing, creative, and communications professionals by Canva and Ad Age believe the volume and complexity of creative assets have increased, yet the turnaround times have shrunk. Sixty-nine percent said their budget allocations either decreased or remained the same since the COVID-19 pandemic, even while the cost of content creation went up.

Quote card on marketers scaling content challenges

Keeping pace with today’s content demands

The hard truth today is that brands have to create an unbelievable amount of content daily, from social posts to emails, memes, videos, infographics, presentations and more. Every single piece has to meet a creativity and engagement bar that is on message, without fail. Relying on creative teams to build hundreds of assets themselves just doesn’t scale.

By democratizing design, we can make it easier for anyone on a team to create high-quality materials without complexity. Our tools are built to change how creative teams can scale their brands in a way that maximizes consistency and impact at every touchpoint. One of our customers, a leading insurance brokerage and consulting firm, has embraced the Brand Hub(opens in a new tab or window), allowing them to store over 300 client Brand Kits(opens in a new tab or window) in one place.

This easy access to brand guidelines has empowered the team to create perfectly branded content for their clients. With Brand Controls(opens in a new tab or window) in place, they can be confident the whole team can effortlessly update templates and content for their clients while maintaining a high level of professionalism and consistency across every design.

The team has seen impressive gains in productivity, creating 15 times more content in half the time it used to take. It's reduced time spent on content creation and development by about 50 percent, saving the insurance brokerage firm over $3.3M in less than two years.

Quote card on cost and time saving

AI is unlocking new efficiencies

Another Canva feature that’s delivering value for the insurance brokerage firm is Translate(opens in a new tab or window), an AI-powered machine translation tool that automatically translates text in designs into over 130 languages. It’s enabling them to turn around a first draft translation in five minutes – down from two weeks. As an organization with a global footprint, creating content in multiple languages, at speed, is more important than ever.

The firm is also using Magic Eraser(opens in a new tab or window) to edit and enhance images used in client materials. If they need to add a text overlay and there's something in the way, they’ll use Magic Eraser to remove the unwanted object. Magic Write(opens in a new tab or window), Canva’s AI-powered copywriting assistant, is another popular feature. It’s being used to summarize text with the click of a button for clients looking for more condensed versions of materials.

It’s no surprise to hear that organizations across industries are starting to embrace generative AI tools(opens in a new tab or window). The technology has exploded at a time when there's a real demand for large amounts of visual and written content to be created and scaled quickly. This is especially useful for marketing leaders who have to do this at astronomical volumes, speed, and on a global scale. AI is driving massive impact on organizations by reducing the minutia of repetitive tasks. We’re excited to be putting our magic into the hands of millions of users in a practical and relevant way while removing friction in the design process.

It’s approaching one year since we launched Canva for Teams(opens in a new tab or window) and it’s been really inspiring to see our customers embrace the platform to not only save time and money, but unlock their creativity.

If you’re interested in diving deeper, connect(opens in a new tab or window)with us to learn more about how Canva can help you grow your business.

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Jen is Canva's Global Head of Sales & Success and Head of Canva for Teams


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