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  1. 10 Highlights from Canva Create: A Brand New Era

10 Highlights from Canva Create: A Brand New Era

Our second Canva Create event revealed some of the exciting ways we’re evolving our products to empower brands in this new era.

Wondering what happened at Canva Create 2024? Head over here(opens in a new tab or window) for all the details!

It was only six months ago we announced the launch of the Canva Visual Suite(opens in a new tab or window) at our first Canva Create(opens in a new tab or window) event, and since then, demand for visual content has continued to soar.

We’re incredibly proud to share that we now have 125 million monthly users, which is more than 40 million new people designing with Canva since September. Today, more than 15 billion designs(opens in a new tab or window) have been created by our community around the world.

In a landscape where the content we consume is increasingly visual, the role of brands has never been more important – it truly is a brand new era.

This was also the theme of our second Canva Create – A Brand New Era.(opens in a new tab or window)

Held last week, over the course of 90 minutes, we unwrapped a range of gifts(opens in a new tab or window) to our Canva community: products built to reimagine the design process by supercharging Canva’s Visual Suite, and a range of new features designed to empower brands(opens in a new tab or window) and the marketers(opens in a new tab or window) and creatives(opens in a new tab or window) behind them. As a part of our mission to empower the world to design, these new launches mark an exciting step forward in the ways Canva can help you create, collaborate, manage and share visual content.

While there were many highlights from Canva Create 2023, here are 10 of our favorite moments and announcements.

1. We built a home for your brand

As organizations grow, maintaining and scaling an impactful and consistent brand becomes increasingly difficult. We’re so excited to unveil a suite of new capabilities(opens in a new tab or window) that leverage the skills of your marketing and creative teams like never before. These tools empower everyone to design within your brand vision and help you keep up and stand out in a visual world.

Canva’s all-new Brand Hub allows your creative team to carefully craft and share your visual identity(opens in a new tab or window). In this space, creatives can upload specific fonts, colors, images and logos to the organization’s Brand Kit(opens in a new tab or window) to make sure everyone is painting from the same pallet. Alongside this, contextual Brand Guidelines can be added to show not just what to use, but also how to use different brand components together. Creatives can even lock down what fonts, colors and assets are available to their team members using Canva with Brand Controls to make sure there’s no temptation to go off track. Brand templates can also be designed and deployed in the hub, making it even simpler for everyone to get your brand right.

With Brand Hub, Canva now allows you to deploy your brand consistently at scale by empowering every team member, in every role, to design the material they need themselves. With their brand assets, and guidance on how to use them, at their fingertips, team members can avoid bottlenecks created by designers having to create every piece of content – freeing up creatives to focus on the impactful work that delivers business results.

2. We unlocked creation at scale

Creating at scale starts with everyone being able to design on brand – but it certainly doesn’t end there. It also requires speeding up the design process, especially when creating or updating multiple designs at once.

For creation, we’re thrilled to introduce Bulk Create. You can now make multiple versions of the same design with small differences, like names, dates, numbers or images, applied to each design.

We also announced a magical new way to update your Canva designs. You no longer have to go searching through thousands of docs, decks, and designs to find that rogue logo or outdated imagery. Magically replace your logos and brand imagery across all your existing and new designs in just a few clicks.

3. Design ideas, visualized instantly

We announced some pretty magical upgrades to our Visual Suite(opens in a new tab or window) – and we’re particularly excited about the game-changing time-saver Magic Design(opens in a new tab or window). The ultimate co-designer, Magic Design gives you a head start by instantly curating a shortlist of multiple, already-refined templates that you can preview before you start designing.

Simply upload an image then select a style, and watch as a collection of unique templates appear, already designed specifically for you. You can customize them further, or simply add a few tweaks. That means less time spent searching for the right template and more time adding your own unique touches.

4. Go global with Translate

We’re thrilled to unlock the ability to translate the text in your designs into multiple languages so you can reach people in every corner of the globe. With Translate(opens in a new tab or window), you can tell your story on a global scale.

The best part is that this can be done in just a few clicks. Simply add text to your design, choose from over 100 languages, instantly convert your text without having to leave the design, and edit away.

5. Edit photos like magic

We’re excited to share that it’s now even faster and easier to make your photos shine in our Photo Editor(opens in a new tab or window). Complex edits have been made simple with some incredible new one-click magic tools that do the work for you. What once took a lot of time and required expensive software can be done in just seconds.

Sometimes your picture’s missing something, or needs an element swapped out. Magic Edit(opens in a new tab or window) lets you add or replace something within an image – just choose where you want to add something, describe it to Magic Edit, and watch as it appears right before your eyes.

Magic Eraser(opens in a new tab or window) has also arrived to help make your subject stand out and clean up unwanted details in your images. Just brush over the area and watch as the distraction is magically erased. Perfect for removing accidental photobombers!

6. Sync your soundtrack like a pro

We know how much more impactful a video is when it’s timed perfectly to its soundtrack – but we also know how time-consuming that can be. Not anymore! Now you can effortlessly design perfectly timed videos by auto-matching your soundtrack to your footage with our new one-click Beat Sync(opens in a new tab or window).

Save time and instantly find the perfect moment to play with the beat, taking manual editing out of the process. If you want more control, you can easily move your clips, snap them to any beat, and make your video unique with manual adjustments. Whether you’ve got a song in mind, or want to add a soundtrack to your videos, you can upload your own or pick from our huge music library.

7. Let your ideas take shape

We also unveiled a magical new way to see your ideas take shape in Canva. The new Draw(opens in a new tab or window) tool lets you sketch up your ideas with freehand drawing, underlines or annotations. For example, a simple hand-sketched shape, like a circle, will be transformed into a perfectly polished circle by Shape Assist. It’s now incredibly easy to turn fast thoughts into cohesive flowcharts, mind maps and more.

8. Bring your stories to life

Meanwhile over in Canva Video(opens in a new tab or window), we unveiled Create an Animation, where you can bring your story to life with custom animation paths. Whether you want your elements to zig-zag or rotate across the screen, speed up or slow down, simply drag them across the screen to record the path you want your animation to follow. Picture making an element like a bee come alive – you could make it land slowly on a flower, then buzz quickly away in one impressive but effortless move.

9. Magic Write in more places

First introduced in December last year, Magic Write(opens in a new tab or window) kickstarts your creative process by turning a simple text prompt into a first draft. Previously only available in Canva Docs(opens in a new tab or window) and five languages, we’re now bringing Magic Write to all designs across Canva, including Presentations, Websites, Whiteboards and more. Whether you’re writing website copy or a catchphrase for a poster, we’ve got you covered. We’re also making it available in 18 languages, and giving teachers and school administrators full access to Magic Write through our free Canva for Education(opens in a new tab or window) product.

Magic Write is also getting smarter, now with the ability to suggest content based on existing text, plus a new autofill feature making it even easier to banish writer's block, increase your output, or get to a first draft fast.

10. We announced our next Community Awards

Do you know someone in your community who uses Canva to design amazing things (or maybe that’s you)? We’re bringing back our Canva Community Awards, where we present accolades for inspiring ways our community is using Canva.

Canva Community Awards

Last year’s winners were a nonprofit in Zimbabwe, a sustainability startup tackling environmental issues, and a mobile library bus wrapped in a Canva design!

Nominations for stories of how Canva has helped people across the world achieve their goals and create impact will open in April 2023. Stay tuned(opens in a new tab or window) for updates!

Thank you for being part of our community

Thank you to each and every one of you for being a part of our community. Your suggestions, feedback and #canvalove has allowed us to turn a wild idea into reality for millions of people around the world. While we’re proud of the process we’ve made so far, we’re even more excited about the endless possibilities ahead.

Missed the event? You can catch up here(opens in a new tab or window). We can’t wait to see what you create, and we’re looking forward to hearing what you think as you unwrap and explore these new features for yourself.