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The Great Reshuffle: How to Put Your Best Foot Forward

We share top tips for job seekers in the current market.

The last few months has seen a lot of talk about the ‘Great Reshuffle’ as millions of people across the globe embark on a career change. It’s safe to say we’ve never seen a candidate market quite like this.

The effects of the pandemic have encouraged many to reevaluate how they want to spend their time, what they want to do for work and where they want to do it. Priorities and careers are being reconsidered following the huge impact we’ve seen across just about every industry and lots of people are doing quite a bit of soul searching. These changes have created an effect now known as the ‘Great Reshuffle’ as the candidate market continues to fluctuate.

So what does this mean for companies looking to hire talent, and how can you put your best foot forward to make a career or role change in 2022?

What does this mean for companies?

There’s a lot that companies can both do and learn as a result of the Great Reshuffle, and while large numbers of people changing careers might seem scary, it’s also a huge opportunity to learn, reassess and adapt.

The last couple of years have highlighted the importance of wellbeing for teams of every size. This isn’t a temporary trend –– companies who prioritise the wellbeing of their teams are far more likely to retain staff, and it’s incredibly important to make a habit of consistently reevaluating how you’re managing the shifts in the ways we work, particularly when it comes to the future of work for your organisation.

If you do have team members looking to move onto new challenges and opportunities, maintain humanity and show encouragement and support during those conversations. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone is going through their own personal journey and that career changes aren’t necessarily linear – keeping doors open and building alumni talent programs allows for ‘boomerangs’. Leaving and later returning to the same job (a boomerang) is likely to continue increasing over the next couple of years, and there’s a great opportunity for companies to maintain relationships so that alumni can become your greatest advocates for new talent.

How we’re approaching this at Canva

At Canva, we’re on a mission to build the world’s best team. We’ve always had a focus on wellbeing and flexibility, but we’ve really doubled down on this in light of the pandemic(opens in a new tab or window) and the future of hybrid work. We recently announced our plans for returning to the office, which we’ll be balancing based on two important pillars of flexibility and connection. We believe that one of the best ways to create impactful, engaged and happy teams is to empower people to make decisions based on what works for them, and that’s what we’ll continue to do.

We’ve also been working on creating inclusive and engaging remote environments. We want everyone, everywhere, to be a core part of Canva’s culture – so we’ve been particularly focused on this as our global team continues to expand. We’re very fortunate to have an amazing Vibe Team who work to create memorable and creative experiences for our team and our culture, such as sending home baking kits to everyone, running online cooking classes, hosting creative trivia sessions and a whole lot more.

Virtual Cooking Class

As part of our focus on flexibility and empowerment, we’ve also introduced a ‘Vibe and Thrive’ allowance for everyone at Canva. This yearly allowance is designed with flexibility at its core and helps to ensure that our benefits and perks are impactful for everyone, no matter where or how you choose to work. This allowance can be used for everything from home office setups to gym memberships, health and wellness subscriptions, personal education, cooking classes or lunch with fellow Canvanauts.

Top tips for job seekers in the current market

Be intentional with how market yourself

I’m often asked whether candidates need both a resume and a LinkedIn profile – and the answer is yes! A resume (CV) is a wonderful way to highlight your skills and accomplishments while your LinkedIn profile can really help bring that to life and tell your story. While it’s great to have both, it’s also important to think intentionally about making the most of each of them.

If you're comfortable, LinkedIn now has a range of new features, such as video intros, where you can personalise your profile, tell your story in an authentic way and cut through the noise. If you haven’t updated your resume lately, Canva has thousands of free and creative resume templates designed to capture the attention of hiring managers while highlighting your creativity – check them out here(opens in a new tab or window).

Canva Resume Templates

Hone in on your skills

Soft skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, communication and creativity have never been more important. Each of these skills are also transferable, so it’s a great time to start thinking about your experience in each of these skills and ways you can continue to develop. When you’re speaking to a recruiter or hiring manager, it’s important to prepare tangible examples to demonstrate your strength in each of those areas.

Prepare your elevator pitch

It’s important to have a quick summary of yourself prepared before going into an interview – think about what defines who you are, including your skills, passions and past experience. If you’re applying for a job that lists particular skills in the job description, make sure to incorporate them in your CV and LinkedIn profile to appear in keyword searches.

Making a career pivot

For those looking to take on a new challenge in a different industry or career, understanding your passion, skills and lessons learned through experience is critical.

It’s a good idea to:

  • Have examples of how you’ve previously learned and adapted (now more important than ever!)
  • Think about tangible examples of where you've demonstrated your skills
  • Highlight transferable skills, or important lessons that might help in the new role you’re applying for

It's also good to anticipate some of the questions that might be asked. Make sure you’ve got tangible examples on hand to respond to each of them, including examples of skills you’ve developed, lessons you’ve learned and opportunities you’ve taken on in previous roles. But most importantly, don’t let your preparation get in the way of a good and authentic conversation.

Looking to apply for a role at Canva in 2022 or beyond?

Right now, meaning and purpose matter more than ever.

At Canva, our values are at the heart of everything we do. We also have a two-step plan. Step one, become one of the most valuable companies in the world, and step two – most importantly – to do the most good we can.

We’re passionate about creating a culture and environment where everyone is empowered to do the best work of their lives and to live their best lives as well. We’re growing quickly, which means we’re also focused on constant growth and development, as well as providing stretch challenges and new opportunities to help everyone at Canva continue on the journey of lifelong learning.

Canva Values

Canva Values

We’ve got some ambitious plans for the years ahead, and we’re looking for great people to help us achieve our crazy big goals. If our mission and values resonate with you, we’d love to hear from you!

We have a number of open positions across just about every team which you can find on our careers page(opens in a new tab or window).